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Two naked, sleeping bodies were twined together. Saturday night meant there had been drinking involved, and empty bottles were littered throughout the room and into the hallway. Clothes had been ripped from each other several hours earlier and they were sprawled across the dresser and TV. A phone began ringing, it's loud tone piercing through the silence of the room. The bodies in the bed twitched and then it stopped, their bodies relaxing once again. When it started again, Giselle groaned and fumbled around on the ground, finding it underneath her dress from that night.

"What?" She growled.

"Giselle? It's Letty," her friends voice filtered through the small speaker. Giselle frowned, rubbing at her eyes as she tried to wake up.

"What the hell you ringing for? It's like five in the morning, girl. You get yourself arrested again or some shit?" She asked, playful humour in her voice. The smile dropped from her lips as she was met with silence. She snapped up in bed, ignoring the pain that shot through her head from the alcohol induced headache. "Letty? Is everyone okay? Are you okay?" There was a harsh sigh from the other end of the phone.

"Look, some shit went down, I—" There was a muffled voice on the other end of the phone and Letty broke off. "Okay, Giselle, I need a lawyer, alright? And I need one pretty damn quick." Giselle's eyes were wide as she took down the details, scrawling them on the back of a receipt that was on her night stand. When she hung up the phone, she shook Han awake, who groaned as he looked up at his girlfriend blearily. When he saw her wide eyes and pale face, his eyes seemed to clear and he put a hand on her bare back.

"What's wrong?" He asked, his voice hoarse from sleep.

"It's Letty. She's being charged with manslaughter."

Letty lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling, her head aching. It had all happened too fast for her to believe it was real yet. The bars surrounding her gave her a pretty good jolt back to reality, though, and she was still trying to figure out if what she had done was really loyal, or really stupid. Probably both. It had been made in a split second, in that moment when Dom met her eyes before he got into his car. He looked so scared, the blood staining his hands and shirt. She pushed Mia out of the car and he nodded at her, his car reversing quickly and taking off down the street. She knew that he would think that she was right behind them, but instead, she had stayed.

Tears were stinging behind Letty's eyelids as she stared down at the two bodies that lay on the ground. Jesse looked so young, his eyes shut and his face almost peaceful. It was so wrong that he was lying there, her jacket still pressed to his chest, blood staining through. When she looked up she realized Mia was going for the car she had arrived in, which was still legally Tran's car.

"Girl! Don't drive that! Take mine!" Realization sparked in Mia's eyes.

"What about you?" She asked as Letty snatched the keys from her hands and handed her the ones to her Interceptor.

"You know I can out run the pigs. Get out of here, girl," Letty pushed her in the direction of her own car. It was the first time she was letting someone else drive her car, and it would have been a big deal at any other time, but right now, all she could think about was getting her family out of there. Her head snapped in Dom's direction and his eyes met hers. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the pain and anguish sketched over his face. He nodded at her, his thanks for getting his sister in the clear. As he reversed and sped out of the lot, she hesitated.

"It was hell, Letty…"

"…I'm never going back there. I can't."

Dom's words from several weeks ago echoed through her head and a chill ran through her body. No one had asked her, and she was glad he hadn't, because the truth was, the reason she had stopped going to see Dom wasn't because she was too busy. It was because she was too weak. Seeing his eyes every time she went to prison to see him made her die a little each time. The pain, the trapped look, it was too much for her. She couldn't let him go back. Before her brain even processed what she was doing, she pushed her way through the crowds of people, and found the gun where Dom had dropped it. She picked up, her fingers sliding down the barrel before slipping into the trigger. A cold shiver ran through her body as she made her way to Tran's car and sat there, the blood from Jesse drying on her skin, the piece heavy in her hands.

"This is fucking stupid, Letty," Dom hissed through the telephone, staring at her angrily through the glass that separated the prisoners from visitors. Letty's jaw was tense. "Why the hell didn't you get out of there?" Letty glanced around her, to where the guard was speaking with someone at the other end of the room.

"Your prints were all over the gun, you would've been charged with murder, Dom," she murmured into the phone. "I couldn't let you go back." Dom sighed in exasperation.

"I'm gonna confess, Let—"

"No!" She cut him off harshly, earning a glare from the guard. "You only just got out, they will use your record against you!" It was then he saw the panic in her eyes. "I've got a chance of only getting a few years, the minimum sentence. They won't go easy on you, Dom." He took in a shaky breath, his eyes never leaving hers. "I've taken care of everything, Dom." Her eyes flitted back to the guard, who was talking again. "I told them he shot Jesse, and then attacked you. You got the gun away from him, that's why your prints were on there. I thought he was going to kill you, so I…Shot him," she almost choked on the word. "I'm pleading guilty, Dom—" His eyes flashed and she shook her head. "I'm not risking them looking further into this. You're not coming back in here—not when I can do something to keep you out." Dom growled under his breath and ran a hand over his head.

"You're the stupidest girl around, Letty," he muttered. Letty tried to smile, but it didn't reach her eyes. He felt a piece of his heart breaking as he looked at her. Her hair was a mess, half of it held back with a hair tie, the rest falling around her shoulders and face. Her face was drawn and pale, her eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep and probably crying. He chewed down on his lower lip as her head snapped up, where the guard was indicating she wrap up her conversation. Letty swallowed hard, blinking a couple times as she looked at him.

"I gotta go," her voice broke. She put a hand on the glass and he did the same on his side.

"I love you, Let," he told her earnestly. She nodded and opened her mouth to reply when the guard appeared behind her. She pulled her hand away, standing up. The phone dropped, only stopping from hitting the ground because of the cord.

"I love you too," she mouthed as she was led away. Dom dropped his head in his hands, disbelief at the whole situation running over him. He made his way through the multiple doors leading back to the carpark of the prison. Leon was standing beside the Charger, leaning against it, his head bent slightly, eyes on the ground. As he heard Dom approach he looked up, rolling the tooth pick over his lips to the corner of his mouth. From Dom's expression, he knew whatever they had been talking about didn't equal Letty getting out of there.

"She's not even going to trial," Dom muttered. "She's pleading guilty." Leon's eyes flew open and he felt his body tense up. So much had changed in the past three days that he would think nothing was going to affect his emotions again for a long time, but the thought of Letty behind bars? Leon felt anger rising in the pit of his stomach, at himself, at Dom, at the situation.

"We should have checked she was behind us!" He growled. His hands clenched at his sides. "Why the fuck didn't we check she was behind us?" Dom blinked slowly, rubbing a hand over his face. He hadn't slept more than five hours since the Saturday night this had all began. They had been frantic for hours, calling Letty's cell phone, calling the hotel. Finally, they had gotten a call from Giselle and Dom's body went numb. She had been lawyered up, and gotten her story straight, and today had been the first day he had been allowed to see her. If her plea was guilty, there was going to be no trial, which meant no chance of bail, which meant the next time he was going to be able to touch her was going to be in a dank room surrounded by other prisoners and their families, guards watching their every move. Just the thought of it made his stomach twist into knots.

"She's not going to last in there, Leon," Dom mumbled. Confusion clouded over Leon's face. Dom bit the inside of his cheek as his thoughts went into overdrive. "I can't have her behind bars because of me." Leon moved over to his friend and put his hand on the other mans bicep.

"Bro, you're talking crazy. Let's get outta here."

The hearing room was tiny, only enough room for the people who were in there. Because she had pleaded guilty, all she was getting was a sentencing with the judge, no jury needed. Two guards were at the door, another standing in front of the judge who was directly in front of Letty, front and centre of the room. Letty stood with her lawyer, the cold metal from the cuffs biting into her wrists. Her face was stoic, her mouth set in a firm line. The team was in the seats behind her. Mia was unable to keep the tears from running down her face, her finger nails digging into Brian's hand. Vince and Leon stared directly at the judge, unable to see their girl in the tacky orange jumpsuit. Dom, on the other hand, couldn't take his eyes off her.

She was so strong, so stubborn.

God, he loved her.

Letty barely heard anything. The judge was talking clearly but it felt like she was in a bubble.

"Leticia Maria Ortiz…On one count of voluntary manslaughter…Seven years…Chance of parole in four…" Letty blinked blankly at the judge, the words not quite sinking in. She could hear Mia's crying become louder, and swearing spill from the boys mouths. A hand suddenly gripped her waist and Dom was leaning over the wooden barrier between this. She was jolted to reality as guards began walking over quickly, already yelling at them to separate.

"Ride or die, Letty," Dom hissed against her mouth before she was pulled away by the guards, escorted quickly from the room. Before she disappeared out the door, she looked over her shoulder, looking at the family she was leaving behind. Dom's heart broke as he saw the pain in her eyes. His hands clenched into fists at his side and Leon swallowed hard, already knowing what Dom was thinking.

"Ride or die, Letty," the man repeated quietly, determination written over his face.


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