A/N - Jack is very OCC here, but i think that's fine. In this fic, she is wearing her loyalty outfit from the ME2 game. Beginning of the story takes place few months before Maya is resurrected by Miranda.

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Walking through the streets of Omega, Jack was watching the neon sky above her. Omega was surely her most favorite place in the universe. She felt some kind of a safety on this planet full of criminals, pirates, mercenaries and smugglers. She felt safe when other criminals were near. Danger excited her, and hell, Omega was surely dangerous. Jack, or Subject Zero, was drinking her anger and sorrow in the lower part of her favorite club. Afterlife was exceptional. No one cared for anyone. Bartenders were pouring drinks as long as they could see credits, dancers were dancing in their own ecstasy world, and customers were happy. Nothing mattered. Jack, finally drunk enough to see blurry, left Afterlife to waddle back to her apartment. Nothing mattered, and as she walked slowly, touching the wall for support, she didn't care for anything at the moment. Suddenly she felt a harsh pain on her head. Thanks to the pain, and being drunk, she fall to the ground, trying her best to catch her breath. Trying to analyze what exactly was happening, she felt the pain again. This time on her stomach. She felt her hands being gripped by two men, and the third one was ripping her clothes. Jack tried to call her biotics to help, but failed miserably when she felt a needle on her hand. Feeling the drug slowly take its effect, she knew just what would happen next. Closing her eyes, Jack wanted to have it behind her as soon as possible.

Suddenly she heard gunfire. The man holding her left hand dropped dead next to her, as did the one on her right. She tried to see what was happening, but everything was blurry. Next thing she saw was another male character, punching the next one. She had no idea who was who. The man that punched the other one now aimed a gun next to his head. Jack tried to move, wanting to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. She heard the man yell. "Look at her! She will be the last thing you will ever see.." then the gunshot came. Jack stopped her desperate attempt to move. She wanted to have it over quickly. The strange man came to her, waving his hand to get her attention. Jack, watching the man before her, felt strange. This man was very handsome. Black spiky hair, small beard and strong, piercing emerald eyes. It was then when Jack realized that she wanted this man. Badly.

"You alright ?" there was nothing. Jack just stared mesmerized at her savior. Or maybe the next person to rape her. She wouldn't mind.
"Girl, are you alright ?" again, nothing. Jack desperately wanted to respond, but the drug in her made her paralyzed. She felt her eyes slowly closing, and the last thing she saw was her savior, clad in black colors, holding his sniper rifle as a sword. She drifted into the realm of dreams and illusions. Far away from everything.

Jack woke up with a start. Scratching her head, she tried to open her eyes to see just where she was. Her head hurt and she felt weird. Almost like a hangover, which was weird, since she never had one. Suddenly she felt warm sensation on her arm. It was someone's hand. A big, hard hand. Immediately opening her eyes, Jack pushed the hand from her, and slamming herself above the invader in the bed near her. She noticed, by the bulge in his pants, that it was a man. Jack smiled at her new prey, pushing his hands above his head. Jack analyzed his face, looking for something to tell her just who was under her. Then she noticed his piercing emerald eyes and his full lips. Yes, this was the same man from the alley. The one that saved her. There was an unanswered question in on his face, and then Jack realized there was something else. She saw lust and desire so strong and deep, she felt paralyzed by it. Jack felt him shifting under her, and she could tell that he was trying to regain control over his senses. Shaking his head, he tried to escape from Jack's tight grip. She smiled at his poor attempt, but she was tired of this game too.

"Who the fuck are you ?" asked Jack, wanting to know just who this mysterious knight in the armor is. He smiled, and simply replied. "Rexar..Rex, if you want. You?" Jack stared at him, not knowing what was so alluring on this man that forced her to listen. She moved from him, and it was then she realized she was naked. "Non of your concern" said Jack with disgust in her voice. Why did he saved her if the only thing he wanted was to have his way with her ? Jack was sitting there, unable to wrap her head about this situation. "Well, you are in my bed so it is my concern" the mysterious man laughed, making Jack even more uncomfortable. "Impressive. You saved me from those fuckers, only so you can fuck me yourself. Great work" Jack tried to raise from the bed, but he grabbed her by her waist, pulling her back down, forcing her to look at him. "Nothing happened, if that's what's bothering you" he smiled again, closing his eyes, and on his face was a huge smirk. Jack couldn't believe this. She was naked, in a huge bed with a very handsome and sexy man, also naked. And he was saying that nothing happened ? "Really now ? So we played cards naked ?" Jack said with a laugh, pointing at the pack of cards on the nightstand, and on her nude, tattooed body. She saw his eyes drifting down and up her body, and Jack could tell he was enjoying the view. When he averted his gaze away, she noticed the tattoo on his neck. It was a big flaming Phoenix, with his wings spread widely, and he was enveloped in black flames. It looked beautiful. Jack quickly averted her gaze too, not wanting to be caught staring. The situation was awkward enough, even without this. What was happening ? She was never the one for shyness, or embarrassment, but now her heart was suddenly embraced by both these strange feelings. He went up, dressing himself, and Jack couldn't help herself but stare again at his fine toned body, especially his ass. Her eyes went a little higher, and Jack saw another tattoo. A big, black Raven, tattooed all across his back. On his claws was blood, in his beak meat, and his eyes were bloody red. Beneath this tattoo was something written in Russian.
(Мои глаза видят то, что твои не видят) - My eyes see what yours do not. Jack was mesmerized by how beautiful it was. Then he turned, so she could see his well toned chest, and his impressive manhood. There was a huge scar on his chest, and some little ones too. Apparently from bullet wounds, but the big scar on his chest was, apparently, from a blade. He dressed himself, and went to sit on the bed next to her.

"Let me explain. This apartment has only this bed. No couch or anything. I'm here only to sleep and eat, so... Yeah. You were unconscious, so i didn't knew where you live. That's the reason you're here, in this bed. About the part why you're naked. I had to get the venom from your system, or it would had a permanent effect on your muscles and biotics. Maybe even killed you. Those idiots back there thought that it was a simple sedative, but they were wrong. I know a thing or two about venoms and poisons, and the one they used ? Nasty thing. Even if they would had they way with you, they would probably die from the vapors your body would be radiating while trying to fight it. It's a clever side effect, if you ask me" he smiled, and Jack was confused. Why would he help her ? None of this makes sense. She tried to get up but her motion reflexes were still weak, and her look was suddenly blurred. Everything was shaking, so she had to sit down. "So you didn't fucked me because it would kill you, is that it ?" Jack said annoyed while holding her head, trying to calm herself. Rexar smiled, slowly nodding, while one of his hands scratched the back of his head. "Partly. Look, you need to rest. The poison isn't entirely out of your system, so you need to stay here" his hands went for the covers, but Jack stopped him, angrily staring at him "You're full of shit, i'm fine" said Jack while she, again, tried to stand up. Again, with no success. He smiled, putting a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her. "Put that hand away, or i'll fucking break it" Jack said with a warning, not liking this sudden weakness that was brewing inside her. Rexar smiled again, shaking his head. "I mean no harm, really. I'm not that kind of guy" his emerald eyes stared into hers, promising safety and peace. Jack didn't knew what to feel, or what to do. She hated these feelings and now they invaded her mind like vermin. She was alone, always was and always will be. Yet when she looked at him, there was something in her that made her want those things. Suddenly there was a loud buzz like sound that brought them back from their stare contest. Jack quickly averted her gaze again, and he smiled. The same old story. "I'm sorry, but i have to take this" Rexar went to his computer, annoyed by this sudden distraction. Jack scratched her eyes, somehow feeling a bit lightheaded. But she wasn't entirely sure it was because she was tired, or because of the man that was staring at her, seconds ago. She lied down, trying to rest a bit. Then she heard Rexar and some other guy yelling at each other.

"Xander ?! Where the fuck are you ?"
"Calm yourself idiot. I have things i need to do first"
"Then fucking do them and get here, now!"

When he was finished arguing, Rexar went back to the bedroom, only to find Jack sleeping calmly on his bed. Crossing his hands on his chest, Rexar smiled at this wild beauty lying so comfortable before him. He felt some strange feelings gripping his heart, his eyes drifted to her naked form. He went to her, taking the sheets and cover her with them. Then he noticed all those scars on her neck, and suddenly he felt weak and scared. Something in his mind told him that he should protect her, because this girl was so fragile, even though she had tough exterior. He knew pain, he knew suffering, and this girl had suffered enough.
His hand caressed her cheek, and he felt a lonely tear leaving his eye. Realizing just what was he doing, Rexar shook his head, and went to the table where was his rifle. He had to go, and since the poison left her this week, he knew she would be here when he returns. Taking his trusty Widow, and his side-arm blade, he left the apartment, still thinking about the bald angel that was lying in his bed.