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Chapter 1

" The Schools outcast "

Serena Moon sighed as she entered the Great hall of Hogwarts with some of her fellow Gryffindor 5th years. She walked slowly towards their long house table vaguely listening to the small talks between friends about what they did during their summer. Taking a seat in one of the many empty seats by the table, she cast her eyes down at the table. Even tough she was very excited for the year to start she couldn't help but feel down as always. She glanced to her right to see the many Gryffindors chatter happily away with their friends about their summer vacation. 'Friends,' thought Serena dryly. That's what's always been missing her for her past years at Hogwarts. She doesn't have that tight group of friends that everybody else has around her. She usually was the outsider, the little blond shy girl, who was always very quiet and polite to everybody. Sure she talked to people.. but not that often. She was plainly too shy and too...odd. People would think her as odd because of her shyness and her not mingling with her classmates. Because they knew she was an orphan.

'I hate it when people think that way,' thought Serena bitterly placing her head in her right hand and leaning on the table with her elbow. From birth on Serena was an orphan, for her 16 years of life she lived with her 'Aunt' Ilene. Her 'Aunt' told her that one evening she found a baby Serena at her doorstep and ever since then she lived with her adoptive 'aunt'. 'There are so many other children here at Hogwarts who don't have parents but still can gain great friends...then why am I so different?' she asked herself. 'Because you like to be by yourself..smile for a change...don't frown..and quit daydreaming!' answered her inner self. Serena sighed again as she received that answer and gave up questioning and concluded that she was just plainly friendless for life.

Serena was quite a really pretty girl, with her long beautiful hair usually done in a single French braid that almost reached the ground. She was really that tall for a 5th year but she sure was beautiful. She has the most mesmerizing beautiful cerulean blue eyes and baby smooth skin. And she had a perfect figure as any girl. This could have attracted many guys and she could have made many great friends, if she wouldn't be so shy and so isolated from everyone else. And she usually kept her eyes on the ground and stayed quiet most of the time. It would be really seldom to hear her speak in a group.

The hall gradually filled with students and the air filled with loud buzzing of excited chatter from the students. Serena looked around herself to find that some seats beside her were not occupied at all by students instead her fellow Gryffindors always looked for another place to sit and not sit next to the 'Odd Girl'. Serena frowned, she felt a painful sting in her heart but quickly shoved it away as she always did and continued to read. She absent-mindedly played with the sliver necklace around her neck. It had a pendant dangling on it with a beautiful crystal in it. the crystal would shine with multi-colors when placed under the sun. She had that necklace ever since she could remember she had it. Her aunt told her that she Necklace with her when she was a baby. Serena guessed that it was from her real mother, whoever she was. She really doesn't know who her real mother is. There was no note telling who the mother is as her aunt found her one cold evening. Just a small note written in beautiful silver text telling the name of the baby, Serena Moon. When her aunt did a research, to find Serena's birth Mother they found not a single person with the family name Moon. So Serena was left motherless for her whole life not knowing anything at all about her true family.

Serena sighed again, trying to clear her mind a bit from what she was thinking. It would be too painful to think about such things. She faintly registered the seat beside her was already occupied and the two seat across her as well. When she looked who sat beside her, she recognized the person immediately. Hermione Granger, a fellow 5th year sat beside her, avidly talking to the two boys sitting across of them, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley also both 5th years as well. The only three people who were usually quite polite to her.

"I am so excited for this year! We are going to take the O.W.L.S.! Isn't that exciting!" exclaimed Hermione unusually excitedly. "And you know me, I have read ALL of our books over the summer in preparation for our OWLS, you know how much they can affect our future if we pass these tests?" she added in a know-it-all voice.

"Gees, Hermione, term hasn't started yet and you already read all our books. If you don't take it slow, your head will explode. Look, I can see over the summer how your head has grown," said Ron teasingly finding it totally unnecessary to read ALL the books.

Hermione had the decency to blush but quickly opened her mouth to give back a hot comment. "We'll see who will pass the OWLS and who doesn't! Don't come to me when you need help in learning!"


"Hmpf to you too!"

Harry sighed as he listened to his two best friends have another one of their famous quarrels. He turned his attention to the person sitting across of him and recognized the person then none other that the shy girl. Serena Moon. She was currently watching the small war between Hermione and Ron with a silent expression. It was after a while a small smile, that Harry not saw very often, appeared on her delicate face. In Harry's opinion she wasn't odd at all to him of what he had heard. He learned that Serena shared the same fate as he did. Parentless. Both of them shared much in common, they were found on the doorsteps. But Harry still has relatives, he lives with his Uncle and aunt and his cousin where as Serena lived with her adoptive Aunt and doesn't have any relatives at all. He continued to stare at her as she slightly smiled, somewhat she found it funny to see Hermione and Ron quarreling. A smile that Harry didn't see very often at all, and it somewhat made him feel different when he saw the shy, isolated girl change her facial feature from always frowning to a small delicate smile. As if sensing that someone was watching her, Serena turned and faced Harry. Upon seeing him she gave a startled expression, as if being caught or something. She started to blush and look away from him.

"Hi Serena," said Harry smiling at a blushing Serena.

Ron and Hermione immediately stopped quarreling and both turned their attention towards Serena and Harry.

"Hi Serena, how are you?" asked Hermione smiling brightly at the shy girl she always knew beside her.

"Yeah, sorry we didn't see you there. Hi! So how was your summer?" asked Ron totally oblivious of what he had said, what effect it would give to Serena.

'Of course you wouldn't care to see me there,' thought Serena dryly. She turned her face and managed a small smile, still there was still a sad note in her smile and her eyes. "Hi there too," she said slowly. "I'm fine thank you," she added rather slowly.

"That's good to hear! So are you excited about our O.W.L.S.?" asked Hermione eagerly.

Serena cast her eyes down at the table. She was surprised to get the sudden attention and all, because before people didn't mind her at all. "I guess..." she mumbled slowly.

"Ah, don't mind her Serena. She all hyped for those bloody exams," said Ron rolling his eyes at Hermione.

Hermione just stuck out her tongue at Ron before getting out one of their many huge books.

"It's great to see you again," said Harry, smiling brightly at Serena.

Serena blushed bright red as she heard his words. She tried to calm herself a bit, her heart was going a mile a minute. She quickly bowed her head a bit and tried to calm her feelings. 'Remember he doesn't like you...you are just another ordinary person...you cant really love him...' she heard mind say to her. it's true, for the past years she had been at Hogwarts, she felt strongly towards this green eyed boy. but she never told anybody her feelings towards Harry knowing that she would only be laughed at and made fun of. She didn't dare to tell Harry that she loved him, in fear of rejection and she knew that he would only look at her as the 'Odd Girl'. 'Just remember, the Odd girl doesn't fall in love..'

Serena sighed in heartache, but forced a small smile on her tender lips, enjoying her feelings towards Harry. She turned her attention to Harry, only to find him staring at the Teachers Table. Serena felt her heart plummet down into her stomach; again she was forgotten by Harry. Sighing yet again, Serena turned her attention like everybody else at the front where now many 1st years were lined up to become sorted into their respective houses. She noticed the three-legged stool up front and on top of it sat the old and quite ragged sorting hat. She heard Professor McGonagal call up the names of the students to come up and put on the sorting hat. Unconsciously Serena touched her crystal pendant and remembered her sorting and what odd things the sorting hat said to her during her first year. And she remembered the first time she meet Harry.


A little 11-year-old blond girl with cerulean blue eyes stood trembling with her fellow first years. Most of them were eyeing the battered old hat with fright and some with interest. Serena stood at the end of the line away from everybody else since she felt that she didn't fit in with these kind of children. She thought all of them knew magic, expect for her. She was afraid that some of them would make fun of them.

"Out of the way mudblood!" barked a very rude young boy, roughly pushing aside Serena and walking past her without a backward glance at her or an apology.

Because of the hard push, Serena was roughly pushed aside and she directly hit the boy standing a few feet away from her. Luckily they didn't loose their balance and the young boy helped her keep her ground, keeping a firm hold on her shoulder.

"And don't come back Malfoy!" exclaimed another boy with red hair standing next to the boy Serena bumped into.

"Sorry," mumbled Serena keeping her eyes on the ground and not looking up at the person she hit. She still felt his warm hands on her shoulders. She could feel him smile somehow, so she lifted her head and looked up to meet the green eyes of the young boy. Serena started to blush even redder and she noted that he was still holding her shoulders and still was smiling down at her.

"It's alright no harm done," he said brightly after releasing her shoulders. He gave her a concerned look and frowned, "Are you alright? Malfoy sure did push you hard," he asked trying to find if Serena was hurt or not.

Serena felt herself blush even redder as the boy looked at her fully concerned. She could feel her heart beat faster and hammer against her small chest. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me," she answered slowly.

"By the way, I'm Harry, Harry Potter," said Harry.

"Serena," she introduced herself.

"And I'm Ron Weasley. You shouldn't mind Malfoy at all, he's just a stupid git," said the red headed boy making a face.

"Harry Potter!" they heard Professor McGonagal's voice boom across the hall. Loud whispers erupted from the whole hall as they all hear the name.

Harry sighed, "See you later Ron," he said and then he turned to the raised platform to be sorted. After a long while the hat shouted "GRYFFINDOR!" and the whole Gryffindors cheered and clapped with all their might.

Serena later found out that Ron was also sorted into Gryffindor and it was soon her turn. Not after a long wait, she hear her name being called by the Professor.

"Serena Moon"

Serena tried to hide her fear and nervousness as she approached the battered old hat. She sat down on the stool and before she knew it her vision was blocked as Professor McGonagal placed the hat over her head. She was very surprised to hear a voice afterwards talking to her.

'Finally I have the Honor to meet you!' exclaimed the hat happily.

Serena was very confused, why would this hat be happy to meet her? 'Why are you honored? I am not special, I am nobody,' stated Serena slowly.

'You shall find out very soon, very soon indeed,' answered the hat all knowingly.

Serena got more confused by the minute, 'Find out what?' she asked.

'Like I said, you will find out soon. Your destiny will be unraveled for you,' said the hat. 'But now its time for me to place you in your proper house, hmmm, courage yes, yes, hmmm, difficult, very difficult indeed, hmm. Strength, lots of strength..knowledge..power! Lots of power..you are fit for all the houses..Slytherin.. Slytherin can improve your power..they can bring you to greatness..'

'Greatness? I don't need greatness.. not Slytherin.. please.. not Slytherin..I wish to have friends..some friends...' said Serena begging the hat.

'Not Slytherin? Are you sure? You would have done well in Slytherin, but since you do not wish to be in Slytherin then you should be in GRYFFINDOR!!!' the hat shouted.

Serena was quite happy to hear those words but still quite shaken at the hats words. She waited for Professor McGonagal to remove the hat, as the hat was about to be removed she heard the hat speak to her one last time,

'Your mother will be proud of you,' the hat spoke to her as it was completely removed from her head.

Serena stood there looking taken aback from the words the hat said. Her heart was beating very fast against her chest, 'My mother?!'

~End of Flashback~

Until this day, Serena longed to put on the hat once again and try to find out if the hat knew who her mother is. 'Does it mean that my mother went to Hogwarts? That she was a witch?' she asked herself. She still wondered about what the hat was really talking about. What was so special about her? 'There's nothing special about me,' she thought silently as she watched Professor McGonagal put away the sorting hat and the stool, the sorting was already over. Gryffindor had received many first years.

"Now that the sorting is done and over with, I want to welcome you all to another wonderful year of learning and education of magic." Said Professor Dumbledore, standing infront of everybody. "And now I shall be giving you a few start of term reminders, as usual the Forbidden Forest shall remain forbidden. Mr. Filch, the care taker has requested that Mrs. Norris should not be harmed in anyway, like be thrown off the top of the astronomy tower to see if she would land on her feet," added Dumbledore eyeing the Weasley twins in particular, who began whistling innocently and looking around the hall as if nothing happened.

Serena smiled lightly as she saw the Weasley twins whistle and try not to show that they were guilty. She enjoyed the funny antics of the Weasley twins and loved their practical jokes.

"And may I remind you, that this year Quidditch will once again take place. Those who wish to join their house Quidditch team, please see Mdm. Hooch, Quidditch trials shall take place in two weeks. And now that I have said enough, so let the feast begin!" said Dumbledore happily before sitting back down next to Professor McGonagal and Professor Filtwick.

Magically the food appeared on their long tables and soon everybody began eating and filling their plates with the most delicious food ever seen.

"Slavery! The poor house elves!" Serena heard Hermione mumble angrily.

The hall was filled with joyous laughter and loud clatters of forks and knives. Serena slowly enjoyed her meal even though she had no one to talk to. She listened quietly to the talk that were going on around her and for once be happy that she had the opportunity to be close to Harry.

"You are being awfully quiet," stated Harry after a while leaving Hermione and Ron to talk to themselves. He looked at Serena with a small smile.

Serena blushed lightly after being addressed by Harry. She smiled at him and shrugged her right shoulder lightly. "I guess, I am not that talkative," she answered keeping her eyes on her plate.

Harry chuckled lightly, "But you should! It would be very interesting to know more about you!" he said smiling before taking eating some of the food on his plate. "You know, we all only know so little of you," he added afterwards

Serena blushed and poked her food with her fork. 'He wants to know more about me,' she said to herself. She could feel her heart hammering against her chest. She tried to calm herself a bit and try not to look so obvious. She raised her face and stared at Harry again trying to hide her blush. She smiled again at him, "There isn't much to know about me," she said to Harry.

"There is to know much about everybody," countered Harry playfully raising an eyebrow.

Serena shrugged, a blush evident on her face, "I just don't have much to talk about, you all think of me as the non-sociable girl."

Harry frowned, "I don't think so,"

Serena blushed and looked down at her plate, 'Does it mean he likes me? .. Nah! Don't be stupid Serena!' she said to herself. "Your just saying that to be nice," she mumbled. 'And besides, he like Cho, not you!' she added.

"Well, I think you are a really great person," said Harry after a while.

Serena blushed and looked away, "Thank you," she said in a rather small voice. Her heart was beating fast against her chest and her blush grew even redder. Luckily Harry turned his attention back to Ron and Hermione as the three of them again began to talk. Serena sighed, she really had to put a stop to her feelings for Harry or else they might eat her up. Even if she told him how she felt she knew that he would not be interested in her, 'Get a grip, he would never like you. Not in a million years. And besides how can you think this way? It's just the beginning of term. Harry doesn't like you, he only sees you as the strange girl that sits at the back of every class, does not talk much, is shy and isolated and everyone makes fun off.' She told herself.

The food disappeared and all the students were fully fee and very sleepy. "Now that everyone is feed and watered its off to bed everyone! Tomorrow is a bright the of learning! Perfects shall lead their houses to their respective dormitories, now everyone off to bed!" announced Dumbledore. Everyone stood up groggily and tiredly loud yawn and mumbles were heard from everybody as they exited the hall slowly and followed their perfects.

Serena stood up and followed their perfect up to the Gryffindor tower. She walked at the edge of the group, walking slowly faintly hearing the mumbles and yawn of her classmates. She was absorbed too much in her own thoughts to take any notice to anybody at all, she kept on thinking about Harry and what she should do. 'Give it up, just keep everything to yourself, don't try and make a fool out of yourself.' She heard a voice inside of her talk.

"Beggily wax" Serena heard the perfect say their password to Fat Lady portrait. The portrait swung open and soon the Gryffindors clambered into the Gryffindor common room.

Serena didn't take any notice of what the perfect had to say to the first years, she just went up to the 5th year girl dorms. As she changed into her white night gown her thoughts wandered to the year ahead of her. Of what 'special' happening would happen this term. Every term something rather dangerous and weird would happen at Hogwarts and this year Serena had a feeling it would be very complicated. 'I guess everything would be the same for me, get made fun off, made a fool off and being the out cast of everyone....the usual. But somehow this year it's going to be different..somehow,' she thought as she went to bed. She then slowly fell asleep dreaming of a certain green-eyed boy that she longed to tell her feelings to.

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