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After few more hours of active duty and people killing, Rexar finally arrived home. Or rather to his half empty apartment on Omega. It pleased him that the bald, tattooed angel was still sleeping calmly in his bed. With nothing to fear, without a reason to run. She looked so calm, almost dead. The venom in her system was surely long gone by now, and yet she was still sleeping. He wondered if she had a home. If she had someone who could take care of her. Someone to call family. Friend. He never had this problem. There was always someone to take care of him, if there was the need. He had his sisters and brothers, a loving father and...a woman who he had to call mother. There was his Maya, the woman which will be forever known as the First Human Spectre. Kirin, his crazy sister, even with her age. She was still a child in her heart, still the one doing crazy things. Zira, the calm lamb of the family. IQ higher than any other human before her. And lastly Meneya, she was the one to planned everything, from the tiniest idea to a grand master plan. Always the one for tactics, plans, ideas. A music geek. Then there were also his brothers. There was Dener, a little crazy, just like Kirin, but with with experience to stay invisible. Literally. And Kabal. The hard, battle scarred soldier. Not much for words, since he preferably spoke trough action. There was also his cousins and maybe some distanced family members as well. His family was huge, and he loved every one of his siblings. But now, on Omega, he was alone. After leaving the Alliance, this was the only place where assassins and mercenaries, like himself, wouldn't hunt him. The Alliance sure doesn't like rogue agents. Not the ones with dark secrets in their head, anyway. He was alone now, without his family to help him. He knew involving them would only endanger them. That he could never allow. He went to take a shower. To clean all this blood from his hands. It was the only place where he could properly relax. Under the cold water.

Jack was back in her nightmare. Pragia. Again. The bed, the mirror. The kids. Everything was back. The pain and fear. Also, anger. But what could she do ? She was just a kid. As powerful as she was, she was still just a kid. A monster. Disgusting experiment, not worth a simple tear. A simple drop of sweat. At least that was the way the other kids called her. The staff never cared for her. Nobody ever cared. She was just an experiment. Nothing more. She was suddenly in the battle ring, with the other kids around. She heard screaming and yelling. She could feel the narcotics flowing through her veins as she had the urge to attack the scared child in front of her. She had to. It was either that, or the shock hit from the guards. It was either kill or be killed. And Jack, Subject Zero, made her choice. After every hit she received, after every invective aimed at her person, Jack finally made up her mind. No more. This is was the final insult. She made a choice.

She chose to survive.

After taking a long, relaxing shower, Rexar heard a loud scream. Apparently it was from his guest. She was finally awake. He quickly dried his hair and his muscular body, took some old clothes which he used for sleeping, and quickly went to see his guest. Indeed she was awake, sitting on the bed, a small tear was leaving her eye, and Rexar sighed. He sit right next to her, and Jack, voluntarily or not, leaned to his muscular body, and started crying. Rexar felt it as a need, so he hugged her tightly, silently letting her know that he wasn't going anywhere. That she could tell him whatever she wants. So desperate she was to let go the pain and suffering she was holding, that she didn't even realize she was crying in the tight embrace of this mysterious, yet incredibly handsome man. Pragia was something she wanted, no- needed to get off her mind. It reminded her of her strength, yes, but also there was the unbearable pain. Pain and power united. Jack never knew what was fueling her to go on. Was it power ? The point that she could break someone's neck just by thinking by it ? That her biotics were so powerful that she couldn't even get drunk because they wouldn't let her ?

Or the pain ? Those lives she took while she was still a child. The drugs and weapons and...the abuse. Was it this particular feeling of powerlessness that fueled her to go on ? So she could never feel it again ?

And yet she was. Right here. In HIS arms. When her heart ached for his help. Her body for his touch. She wanted to feel the comfort, even though it was just all a lie. It will all be nothing but pain tomorrow, but now, it could be something good. Sex always helped, why not now ? Sex always helped. It never mattered if it was a woman or a man. A human or an alien. The heat and that small comfort which came from it was always a good cure for her sadness. But the morning were terrible. The time to leave always brought her back to her saddened state, and so she decided to leave sex out of her life for a while. But this was somehow different. It felt somehow right.

And as if Rexar felt what she was thinking about, he looked at her and cupped her face, taking the tears away with his finger. Jack closed her eyes, and Rexar whispered. "I'm here. You don't need to hide anything from me" Jack didn't said a word, she was obviously in no mood for talking. She instead put her hand on his hardening member, gripping him lightly, and Rexar let out a loud moan. He knew what she wanted. He also wanted her, there was no denying that she was beautiful to him. But this was not the way to win her trust. And he, indeed, wanted her trust. It's just a few steps to love that took her hand in his, and kissed it. Jack shook her head in confusion, not clearly understanding what was going on. When she touched that part of human's body, it would always send the message. She was horny, and she wanted release. This man, Rexar, was either dumb not to see her advances, or he didn't wanted her, which was surely not the case since he was already growing hard. Or, he wanted something else ? What did he wanted exactly ? He was a mystery to her.

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