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Chapter 12


Arriving home it didn't take long to get him put together and secured. We learned from dad that Aro would be here in an hour. With his need to see what we uncovered, and to tell us what they had found, on their end, making this a very important visit after all.

Jasper was back along with Emmett. It didn't take long, before he was threatening us again. So I re-gagged him. He was so sure we would pay for taking him and ruining his "mission" as he called it.

Aro arrived along with Jane. Between Jane's talents and Jaspers, which Aro called for, surprising us all, including Jasper. Then Jasper filled him with fear and Jane the pain.

"We have many contacts, you will never find us. We bring 100s of girls and boys to our people every year. Many are used for blood only." Jasper had him in agony now. He was panting out his words.

"I'll never give you what you want" at that Aro grabbed his hand and he saw all of it. Just what the creature was hiding. Nodding to Jane to stop, and for Jasper to put him into a deep sleep, Aro stalked back into the house.
"I can't believe it, right under our noses Carlisle, vampires; and other immortal creatures, preying on girls within, miles of our Castle. Well it stops today my brother" He reached out and hugged Dad. Dad was stunned and did a half way decent job of covering it up.

"Carlisle you have always been like a brother to us, and I think it's time we fixed that. Those Romanians turning a blind eye, knowing all along someday it would lead the humans to us".

Then we, Emmett, Jazz, Pete, and I took the rogue Vamp apart again, and stowed him the bags. Aro wanted Caius to hear all this and see for himself what was going on. Caius will be a force to be reckoned with over this. He is very protective of his family and what they stand for. What on Earth were they thinking in Romania?

Aro POV:

I cannot believe this, the unmitigated gall of those two. Calling home and explaining it all I hear roars from both Caius and Marcus. Then the guard as it was retold to them. We have a little surprise for them. Years ago we came across a dying human who I could tell had some sort of "gift". Changing him, knowing we could end him if it wasn't a gift worth keeping.

Call us amazed when after a few weeks it began to appear. Dominic as he wanted to be called has the gift of being untraceable, unless he is in line of sight you do not sense him, smell him, or hear him; either with your ears or mentally. I would love to test this with Edward and indeed will set that up when we get this nightmare dealt with.

Telling Marcus to set Dominic loose on the Romanians I knew we would soon have information on that end as well. No one knows about him, just a handful of our inner circle.

"Edward, Peter, I want to visit with your Bella and Charlotte before I leave" Agreeing to that we headed again into the house.


Aro who we were told was a frightening creature seemed quite nice to both of us. Char was leery but I felt like he was an old friend if that makes any sense at all. When he asked for my hand I gave it with a smile. He was startled that he wasn't able to see me after all. Before coming downstairs I had the thought that our personal life was not for him to delve into. Maybe it's me or maybe not but whatever, he got nothing. I looked up and my darling hubby was smirking at me, so I must have done the right thing.

"Edward, can you read at all now that you are mated?" Aro asked he didn't seem angry at all.

"Only rarely 100% usually 40 unless she is very stressed and then I get it all then nothing for days"

"Hmmm" Aro looked so thoughtful at me, then a smile appeared and he turned to boys and dad. "She is going to be a remarkable shield Carlisle. Edward whatever you are doing to bind her to you keep it up. She'll need to be well grounded, the power she has will be hard to except if she doesn't have a firm foundation to stand on. Do you understand my meaning?"

"Yes Aro I do, we all do. She is extra special and I must keep my rules in force so she can stay that way"

"Exactly Edward" Aro kissed my hand then took Char's.

"Darling girl what a kind and sweet child you are. I see family is everything, more so now that you have found a family to belong to. Peter she too has a gift, Call it a "Peacemaking" talent. When there is trouble or chaos; Charlotte will be like a balm to heal the wounds, and calm the souls. Very rare for us, to have such a calm spirit but she will have one".

Peter was beaming at Char and when she was released from Aro's grip, she all but ran to him. Only to be picked up, by him, and snuggled with, outside on the porch swing. Edward sat and motioned for me to come, and I sat on his lap while they all talked. He never stopped touching me in some way the entire time we sat there.

I like Jane very much, she is scary; but I felt like we could be friends, so I made it my mission to smile at her and include her in conversations. When they prepared to return to their plane and home a few hours later, she approached me while the men were all in a huddle out front.

"Bella may we contact each other? Can I be your friend? I have never had a friend before"

"Oh Jane" I said hugging her "I would love that Char too, we always want to have friends esp. close ones"

"Thank you Bella, if you ever need me call me, I will come" she handed me a piece of paper with her cell and address on it.

When they drove away, with the vamp and his bags in the trunk, I watched, Jane never stopped looking at me, smiling until they were out of sight.

"Edward I like her very much, she asked to be friends and I said yes'

"Oh Bella how nice of you, she needs to have a friend. Maybe it will ease the years of being hated by everyone"