A/N: SM owns all. This is just my "What If" story. My vampires are different than hers in that they don't sparkle. They can eat rare meats, drink whiskey, and coffee. The sun depletes their energy making them vulnerable to attack. They are not high school students if they are in school it's always college. The family includes Peter and Charlotte along with the regular cast of characters. Domestic Discipline is practiced and embraced by all the males. They like their loves to call them daddy but only for sex, discipline, or danger (they can sense the mate in danger) and because when they change their mates like Carlisle is their sire they too become the mates sire or as Edward tells Bella "I will be like your Vampire daddy". This is not daddy kink. If you are under 18, have triggers about spankings, control, or lemons go read a different story. I welcome reviews but please no flames. If you don't like it just stop reading it. I have never flamed an author and don't intend to start now. Thanks for looking at my story I hope you like my Edward and his family.

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"Two Boxes for a Dollar"

By: Oona Four

Summary: After years of the school and moving around the Cullen's decide to split up for a year. Rose and Emmett stay with Esme and Carlisle. Jasper and Alice go to Paris for the year so that she can attend fashion school. Peter and Edward both single head to a big city, Edward playing piano and backgrounds at a small recording studio, Peter working at a large bookstore. They share an apartment in an older building. So far they are enjoying their "bachelor" lifestyle. Edward has noticed and been watching a pretty young lady at the nearby laundry mat every week. Deciding to meet her he makes a plan. But like all plan's things don't go quite as planned.

Chapter One: Laundry


Laundry day, who would have thought I would look forward to that, Esme, will never believe it since she was always reminding me. "Edward it's your day for laundry please bring it down." I smile at the memory of my beloved mom as I lug the baskets down the street toward the local laundry mat. We don't sweat but we still get our clothes dirty hunting and just interacting with humans. After a rock paper scissors debate with Peter I became the laundry expert. A chore I had grown to hate.

It's no chore now, watching my "lady" there every week has become the highlight of many dull days. She gets there right when I do, am I good, or am I good? It took me two weeks to realize how far she had to walk and when she usually came, now I'm almost always here first, grabbing two washers for me and two for her. Like me she is washing for two, she told me 2 weeks ago that she and her sister Charlotte live in an apartment one block opposite of Peter and me. "Edward, good morning", smiling at me so sweetly, my old "heart" just melts.

"I see you grabbed us the washers, thanks, I'm running late as usual." She knew I would have them ready. The little stinker I always have them ready.

"Oh Bella, I got here but we beat the crowd," smirking at her as she blushes like always. Again making sure I have enough change for both of us, since she never does. I load the money slots as she goes to the soap dispenser on the wall. They have a special "two boxes of soap for a $1.00".

She explained to me that it was easier to buy the two boxes than to lug a box back and forth plus, there would be the mess if she tripped and spilled it as she had so many times before. She falls a lot-always has.

"Edward, can you help me please?" This has become my favorite phrase in the world.

See, the darn machine was mounted slightly off so that the boxes stick in drop slot. You could get out one but always the second one stuck. I could have fixed it, but this is how we met.

She was fighting it trying to get out a box when I asked to help her, so now after that every time we are here I "help" her get the soap. Never knew small boxes of detergent would be an ice breaker.

Going over to her, I reach up spread my fingers just enough to widen the slot and out drops her box. Getting the smile I dream about when resting at night I feel like a king. We can't dream but we do rest in a sort of semi-dream semi-planning state if we need to.

"There you go sweetheart", which always earns me a brilliant smile and a deep blush, both I look forward to every time.

We take the time to get our loads going then sitting in the awful but clean plastic seats we each pull out a book. I pretend to read and sometimes I do, but mostly I just soak up my sweet lady.

At first, I was angry because I could not read her at all but as time passes I'm getting about 60% of her thoughts now. Peter thinks it's because she isn't afraid of me plus now I'm a "friend" so she relaxes more. I wonder about this a lot. She is the first person I can't hear 100%. Carlisle will be very interested in this. He will want to investigate to see why this is. I suspect it's a talent or gift but not sure what kind.

Knowing Peter, is right, I try to be as friendly as possible, because I know something else about her as well. She is my mate, even though that took a while for me to fully believe. I felt the "pull"; since it was so foreign to me it frightened me so I refused to act on it.

Finally Peter "Mr. Know it all" ragged me about it. We had a very heated discussion where he pointed out it's a once in a lifetime deal "so don't blow it". He made me look at him while he said it; he would love to find his mate one day too.

So here I am in a crowded laundry sitting by my sweetheart looking at a book I have no idea what it's about because what she was just thinking has me floored.


I hope sweet Edward grabs the washers. Oh, there he is, Bless him, what a wonderful guy. I love coming here every week just to see him. I'm always late no matter how I plan to be on time just once to surprise him; he always gets here first. For the life of me I can't figure out what I did right to meet such a beautiful man inside and out. But for some reason he likes me.

Unlike Mike; who I dated for a whole year. But dropped when he got too touchy feely with me last year. Edward never turns in to a jerk.

Last year, what a nightmare, my dad, a policeman, was shot three times in a robbery. The hospital bills are more than a new house and that's after his insurance paid. He died after weeks in intensive care. Between the hospital and funeral we lost it all.

Even though he told us his life insurance would double if he was killed in the line of duty and would cover everything it still wasn't enough. Charlotte and I have been trying to stay alive so to speak since then.

We have sold the house, something that killed us both, his truck and our little car he bought for our sixteenth birthday.

Still the bills keep coming. We have a way out but it's not something we want to do ever. His bills were turned over to a collection agency that had taken most of my pay for months and half of Charlotte's.

Now with interest that has accumulated we can never catch up. The lady who runs the agency came to our house last night telling us she will have us out on the street in days if we don't make good on the balance.

She took his life insurance-everything. It was supposed to be a collection agency for medical bills but we learned to our sorrow the witch aka. Mrs. Jones offers more than just fast returns for her clients. She forces people to do things for her. In our case she tried to force into prostitution to pay off the interest she claims we owe her. We had no choice but to run away and hide from her and her "collectors".

She gave us one option "for the last time", but how can we sell ourselves to her and still be good girls?

What will our lives be worth then? Our dad would die first, well he did, and we miss him so much. Our mom died of cancer when we were in the first grade. All we had was Charlie. He had to be mom and dad to us girls but he did the best he could for us. We three were a very happy family. We were never rich but we had all we needed he made sure of that.

How she found us is a mystery; we ran here to hide from her and her "boys" who hurt you. Mrs. Jones, as she calls herself and told us to call her, informed us that tomorrow two men would be visiting our apartment and we would make them "happy" or lose it all, both our jobs, along everything we have left.

She had a huge man with her that twisted both our arms and worse, if I wasn't wearing long sleeves Edward would notice the bruises. It hurts to sit here; my legs were also bruised when he was getting her point across to us, as well as my arms.

She said she owned us now. Neither of us had ever "made a man happy" we had no idea what to do-both of us wanted our future husbands to be the ones, not strangers. I'll have to stop coming here after tomorrow looking at my sweet Edward will be impossible. We already ran from her once but she found us last night. There really isn't any hope; we'll just have to do it. She said we were being watched so we can't tell anyone. I had never been so afraid. Charlotte could hardly lift her arms this morning to get dressed.

I wish I could tell Edward, but what could he do really? They would probably kill him.