Concrete Angel

By: Moonlight-Sakuras


Summary: Living in a life full of abuse and anguish all her life, Rin finds peace in the world full of solitude away from the people and judgement. Sesshomaru always-somehow-finds himself put in the spotlight because of his parents and hates it. Can two people, complete opposites, save one another as they battle their revealed dark past or drown in their misery?

Through the wind and the rain

She stands hard as a stone

In a world that she can't rise above

But her dreams give her wings

And she flies to a place where she's loved

Concrete Angel

Martina McBride-Concrete Angel

Chapter 1: Angel

Part I: A Troubled Past

Rin fell with a sharp cry as her father threw her on their old, wooden coffee table, snapping it in half with the weight and force that he used on throwing her.

"You stupid bitch!"

"D-daddy… p-please…"

A sudden fist came out of nowhere as it collided with her soft cheek, throwing her back down on the floor from where she had risen to her hands and knees with a sharp cry as some of the wood from the table cut into her bare back. Whimpering, Rin struggled to raise her sore head a little to see where her livid father was at. His face appeared in front of her and with a sudden jolt of fear she realized that it was crimson in anger, fueled by the alcohol in his system. Sifting her swollen eyes to the half empty bottle of liquor he held in one hand, she held in a whimper as she realized that his other hand was clenched into a fist.

Watching in paralyzed fear as he threw the half empty bottle of liquor to a corner in the living room, Rin screwed her eyes shut, knowing what would come next. Being forcefully pulled up by her hair he coercion Rin to open her eyes and look at him. He watch in satisfaction as she looked at him with eyes filled with terror. Eyes dilating at the smell radiating off of her as well as in concept of hearing her scream in agony he tightened the hold he had in her hair. At the effectiveness of hearing her cry in pain at the tightening of his fist in her hair, he flung her against the wall closest to them, smirking malevolently at the utterance that came from her mouth. Walking confidently towards her, he picked her up by the throat and squeezed tightly until consuming air became a problem. Dragging her up the wall, he hard thrust her against the wall causing her head to hit and bang against the concrete wall. Putting his face right in front of her, he began speaking in a whisper that caressed her with both anger and horror.

"Care to repeat that girl?" he asked. When Rin didn't answer him immediately he released the hand that was caressing and pulling on her hair to slap her across the face. "Answer me!" he bellowed.

Rin couldn't breathe or think coherently, but if she didn't reply she knew she would die of suffocation, of that she was sure. So raising her voice as much as she could, she answered her father weakly, when he asked her to repeat herself only louder this time she noticed that she was quickly losing consciousness, as she began seeing black dots and having tunnel vision. Not able to speak up more than what she managed, she stayed quiet waiting for unconsciousness to blissfully take her away. Unfortunately, she didn't receive the pleasure she deserved.

He let go of her neck enough to let her breathe properly and watched as her lungs replenished their air supply. Once he saw she was breathing without a problem he flung her across the room and looked on as more of her disgusting blood dirtied the floor. She fell unconscious on a stalk of knives, her blood splashing across the once pristine floor.

Even unconscious she couldn't get the peace she deserved, as her father continued beating her until he got tired of receiving no response from her, and walked away. He left her bleeding and within an inch of her life on the kitchen floor, walking calmly out the door, as if beating his daughter up to an inch of her life never occurred.

In a house filled with memories of anguish and calamity begins a story that will forever be engraved in hearts.

Author's note:

Rin will be around ten in the beginning of this story and continues on from there, until she begins revealing her past to people