Chapter 4

"How do you know where I live?" Felicity asked Oliver as she jumped off his motorcycle.

He chuckled, following her inside and up the stairs to her apartment. "I did my own background checks before I recruited you."

"Oh God, does that mean you found out about that one time where I…" she looked over her shoulder at him to see his smirk. "I'm going to stop now in case you did not find out about that embarrassing moment of my past…which is where it will stay…in the past."

His smirk merged into his first true smile of the night.

"Home sweet home," Felicity said nervously, opening her door and stepping to the side. "Not as big as you're accustomed to, but then again you were trapped on an island for-"

"It's great," Oliver said truthfully. The open plan apartment was a mix of bright colours, crazy patterns and quirkiness that mixed together to form a comfortable, warm place, much like its owner.

"Um, were you staying?" Felicity asked. "Not that I want you to stay. I mean I do want you to stay." She took a breath. "If you did want to stay you are welcome, but I figured you'd want to get back to your family or Laurel or Tommy. Crap! Tommy, how is he?"

"Tommy is in surgery. We won't know if he'll make if for hours."

"You should be with him then. And Laurel. Who knows what's going through her head, she'll need someone there for her."

Oliver thought back to the tense hospital room where Laurel was waiting, her father and Joanna at her side. The he looked down at Felicity who was sincerely telling him to choose everyone else over her. He'd already done that once tonight.

"Tommy won't be out of surgery for hours and doing nothing was driving me crazy, if it is okay with you I'd like to stay."

"Okay. Well we both need a shower," Oliver raised an eyebrow waiting for Felicity to stick her foot in it but she disappointed him, "so I'll find you something to wear and you can use the spare bathroom."

"You have something that will fit me?" he asked curiously as he followed her to her bedroom where she started to dig through her closet. He stopped in the doorway out of privacy. He did however note the stuffed toy rabbit on her colourful bedspread.

"Sweatpants and a t-shirt," she shrugged clothes in question in her arms.

"Why do you have men's clothing, Felicity?"

"Seriously, I do have a life outside of Hood business thank you very much." She saw the look on his face and took pity. "Those were to be a present for my dad, but later found out he'd put on the weight of a small horse since I'd last seen him. He's on a diet now. The bathroom's this way."

She led him to the afore mentioned spare bathroom then retreated to her own. Taking several calming breaths she tried not to think of Oliver in her apartment or Oliver in her shower. Shaking herself out of that mental image she completely bypassed looking in the mirror and ditched her clothes straight into the trashcan. Stepping into the shower was both a pleasant and a painful experience as she washed the dirt off her abused skin.

Eventually she left the shower and dressed in her favourite sleep outfit of yoga pants and an old t-shirt of her father's. Walking out of her bedroom she peered into the lounge area and didn't see the elusive billionaire anywhere.


She yelped as arms grabbed her from behind and lifted her up to place her on her kitchen counter.

"Oliver," she scolded, hitting him on the hand to make him let go. He stepped forward instead so she was trapped between his broad chest and the counter. And he was shirtless. "What was that for?"

"My turn to play doctor," he teased to which she scowled.

After his shower he had called Diggle to let him know that Felicity was fine and shot off a text to the same intent for Detective Lance. Diggle had let him know that Thea had joined the wait for Tommy at the hospital just as he had left with Carly. "She seemed very interested in the fact that you had left for a blonde," Diggle chuckled, "so be prepared for an interrogation on that front. Not that it helped when everyone else was a little confused as well. Tommy was still stable but critical, last I heard."

"Great," Oliver had sighed. "Thanks, man."

"Look after her," he had said before hanging up.

Searching her apartment he had found a fairly well stocked first aid kit and had re-bandaged his shoulder while waiting for her to finish her own shower. Now he had her sitting in front of him, first aid kit open on the counter next to her. Reaching into the kit he started to assess her injuries.

Soaking some gauze in disinfectant he gently cleaned out the cut on her hairline.

"Ouch," she hissed.

"Baby," he mocked but placed his left hand in hers so she had something to hold onto. "Tell me what happened tonight," he ordered as he finished that cut and moved onto her arms.

"Only if you tell me about your night after," she said, eyeing the bandage around his shoulder.

"Fine," he huffed.

Between gasps and exclamations from her cuts being cleaned out, and one particularly bad graze where she punched Oliver in the arm, Felicity told Oliver what had happened at the club, finishing with, "…and then you came to my rescue. The end."

By this time Oliver had had all her injuries cleaned and bandaged where needed. So caught up in telling her story, he had managed to stay close – virtually standing between her legs – without her getting flustered. She was even playing with his hands in her lap, concentrating on that rather than looking at his face.

"Will you tell me what happened?" she asked after the silence got too long.

A deal was a deal, so Oliver told her what had happened to him that night and even mentioned some of what he was feeling; when he killed his best friend's father, when he lied to his best friend, thought he had lost him and the immeasurable joy when he realised there was still a chance. "I was scared," he admitted lastly, "when no one had heard from you for hours. Diggle was going to come too, but I made him go home with Carly."

"You are such a hero, Oliver," Felicity giggled, "always with the saving; saving me, your friends, your family, the city. You're going to get a complex if you're not careful."

"I think you'd be there pretty quick telling me to knock it off."

"Me and Diggle. If it weren't for us I think you'd work yourself to death or do something stupid and get yourself killed or incarcerated. You almost died tonight, stabbing yourself like that. I'll let you heal some, but then I'm having a word or two with you about that, mister."

Oliver leant forward until their foreheads were touching, getting Felicity to meet his eyes for the first time that night. He really didn't want to do this, but he had to, for her sake. "You almost died tonight, too," he said and waited.

Felicity went to say something, closed her mouth, and thought for a second before the reality of her night hit her like a freight train. She crumbled, Oliver catching her, sobs racking her body.

"You're okay, Felicity," he promised, rubbing soothing circles on her back. "You're safe." After a while she was able to calm herself down and he gently scooped her up, carrying her to her bedroom where he placed her in her bed. She closed her eyes and snuggled into her sheets, curling into a ball.

"Do you want me to stay?" he asked her, crouching down to her level, smoothing back her hair from her face.

"You should check on Tommy," she said with an adorable smile, eyes and nose red.

"Do you need me to stay?" he asked instead, realised that Felicity would never make him choose her over his other friends.

"No, I'll be fine. My spare key is sitting in the glass bowl next to the door."

"What for?"

"I can't imagine you'd want to go back to the Queen mansion with all the paparazzi attention so you can crash here. If you don't end up spending the rest of the night at the hospital, that is."

"Are you sure?"

"Well if I give you the key you won't have to break in."

"You are truly remarkable, Felicity Smoak."

"Felicity Megan Smoak," she mumbled, drifting off. Oliver went to leave, but she sleepily grabbed for his hand. "Thank you, Oliver." She blinked once and finally fell asleep.

He carefully placed her arm back on the mattress and leant down to place a kiss on her forehead. Finding the shirt and his jacket he slipped out of the apartment, Felicity's spare key a reassuring weight in his pocket.

He had a lot to work through, feelings and lifestyles aside. But once he got things sorted out he would change his priorities, because Felicity was clearly somebody who deserved more, if not all he could give.

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