Chapter Eleven: Superior to a Saiyan!?


Vegeta grunted, halting his searching for the moment as Trunks appeared behind him. "Can't you get the hint? I don't want you and don't need you, get lost!"

"Father, please just listen to me, maybe Natsuki was right, finding the android could only cause more problems," Trunks tried but Vegeta was not listening.

"Problems that we don't need right now or ever! Destroying these tin cans now will be much easier than later," Vegeta returned and Trunks only glared.

"Why can't you see that if Gero has more than two, there is a high chance you will be killed! In my time, Android 17 and 18 both killed you, and even Natsuki said you died due to a swarm," Trunks tried to reason.

"Nonsense! You must not know who I am! I am Prince Vegeta! The strongest Saiyan in the entire universe. You, nor Naruto's brat can tell me other wise! I will not die to some overworked tin can! Now leave me alone!" Vegeta barked before he blasted off, but Trunks was right behind him.

Vegeta continued his looking but gave an annoyed growl as Trunks was closing in on him. Deciding to just ignore the teen, the Prince returned to his searching.

"Father look out!" Trunks screamed, as he grabbed on to Vegeta, pushing him out of the way of a red energy sphere that was the size of a ping pong ball. Vegeta pushed Trunks off of him and was going to curse him out, but fell silent as red light brightened his vision

He looked towards the source to see a red explosion taking place within a 3 mile radius. Blinking, Vegeta turned towards the one responsible who also spoke as well, a young male voice.

"Aw, I missed," Vegeta and Trunks both gazed upon two teenagers who were probably about 15 maybe 16, a boy and a girl.

The part of him that stood out the most about the two, were their hair. Both of them had pure white hair, while also sporting red eyes. The boy was handsome while the girl was beautiful, causing Trunks to stare a bit at the girl.

The boys hair was neck length and spiky, a single bang falling in between his eyes. His skin was that of smooth caramel color, and his body was really cut with a bit of bulk, but mostly cut. He wore a blue tank top with a gloved Mickey Mouse finger that was giving the middle finger. He also wore grey shorts that stopped only a few centimeters past his knees, and he finished the outfit with long black socks with a pair of black hightops, and a black bandana tied around his right arm that had the letters RR on it in red.

Both Saiyans could see the gold studded piercings in his ear, along with the gold pinky ring. However what annoyed the prince was the toothy smirk on his face, showing off his pearly white fanged teeth.

The girl had her hair shoulder length, a bang partly covering her left eye. Her skin was a bit lighter shade than of the boys skin, and while her body wasn't as chiseled, it was clearly fit if the visible abs of hers weren't any indication. Not to mention by having a fit body, the girl was also curvy. She had very nice lips that were glossed at the moment.

The girl wore a red mid high tank top with an black outline of tinkerbell smoking a blunt, Trunks' gaze however remained on her C-cup bust for a few moments. She finished it with a black pair of Harem pants with black and red strap air jordans. Like the boy she too had gold stud earrings that were a bit bigger, but she also had a stud nose piercing and Monroe piercing while also having a belly piercing. Tied around her arm was a black bandanna as well, with the letters RR on it in red.

"Who the hell do you think your shooting at?!" Vegeta demanded with a snarl and both teens simply smirked as they floated by each other.

"Do you hear that babe? This guy thinks he such a bad ass," The boy teased and the girl nodded with a smile as she crossed her arms under her bust.

"Yeah, I mean he shouldn't be talking. I've never seen a grown man wearing spandex and kitchen gloves before, and look at his hair!" The girl commented and the boy snorted.

"Fuck his hair, look at his height! We're both taller than him!" The boy laughed, and he was right, he was standing at 5'10 while she stood at 5'8. Vegeta's vein started to pop as he glared at the two.

"DAMN YOU BRATS!" Vegeta roared as he launched himself at the two. The boy abruptly stopped his laughing as he was hit head on into a mountain. The girl however, managed to dodge his kick and leap back with a back flip.

"Not so tough together now are you?" Vegeta smirked, but that smirk was turned into a pain O shape as he was punched in the gut before kicked across the face.

"Father!" Trunks yelled as he went to save his father but, he was also occupied because as soon as he tried moving, he was in a dome of clones that were the boy.

Vegeta grunted as the girl had caught and was now holding him by his hair. Without warning she started to whap him in the face and the chest earning grunts before he was released and she fired a blue blast at him. The energy sphere met with his chest sending him away before setting off.

Trunks couldn't even bother calling out for Vegeta as he was busy taking his own beating by the clones. Each one pummeling on him.

"Enough!" Trunks roared as he released an explosive wave, causing the clones to disappear. The teen turned to see both teens were standing by each other again with smirks on their faces. "You will pay!"

The two raised brows as Trunks rushed at them. It was the girl who vanished first, appearing directly in front of Trunks, socking in his face. The boy stood behind the incoming Trunks and hammer punched him in the gut down towards the earth.

As the time traveler traveled to the earth, both his opponents were on the ground, arms and hands pointed up towards his falling form.

"Fireworks!" The two stated, firing red and blue energy blasts at the Saiyan. When it was over, Trunks fell to the ground in smoke, unconscious.

"GRAAH!" the two turned around to see a dusty explosion, and within the dust was a golden light.

"I guess I shouldn't have underestimated you two," Vegeta stated, revealing his Super Saiyan form. He gave a smirk at them, taking in their silence as awe. "Well, the kid games are over! You now facing a True Super Saiyan!"

The two teens shared a glance before the boy stepped up with a smirk on his lips. "You should thank me ya know," The boy started off, his hands in his pockets. Vegeta raised a brow and the smirk only got bigger. "My girl over there would have killed you outright if you two were funny, but I like to test my opponents and have them beg for mercy later,"

Vegeta only snorted as the boy narrowed his eyes and crouched a bit. "So tell me….you feel like begging?"

"Ha!" Vegeta scoffed as he teleported right in front of the boy and threw a punch at him. The boy's head jerked back as he glided back a bit, but Vegeta was not finished as he then teleported behind him with a fierce kick.

Seeing his opponent go flying, Vegeta glanced to the girl who sat idly by watching the match. She caught his gaze and gave a point which made him turn only to be greeted to a fist of his own to the face.

But what came next was embarrassing for Vegeta yet funny to the girl, The unnamed boy held Vegeta in one place with his clones and began to pimp slap that shit out of Vegeta repeatedly, going faster and getting harder as time went on.

With a scream, Vegeta grew tired of the treatment and sent the boy flying and his clones dispelled. Without another thought, Vegeta fired his galick gun at the boy who simply absorbed it then making into his own, by firing a red purplish hulking wolf at him.

Vegeta was going to knock it away but he did not expect a hand to submerge from the ground to grab onto his ankle. This caused a short distraction, but it was all that was needed as the Wolf made impact with Vegeta earning a pained scream from him.

Black lightning moved across his body, shocking his insides. After a minute or so, Vegeta slumped to his knees and gazed at the ground. The boy stood in front of him, pointing his energy filled hand at Vegeta's head.

"Say bye-bye Vegeta!" The boy grinned as he was ready to fire. But he was surprised when Vegeta looked up and fired a beam of gold energy at him from his mouth. Sent flying, Vegeta continued with the attack with an onslaught of energy fire.

He then gathered energy into both palms and fired it into a double ringed beam. The energy made contact, causing a boom to take place. Vegeta smirked as he turned to the girl, figuring it was her turn.

"I don't know why you keep looking at her," Vegeta turned around to see his opponent was still alive and well, standing right behind him, dusting himself off. "She's not the one kicking your ass,"

"GUH!" The prince grunted as he was sent flying due to a punch to the face. The teen came into Vegeta's sight, flying right above him in a horizontal flight form. Vegeta grunted with the other smirked and fired a red blast at the Saiyan earning a decent sized explosion.

"This is way too easy," The teen laughed shaking his head. However his head knocked back, a fist connected to his jaw. Red eyes gazed down at a surprised teal green. But the surprise turned into shock when a violent red aura started to emit from teen. The shock was from the readings he was getting from the aura.

Nothing. He couldn't gauge the power whatsoever, but the feeling of malice and darkness was affecting him. Jumping back, Vegeta released heavy fire on the teen yelling as he did so. His arms darted back and forth as his hands fired energy blasts.

Dust started to rise as well as the sound of explosions started to emit. Vegeta continued this for three minutes, and when it was over he let down his arms, panting a little bit. He couldn't tell if the teen was dead or not because there was no way of gauging the power level.

"My My, what a show you put on," The cocky voice of the teen sounded. Vegeta grunted as he put up his guard, seeing the silhouette of his opponent walk through the dust.

"You're an Android aren't you?!" Vegeta figured with a snarl and a chuckle was his answer.

"Yes, yes I am. Took you long enough to figure it out, Mr. Prince," The boy teased before speaking. "I am and Android 8, that girl is Android 9. We were sent by Dr. Gero to kill you off,"

"Ha! Good luck trying Android! I am far superior than you can even imagine! Hya!" Vegeta roared as he flung himself at the Android, throwing a flurry of fists and kicks, each one avoided or blocked. "Guh!"

"Ha," Eight laughed as he smacked the prince away. "Superior eh? If you mean by being a complete loser, then yeah. I'm not your typical android pal," Eight smirked as his eyes glowed and he pointed his two pointer fingers at the Saiyan. "Consider me god,"

A thick wide beam of energy fired from his finger tips, causing the entire to shake and trees to be ripped from the ground, and everything else turning into dust, even the sky had a tint of red to it.

When Eight was finished, black volts surged around his fingers before disappearing. His eyes scanned around and he floated towards a pile of trees, hovering above them. With one arm at his side, Eight used his other hand to lift his desired object from the debris.

Lo and behold, it was Vegeta who was beaten, with his outfit in ruin, also returned to his normal state. Eight studied him some more to see his ankle was twisted in a bad way. Vegeta's eyes creaked open to gaze upon the amused Android.

"So this is it? So much for a super Saiyan," Eight laughed, however he came to a halt when he felt a presence behind him. Spinning himself and Vegeta around, the android was able to see it was a Super Saiyan Trunks with his sword at the ready.

Eight smirked as he caught the panic in Trunks' eyes upon seeing Vegeta; even his movements stopped and that was all Eight needed, as he sent Vegeta flying towards his son, with an energy ball as a bonus.

Trunks held onto Vegeta, but both yelped in pain when the energy sphere went off, surrounding them in a plume of smoke. Eight didn't stop there as he sent more and more energy blasts at them.

He gave a light grunt though when Trunks and Vegeta both shot from the plume from each side and surrounded him. Trunks with his blade and Vegeta with an energy sphere. Thinking on the draw, Eight released tension from his body which converted into energy, creating an energy explosive wave.



It wasn't over, as two clones appeared from out of nowhere and snatched onto both Saiyan's necks. There hands though, were charged with black lightning, and upon making contact both Saiyans were being shocked while choked and slammed into stuff.

Once done going high speeds, the clone holding Vegeta formed a condensed ball of energy which he slammed into the Saiyans gut, firing him off. The clone holding trunks released him allowing him to fall to the ground, but finished him off by crashing down upon his body, definitely breaking something.

"Nice job babe, could have finished them quicker, but it works," Nine smiled from her spot, haven't moved since. Eight's clones dispelled as the original made his way towards his partner.

However before he could even embrace her, let alone get a foot close to her, both had to move away from the explosive wave that fired down at them. Both Androids stood together, floating in the air gazing at their next opponent.

"I'm a bit impressed you took two Super Saiyans out, but what about me?" the opponent said, it being Piccolo who had his arms crossed with his cape flapping in the wind. The two androids stared at Piccolo for a little bit before Eight spoke.

"Babe…why is the pickle talking?"

"Where are we?"

"Konohagakure," Naruto replied as he and his daughter stood atop of the Hokage monument, gazing at the village that was being terrorized.

"And what is that thing?" Natsuki wondered which caused Naruto to smirk.

"That my dear daughter, is Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox. A biju and a greater being on the planet I was raised," Naruto answered and Natsuki blinked looking towards her father.

"You weren't raised on earth?" Naruto shook his head a frown on his face.

"I was not. Frieza destroyed my home planet, Vegeta. But before he did, my parents sent me to this planet, Elum. Where I was raised by the Yondaime Hokage, Obito Uchiha. The Sandaime Hokage, sealed the Kyuubi into me…while I was unconscious. This night is the same day I arrived to this planet," Naruto explained.

Natsuki nodded before looking forward. "So why are we here?" Naruto was silent for a little bit and as his silence went on, the scenery changed to one of that of a field, it had a pond, a forest and three tree stumps.

"You will be undergoing shinobi tactic training here, within the pendulum. You will face each trial I had to go through during my time on this planet," Naruto stated and Natsuki looked confused.

"Raising your power level to insane heights means nothing if you can't stay alive. There will be times when you have to do things silently and without being known. And you may even have to trick your opponent because bashing them in the face repeatedly may not work, Shinobi tactics will help a bit," her father explained fully.

The girl wanted to protest, seeing as this training was going to be useless but before she could, Naruto had disappeared and she had to deal with a shuriken being thrown at her.

"God damn,"

"Yes! Yes!" Gero cheered as he danced around. The reason for this was due to witnessing both Vegeta and the other Super Saiyan both getting their asses kicked.

Releasing Android 8 and 9 were perfect! The two were basically another 17 and 18. Android 8 however was a complete success! Or should he call him Neo #8? Hmm. Doesn't matter, this new version of android 8 is perfect!

That other version, the first version was such a complete let down. What kind of android that he programmed and created does not like violence?! Idiot! So after the original decided to live out his days peacefully with the help of Goku, Gero had went back to the drawing board.

He needed to find a more suitable host and he found just the right one, two in fact! Android 8 and 9 were not only intelligent and tactical on their own, but they enjoyed a good fight! It also helped that the two volunteered to become part of his project, knowing the risks.

Ooh! They were perfect!

Gero stopped his dancing however as he heard beeping from his computer. Walking over to the source he saw exactly what he wanted to see. A smile crept upon his face as he turned to the pod that began to prop forward.

"Yes, this is exactly what I asked for," Gero muttered as he set his hand on the door of the pod. "It won't be long my friend, you will be released to join the fun,"

Gero heard another beep and turned to his computer to see another humanoid figure on the screen and a grin was plastered on his face. Walking over to the computer he pressed a couple of buttons before hitting enter.

Looking towards the screen, He saw Android 9 fighting against the Green one, Piccolo. Picking up the com links to both of his active androids, Gero spoke into them.

"Eight, Nine, I need you two to collect blood samples of the Namekian and Saiyans. Play with them for another few minutes then return to base," Gero ordered.

"Yes Doctor," Both androids replied. Gero laughed out of giddy as he looked back towards the computer to see it said 62%

"Almost there, then neither Goku or this Naruto will stand in my way!"



"Is that all you have? I'm getting bored," Nine stated as she crossed her arms staring at the spot where she smashed Piccolo into. The Namek grunted as he stood up and glared at the android.

"You're a lot stronger than you look," Piccolo told her which caused her eyes to narrow.

"Is it because I'm a girl?" Her eyes then glowed red as she glared at him. "You sexist bastard!" she roared, causing him much more pain than before.

She attacked him by appearing before him with a right knee strike to the stomach, then backed away and moved back to knock him to the side with a left open palm strike to the side of his head.

But Nine wasn't finished as she raised her leg hooked it around Piccolo's neck and brought it down to slam his face into the ground. Without another word, she stood behind him before planting her foot atop of his back. Grabbing his arms she started to pull, earning screams from the Namek.

Piccolo wanted to release an explosive wave but she somehow his Ki was disrupted. His screams continued as she pushed against his back and still pulled at his arms. Eight watched with a smirk as he gazed at his mates sadistic grin and gleam in her eye.

"Not so fun being beat by a girl huh?! IS IT?!" Nine roared, before laughing at hearing Piccolo's cries of pain. A few moments later, purple blood went splashing everywhere due to Nine ripping both of his arms off.

Piccolo's eyes went blank before he slumped forward unconscious.

Nine threw the appendages to the side before channeling energy into her foot and blasting a hole into his chest. Going into her pockets she pulled out a vile and filled it with Piccolo's blood.


Nine looked up to see Vegeta slammed into the mountainside wall, barely conscious. Eight dusted his hands before he grabbed Vegeta and laid him on the floor. The prince of Saiyans grunted repeatedly as Eight repeatedly stomped the Saiyan into the ground, all the while Nine got a sample of his blood as well.

When Eight was finished, Vegeta was a bloody broken mess. In silence both Androids flew off towards the base, and just in time too. Because a moment later, Goku and Gohan both appeared through the use of instant transmission.

"Piccolo!" Gohan called out as he ran to his teacher. Goku looked at the three fallen warriors and growled as he then looked towards the sky, seeing the leftover trail of energy.

Reaching out with his Ki, the Saiyan was hoping to get an energy signal, but found none. Damn, if only he got here sooner then perhaps he could have saved them.

"Dad! Piccolo is dying!" Gohan informed. Goku snapped out of his thoughts and grabbed both Trunks and Vegeta. Gohan carried Piccolo and made physical contact with his father who then used instant transmission.

Goku and Gohan appeared inside capsule corp. where they dumped the bodies inside the healing tank. The water glowed, signifying that the healing process has started.

"Who do you think could have done this?" Gohan asked his father who gazed at the three. Goku crossed his arms, a frown on his face.

"Most likely Androids, probably this 17 and 18 both Trunks and Natsuki told us about. But…" Goku trailed off as he looked back towards Piccolo with narrowed eyes. "If these two androids are so vicious and merciless as the two made them out to be…"

"Then how come they aren't dead?" Gohan finished for him and Goku nodded in agreement.

"It will take a couple of days for them to heal. When they wake up we'll get our answers. For now, we need to focus on getting stronger like Natsuki said," Goku stated as he looked at Gohan who nodded in agreement.

With that said, the two went back to the lookout.

"We have what you requested, Doctor,"

Gero looked towards his two arrived Androids and grinned at them, to see three vials of blood in Eights hand. "Excellent," the doctor smiled as he took the vials from them and went back to his computer.

"You two did very well against those…Saiyans, and the Namek," Gero complimented as he continued on with his work while the two androids looked around the lab. Nine sat down the counter while Eight walked around and stopped in front of the pods.

"They were easy to deal with, if the rest of them are that strong, it won't be a problem to complete your plans doctor," Nine stated. Gero shook his head and looked at them.

"Don't be so sure Nine, there is two Saiyans out there that will no doubt cause trouble for us. One of them easily destroyed 19 and nearly killed me as well," Gero growled, and this earned Eights attention as he looked towards the man.

"He sounds strong, who is he?" Eight wondered, though he was actually demanding it. Gero however let it slide, knowing how Eight and Nine worked with their thirst for battle.

"His name is Naruto, this is him," Gero told them, pulling up a picture of the Saiyan. Both Eight and Nine gazed at it before the two smirked.

"Babe, you know what I'm thinking?" Eight asked and Nine simply nodded, both of their eyes glowing menacingly as they gazed at the picture of Naruto.

"Yeah, when we see him, he's as good as dead,"


Gero laughed quietly to himself as he gazed at the bloodthirsty looks on his androids. These two were perfection! Not only did they follow orders without giving any sass, but they knew how to kick ass efficiently!

"Doctor, pardon me by asking," Eight started earning the mans attention. "How come we are the only two up, what about these guys?" the teen wondered as he thumbed to the others. Gero gazed at the pods before speaking.

"Because they are not ready yet. They still have bugs that need fixing. If I release them, there is a chance I will not be able to control them. 17 and 18 are…rebellious. 16 is a prototype. The only ones who may be actually ready is 13, 14, and 15. But I will wait a couple more days before I open them," Gero answered.

Eight and Nine nodded in understanding before the latter asked her own question. "What are you working on now Doctor?"

As he typed, Gero gave an answer. "I'm working on my ultimate creation, my perfect android. Now that I have plenty of time thanks to 19's warning, I can properly adjust my perfect android, instead of leaving a computer to do it,"

"Does this android have a name?" Eight wondered as he sat beside his girl. Nine laid her head on his shoulder while holding his hand, their fingers interlaced.

"Yes, Zero. He is going to be the strongest yet, and with him and you two by my side, I will be able to take over the world!" Gero cackled before he looked towards the two androids to see how they were embracing each other.

The sight of them brought back memories when they were fully human. Even back then, their bond was incredibly tight. It's amazing how nothing changed. To think, these two were once so frail and broken.

"I have a reward for the two of you," Gero stated and this caused the two androids to perk up.

"Reward?" they both said, causing the doctor to nod.

"Yes, a reward. Get in your pods, and when you wake up again, you will feel the difference, that will be your reward for being such good subjects," Gero told them. Eight and Nine nodded but they didn't move.

"Doctor, before you give us our reward, can Elise and I spend a bit more time together?" Eight asked. Gero raised a brow before he realized what he meant. A nod was given and the two took off, Gero shook his head as he turned back to his computer.

"Horny teenagers,"

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