Autumn Skies


Chapter Two: Arrangements


Akira had shown up only five minutes later, as the streets hadn't been that busy. A black car pulled up next to where Akashi stood. Akira immediately got out, and opened the door, giving the young boy a smile. He gave the girl a curious stare, but said nothing as he got back inside the vehicle once they were both seated inside the car.

As Akira drove back to the mansion, an awkward silence had settled in in the back of the car. He chose to ignore it, to let it play out, as Akashi probably wanted it that way.

The moment they arrived, Akira opened the door for the two. They got out, and the girl stood there awkwardly. She appeared to be confused and on alert.

Akashi simply walked past her, leaving Akira to tell her to just follow him inside. The girl nodded, and walked after the red haired boy.

She followed him all the way up the stairs and into some medical looking room on the second floor. She looked down, feeling self-conscious as Akashi turned his eyes on her.

Akashi stood there silently. The light gave him a better image of the girl, allowing him to see her features more clearly than in the rain.

Her hair seemed matted and wet, clinging to her pale face and shoulders. It was a very dark, dark shade of blue, which appeared almost black in the dark, and eyes that looked like the night sky. A clear, yet dark blue that gave off a dull shine.

His eyes traveled further down, lingering at the small dark bruises that littered the exposed parts of her arms. He also noticed one on her collar bone, it looked old, though. It was a yellowish-green color, almost healed.

Akashi turned to the door and knocked on it gently. An older looking woman opened the door. "Akashi-sama." She smiled, "What is it? Do you need any- oh my." She trailed off, giving the girl in front of her a once over.

"Hisae, could you clean her up for me?" Akashi asked softly. Hisae nodded, and gently pulled the girl inside the medical room. "Deliver her to my room after, please." Without any other words, he walked off, leaving the two alone.

Hisae smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry about Akashi-sama, dear. But, would you mind telling me what happened?" She asked as she sat the unspoken girl down.

With a shake of her head, the girl directed her gaze to her lap, biting her lip as Hisae began to gently put cream on her newest bruises, and bandage them afterwards. "Alright, could you tell me your name, then?" The older woman spoke up after a few moments of silence.
The girl hesitated, before nodding slowly. She licked her lips and spoke quietly, but clearly, "Misora."

"Well, Misora-chan. Don't you worry, because I will have you fixed up in no time!" Hisae grinned, giving Misora a wink.

Misora only nodded and stayed silent, letting the nurse bandage her up.

After Hisae finished, Misora stood, and bowed. "Thank you." She replied, giving the woman a small smile.

"You're welcome." Hisae gave Misora a bright smile. "Oh! That's right. Akashi-sama wanted to see you afterwards. Just follow me."

Misora nodded. She followed the woman, giving her surroundings a curious stare. "Uhm, who is Akashi, anyways?" She asked, feeling brave suddenly. She hadn't known exactly why this boy had pulled her from the street. Could it have been from the kindness of his heart? (Even though he didn't seem that kind, actually.) Or maybe for other reasons that she didn't know? The possibilities were endless, it seemed.

All that mattered was that he was the one to help her, in her time of need. She thought that had to count for something, at least, no matter the cause.

"Akashi Seijuurou. He is the son of a very wealthy man, you could say. His father owns and runs a lot of corporations. Not only in Japan, but elsewhere in the World, too. The poor boy is always left here alone; his father is always out on business." Hisae explained, a sad expression crossing her face. "Ever since his mother... Ah, silly me! Sorry, I didn't mean to-"
"It's okay." Misora interrupted, giving the woman a soft smile. "I understand." She added. If she truly did understand what the woman was trying to say, than she felt she could relate, in a way. She, too, had lost her mother. But that was a long time ago.

The two arrived in front of Akashi's room. Hisae knocked softly. A faint "Come in" was heard, and Hisae opened the door for Misora. "In you go." She said gently.

Misora nodded, and walked inside.

"Thank you, Hisae."

"It's no problem, Akashi-sama." Hisae bowed her head, and closed the door once Misora was inside the room.

Misora gave the room a once-over. It seemed like an ordinary room at first, but the more she took in her surroundings, the more... extravagant, it seemed. Many expensive looking things littered the room, almost giving it an air of royalty.

"As you probably already know, I'm Akashi Seijuurou." He introduced, giving Misora a curious look.

"... Akiyama Misora." She nodded slowly.

"Can I ask why I found you beaten on the sidewalk?" He asked. Misora felt a twinge of anger surge through her veins, as she clenched her fist.

Even for someone so wealthy, she didn't expect him to be so nosy. He didn't even have to be so straightforward about it.

At first, she opted to reject his question, and be on her way, but suddenly the moment his hand extending out to her stopped her thoughts. 'He did help me...' She guessed it couldn't hurt to explain things.

"I ran away." She stated almost inaudibly, but coldly. Her voice held a slice of venom in it, but Akashi ignored it. "My father... He beat me." She muttered the last part, redirecting her soft gaze to the floor.

Misora could feel his eyes burning onto her, but she pretended she didn't notice at all.

"Then, I have an arrangement for you." He voiced without missing a beat. Misora blinked and looked at him out of the corner of her eyes, curious as to what this 'arrangement' would be.

"You," He continued, motioning to her. "Would be useful to me. So, you can stay here, for as long as you want."


Akashi intervened, swinging his leg over his other as he gave her a board look. "You said you ran away. I'm sure you don't wish to go back to your abusive father. Do you?"

"..." Misora bit her lip so hard that she thought she could taste the faint metallic texture of blood. "No." She finally answered, lowering her eyes to the ground as if in defeat. 'What does he mean, useful? I'm not some dog he could use freely..' She thought, eyes narrowing in an annoyed glare.

"Plus, living with me is better than living on the streets. That's for sure." He added, a cunning smirk pasted to his face. Misora nodded slowly.

"Fine. I accept." She whispered, turning her glare to the red haired boy.


Chapter two, woot. *shot* Sorry it's short. But I felt like I should end it off there. D;