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Think I'll Rename My Heart, The Calendar
'Cause It'll Surely Know Just When To End
And I've Been Looking At You Through The Telephone
As The Photograph Whispers That She Isn't Even Home
So Alone, I Bleed Myself Right In

Angel woke up, his vision blurry. Obviously he hadn't drank enough, otherwise he would still be down for the count.

Groaning, he turned and tried to get up. This went on for some time.

Eventually, he just lowered himself to the side of the bed and let himself fall out, then crawl to where he needed to go.

He managed to stand for a piss and a glass of water, then got into his shower, fully clothes, and sat, letting the water fall down on him. And it wasn't long before those drops of water were mixing in with an onslaught of tears from him.

It'd been a year today. A year since his life had fallen apart.

That's why he'd been trying to get loaded enough to sleep through it. Fate wasn't on his side with that plan it seemed however.

Angel couldn't believe how much his life had changed since. From going from being a college student to dropped out and starting a business by chance. From being happily in love to manically depressed. About to be engaged to single as hell.

He'd become a drunk just about, barely managing to function through life.

And God, how much more he still had left. He wondered how he would make it through.

Finally getting out, Angel slowly took off his soaked clothing, throwing them back in his tub for the time being. He walked with a towel out to his room to find a change of outfit then sat on the bed, grabbing a beer from the side of the bed.

He laid there for what felt like forever, staring at the ceiling, remembering, thinking.

When he couldn't stand the walls of his home anymore he got up, decided to go out for some more drinking. That Caritas place sounded good.