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Harry's Inner Dragon

By: TheGlassKatana



Before you begin 'my' story, let me tell you something about Harry James Potter.

The thing about Harry Potter that nobody knows is that he is not exactly what he seems.

What should he seem like you ask? Well shouldn't he be that kind, powerful, and proud celebrity type? Haven't there been rumors about killing Professor Quirrel, slaying a thousand year old basilisk, and already knowing how to do the Patronous charm?

HA! let me tell you how everything has really been going down these last 14 years.

Years of abuse at the Dursleys' hands has shaped him into the exact opposite of what everybody thought The Boy-Who-Lived should be.

He was not courageous, brave, or bold like a true Gryffindor should be. He did not stand out as someone with a proud bearing, instead choosing to slouch and blend in with crowds rather than bask in the public's adorations. He was not strongly-spoken nor outgoing, much preferring a more passive and quiet lifestyle and drawing as little attention to himself as humanly possible.

If you were to ask any student or teacher at Hogwarts about how well Harry James Potter performs academically in school they would all say, "He's okay"-alright, maybe the teachers would say something more like "Mr. Potter shows moderate skill levels but lacks the motivation to succeed"-and be done with it.

The thing is though, that Harry Potter was not dumb by any means of the term, in fact he easily had the capacity to be just as smart as his good friend Hermione, but again the abuse he had suffered both mentally and physically whenever he had done something to stand out had conditioned him into making himself seem mediocre. If anything, the ability to appear purely mediocre when he was intelligent would require someone extremely smart to pull off. He guesses that having Ron as a friend to compare to definitely helped.

No, Harry Potter was not what people thought he was.

Oh, In the beginning he was, back when he was extremely young and had tried fighting back against Vernon and Dudley.

He would scream bloody murder, fight tooth and nail; and sometimes it worked. Whenever his cousin or uncle would be thrown off of him and blasted against a wall. Or when windows and other things would shatter or start burning and they would stop their vicious beatings abruptly and with fear etched into their faces.

But pain proved to be an excellent means of conditioning, and eventually all of his fire-so to speak-had been snuffed out and never seen again.

The saddest part of this whole thing is that the raven haired youth doesn't even remember being beaten or fighting back. The only thing he knows is that some mornings he would wake up with various injuries that hurt a lot and that if he did say something about them to his relatives he would just wake up the next day with more injuries. So he stopped mentioning it and accepted that it would happen, and once he did life got a little easier so long as he ignored the missing parts of memory.

And unlike with most personality development, not having the memory did NOT stop this young boy from developing into the skittish and quiet person he was.

I think I know the reason for it but am not really sure just yet, give it a little time and I'll get back to you. All I know now is that magic was involved.

Anyway, back to how much Harry does not match his public image...

Hell, the kid isn't even good at quidditch like everyone thinks he is. And to be completely honest he doesn't even remember playing a single game of the famous wizarding sport in his life. Even when he had first mounted a broom during his first year with Madam hooch. The only thing he remembers was straddling the broomstick, and then Neville went flying off, injuring himself, and Draco had grabbed the Remembrall and started taunting him.

Next thing he knew, Wood was raving about how he would make a great seeker and McGonagall had stars in her eyes at the prospect of having the Quidditch Cup back in her office. Of course, being the sort of 'go with the flow' and 'don't stand out' personality that he had developed in childhood, he nodded his head politely and tried to forget that he had forgotten exactly what happened... only nobody let him forget.

Everybody for days had talked about it, Ron had been the most helpful though. Ron had recounted what he had done in great detail, not that Harry had asked him too, Ron just liked telling the story to anyone that would listen. Thankfully, from Ron's retelling Harry had been able to piece together what he most certainly didn't remember.

Apparently, he had gone off and flown with astounding grace, speed, and control to rescue Neville's Remembrall, and then gotten caught by the strictest Professor in the school and ended up miraculously making seeker.

This wasn't the only time that this kind of thing had happened either. Harry has been experiencing large lapses in memory more and more frequently ever since he had entered the magical world.

And he had started to finally notice a pattern that these lapses seemed to follow.

After his second year he had realized that these complete blank spots of his memory occurred every single time his life was either endangered or threatened with extreme amounts of harm, whenever he began to ride a broomstick, and whenever he was significantly agitated (never once with Draco Malfoy for some odd reason though).

He hadn't had the chance to see if it happened when he was aroused yet, nor if it happened if he was drowning or being immolated with fire or any other really specific way to die. Needless to say that he hadn't had the pleasure of trying the first one, nor did he have the desire to try the second two.

But all of the things that Harry had apparently done on his adventures with Ron or Hermione towards the end of the last three school years were lost to him. The only reason he believed any of it had actually happened was because Ron and Hermione always would talk about the stories in great detail.

So yeah, the troll incident, going into the Forbidden Forest the first time and meeting Quirrellmort, all of the quidditch practices and matches, saving the Sorcerer's Stone, flying to school in a magic car, going into the forest again, that whole basilisk thing that went down (which was super fun by the way), saving Sirius and all that jazz... yeah Harry Potter remembers none of it.

How do I know you ask? Simple, they're my memories.

Who am I?

My name is Harry James Potter.

Confused? You better be.

Don't worry. It'll be clear soon enough.

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