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Chapter Thirteen: The Plan and Ending.

Aro POV:

Carlisle has come up with an interesting plan for the poor creatures here in America; they will give them a chance at a happy life without giving our secret away. Let me think here for a minute. Ah I have it! For years we have had connections with Priests who were changed or who know about us and allow us to donate or help on the side in their good works. Now here is something good they can do and we can help with funds and they can take the credit. I must impress on them these girls were NEVER in Italy but we can make things HOT for Romania.

Explaining to Carlisle, that 200 years ago a brave priest having heard about us in confessions. Came to us asking for help swearing to secrecy he asked us to end the bandits that were plaguing his village with robbery, rape, and murder. Marcus being a priest once wanted to help so we did. Now we have a secret network if the need arose.

"Carlisle, I have a plan". We worked for hours getting all the details into place so I could implement it as soon as I got off the plane. Some of the kids if they want can join the church or go to college whatever. We have never wanted to be big time benefactors but I like the idea of being behind the scenes. Six years we agree is the time to stop all we put in place by then everyone will have a degree or a new life by then. Unless they become a doctor or some such thing and they will obtain a scholarship from one of our banks. A benevolent fund that dissolves with no paper trail, they will set theirs up to match with the same time frames as us.

Hauling our friend and all our new information with us we once again board our plane and head back to Italy and this new venture.

Jane has made a friend and for that I am grateful. It will balance the loneliness she has lived with all these years. Now that Edward is one fine man add to that his Bella. Carlisle has the makings of a fine family.

I will talk to my brothers, it would be nice for them to come and visit, we need to help with her gift it's not only rare but a powerful one.

"Jane dearest, would you like Bella and Edward to come and visit on a regular basis?"

"Oh Master yes I would, could we make a nice room for them as well?"

"You are in charge of that my dear, just tell the housekeeping staff where and what you need"

This earned me a kiss on my hand and the biggest smile she has ever had.

Edward's POV:

"Bella love it looks like you ad Char are to be the reason all the others will get a new chance at life. I hope you agree with what we have put into place" I waited for her to look up at me,

"Oh Edward saving them alone was more than enough, but to help them all get a start in life is more than I could ever dream of. To think Char and I would have been on one of those boats by now and wishing we were dead fills me with such sadness. How do I ever thank you for not letting me get by with lying to you and walking away from our life?"

"No baby you just made me get off my butt and decide I was going to claim my mate after all. What I now have and Peter too is more than we ever thought we would have. I should be thanking you my sweetie pie" Kissing her until she needed air was such a perk.

"By the way little one, no more lying to me or Peter for both of you understand?" I gave her a mate's stare, knowing the effect it would have on her and I wasn't disappointed. She gulped looking at me with huge eyes, stammering "Yes Edward". I glanced over to Peter who was getting the same look from Char, and winked at him. He nodded with a small smile back at me. Yes we had our darlings and they were one hundred percent ours.

Six Months later: In Romania;

"Ah Stephan, what a wonderful party you have going here" Gaius Julius a Roman General and good friend of Aro's remarked as he was introduced at their grand party being hosted for the first time in three hundred years. Gaius was here because he was very old and famous, also since he seemed to never take sides Stephan was sure he was their ally. He was in fact there because Aro asked him to look around and note who was and wasn't invited, anyone associated with the Volturi were most notably absent. It meant he was missing boy's weddings and "coming out" in Italy but that was a small price to pay to see who else was involved in the slave trade that had been going on under all their noses.

"Oh Gaius it is such a pleasure to see you made it here today. Come we have a blood bar and many guests. There will be dancing and as you see we have set up for some games just like in the old days".

Looking around he saw a small arena set up, vampires and oh my some human captives dressed up like gladiators. Keeping his voice and face neutral he smiled and nodded, then went to join the throng of vampires and other immortal creatures milling about. Many seemed as shocked as he was but more than he liked seemed to be thrilled with the set up. "Aro will never believe this, it's like we have gone backwards a thousand years" He thought. Being careful to not text or call anyone he did take many covert pictures with his sunglasses and built in tiny camera. A toy he had been playing with just to break the boredom, but now he was glad he had the things made after all.

Hours later after the toasts and boasting of a new regime being in charge soon, the crowd moved into the arena area. Spotting three other friends in the stands also there to witness, the "games" began. Terrible was all he could think, human and vampire fights, if you could call it that. Then real vampire shows of strength and ability. These he enjoyed as the couples were well matched and they brought back many memories. During a break in the battles and displays Gaius moved around the seating to find himself next to a beautiful female he remembered was from Greece "Ah the lovely Antonia" he held out his hand and she took it with a smile. "Gaius what a surprise, come sit by me, I do hope the blood sport is over. I like the vampire matching's but the human ones were most distressing" agreeing he sat next to her as the horns blew and another round of sports began.

As they drew to a close you could see the servants setting up a stand for the finale and what looked like some sort of announcement as well. When everyone was done clapping for the fighters and all bows had been taken Stephan walked to the now set podium and raised his arms to the crowd, Vladimir joined him smiling as well,

"We are pleased to announce that soon Romania will once again be the ruling force in our world. For years we have been taking steps to ruin our Italian friends. I know this will shock many of you here tonight but the human authorities are getting information that will cause our friends to flee into the furthest reaches of the planet. I hope you enjoyed today and we hope you will support us in the future"

Just then a few of the vampire/gladiators broke ranks and charged the podium. Soon there was vampire to vampire fighting with many falling, killed in the fight. Gaius had jumped down and was fighting Vladimir neither one giving an inch to the other. The sounds began to fade behind them and the smell of burning was becoming more pronounced but still they fought, flying at each other. Both had many wounds and venom was flowing like blood all over both of them. With a twist of his hand Gaius had Vladimir's head and it was over. Looking around he saw Stephan injured but held prisoner by Marcus of all people. Marcus had been there disguised as someone else in the back ground even Gaius had no idea he was there. Marcus stood and announced that all things belonging to the Romanian covens were now property of Volturi and Stephan was the guest of theirs as well. All would swear allegiance to them this night or die. Dozens of guards marched into the arena taking over from the Romanian guards still cleaning up and burning bodies.

"Gaius is now the governor of our holdings here and the man in charge of all that entails" Gaius stepped forward and took Marcus hand allowing him to raise their arms together so all could see. Gaius looked at Antonia and smiled. She had stayed out of the fight but had not run either, she might be just the companion he was looking for.

Stephan was taken to Italy and tried before hundreds of vampires, then executed. The slave trade was closed, all who had a hand in it, killed. There were no trails for the humans to follow, nothing left to find. Jasper and Emmett hacked into Interpol's data base and erased all evidence. Sixty days after finding out about it the nightmare was over. Each rescued girl and a few boys were given help and allowed to decide what their lives would be. They never knew who paid only that a charity had been set up and with counseling all would be able to make good lives for themselves.

Two Years later:


Here we are the four of us once again traveling to Italy to visit with family for that is what they are now. Peter and I married and settled down something we never thought possible. Happy doesn't even cover it. Fathers as well, both of us have little girls born a day apart. Bella and Char changed now and doing so well we can travel almost anywhere with them. Our daughter Melissa, our sweet little honey bee and the light of our lives looks like her momma with my hair color and blue eyes. She has Aro wrapped around her fingers just like grandpa at home. Peter and Char's darling Madison or Maddie as she prefers is just as bad Caius is crazy about her even though he thinks we don't see it. She is blond and the two little girls could pass for sisters, in fact we encourage that. They are so special both with gifts, Melissa can show you thoughts, Maddie can touch you and see your future sort of like Alice but she must touch you. Ali and Jazz will join us here later today, Ali had to stop in Paris for a fashion show of course. Poor Jazz or maybe not he doesn't seem to mind. They are adopting a little girl from France, a baby appeared at the church's door with a note saying she had no family. Aro was called by his friend and he called Carlisle knowing how much Rose and Alice wanted to raise a child as well. So tomorrow we will all be there when she arrives in Volturi. Two months old and tiny like Alice. Mom and Dad are already here, Rose and Emmett are waiting for their little girl to arrive in three days. Gaius and Antonia in cleaning up after the Romanian end of things found they had an orphanage under their wing. Finding homes for all of the thirty children there took months and a lot of research, but in the end all but three had relatives. Of these three one was a little girl about one year old, no one know where she came from she was just there one day in her cot. A card taped to her bed had "Alexandra" handwritten on it and nothing else. So Lexi will be a Cullen soon. Four little girls who would have thought? Mom has been in heaven with plans. As soon as we know the newest sweethearts sizes the girls will be shopping like fiends I'm sure.

We now live in Alaska and we will be moving into a huge old manor home in Romania. A left over from the old days. Here we will home school our girls and help with both the charities we set up but also the new laws and lifestyle we are hoping more vampires will adapt. By the time we head back to America on a permanent basis our girls will old enough to adapt where we go. Since ours are hybrids we need a place that is isolated but still near family if we need them. Our new home is just that, a twenty room grand old manor house in the Russian style. We have had contractors adding bathrooms and making changes to bring it up to date.

Each couple will have a suite that includes a master bed and bath, sitting room, the girl's room and bath and a playroom and huge closets. Mom and dad will have their suite as well downstairs along with a guest suite in their wing. Common areas will include, living and family rooms, music room, kitchen and dining rooms. School room with library and computer hookups. Six car garage and workshop. Pool and playground for the kids. Gardens for mom and Char. TV game room along with a craft room. So we should be very happy there. There is a carriage house above a separate garage that is being redone so family can come and stay as well. Four bedroom and extra's there as well. Fenced and gated on fifty acres of forest. Looks like something out of a fairy tale. Bella loved it on sight before the changes and we are excited to move there when it's done in two weeks.


Today little Eva arrived, the look on Jasper's face when they handed him his daughter was priceless. Ali was just as thrilled. She looks like Alice, tiny with black hair. Everyone adores her. Rose is over the moon as Lexi arrives tonight earlier than we expected. Missy loves her cousin and can't keep wanting to touch her. Maddie seems to want to look first and be sure before she becomes attached and that is alright we want them to love each other and grow up as sisters.

Oh I see Antonia so Lexi must be here, grabbing up Missy I head towards them and after hugs I see a darling little girl with blond hair and dimples looking around like a lost lamb. Rose and Emmett come flying down the stairs into the great hall. Both stop and stare at their little girl then Rose walks slowly towards her smiling the entire time. Lexi reaches for her and we know all will be well. As a sob over takes Rose, Emmett embraces them both kissing both his girls. "Momma look at our princess" he says as they show her to the family. Now we are complete with years to blend and grow together. When the time comes each girl will be given the chance to join us or not. Ours might already have changed by then, Carlisle and Aro have told us to expect that so we will see what the future brings either way our love will never die for any of these wonderful darlings.

After an adoption ceremony and name change adding all four to the records here we head to our new home and life. Arriving there we are all stunned, passing past the gates we entered a time warp, if it didn't have new amenities I would swear we were living in the 1800s or earlier. What a wonderful home to raise our girls. We were pleased to find herds of deer and other wildlife for us as well. Vans began to arrive days later with our things and items we bought for the girls when arrived in Italy. Takes four days to get the house just like we wanted inside.

Edward and I have an old antique sleigh bed from Russia along with all the handmade furniture to go with it. Missy has something similar to grow with her and the matching bed when she is out of the crib. My Edward is just as he said he would be, loving and so strict, but I love him so much more every day. Peter and Char are in our upper wing above mom and dad's. Jasper and Ali, Rose and Emmett are upstairs in the opposite wing with the school room, and library under them along with the laundry and mud room just off the playground we had built. It's like having our own apartments in our house, I love it. Our sitting room has a small sofa and Edward's upright piano, the baby grand is downstairs in the music room. His stereo and music is here so we can enjoy it and not bother anyone else. There is a play area for Missy as well. I love to read there while she plays before her nap. Char has something almost the same on their side. The hall is beautiful with paintings and a table with a large flower vase and mirror. We have a baby gate on the stairs for right now. So we can open our doors to the hall and let the girls play and chase around while we clean or whatever before joining the family downstairs.


Babies? Who would have believed it three years ago? I would not have. Funny how it worked out, finding Bella at a laundry mat of all places. I like being in our wing with Rose, we are learning how to be moms to little babies together. Our set up is a lot like Bella and Char's only I have a huge closet and a smaller sitting room for our side, OK with us I have a sewing machine area and Jazz has his books and desk along with a comfy love seat so we can sit and cuddle. Eva's playpen is there for now. Like the others we can open our doors and add play space as the girls need it. Rose and Emmett have their sitting room done with one game set up for Emmett and a big sofa for them both, along with Lexi's play area. School won't be a problem, between us all we can teach just about anything. Missy and Maddie are growing up faster than our girls will but I see them slowing down some now. Oh here's Rose she looks so happy these days.


A daughter I still can't get it in my head that she is ours. Emmett and I could not be happier. He even makes an effort to not be so loud and to be gentle with her. She is crawling some and I see him playing on the floor with her more and more every day. Mom has been an angel with helping us get used to having babies here. Helping with Maddie and Missy was a good thing I know now. Our men have stepped up to the plate and became dads shocking but true. Edward has a way about him with Missy that the others have followed, firm but loving and so far it works. Yesterday Lexi was crying without stopping and I was unsure what to do when Edward appeared and discovered she was teething, in minutes he had her quiet and showed me what to do. Everyone else was hunting and we were left in charge of the kids. Now I won't panic the next time and he was so good with her. I watch the four of them playing in the family room while we all enjoy a movie together. Eva is really too small and just watches them all from Jasper's lap but it won't be long until they are all running around together.

Each couple is snuggled together and mom and dad are on the love seat watching the kids play. No one is working or going to school, we are being parents for the next few years. I for one am glad no more high school, if I must go it will be college. I think I would like to go into business with Ali. A baby clothing line sold only on line. She has been designing items all day long, I'll talk to Emmett tonight and see what he thinks about it.


Family Bella and I have family at last. Our girls are so pretty, was quite a surprise to find us both pregnant and then to have them a day apart. Was only a three month pregnancy and Bella was ill the entire time. Our change was not too bad, a few days after giving birth we both began to change. A week later we were done and never looked back. Now we are secure in our lives with our mates. Bella and I are writing children's books, she is writing them and I am doing the illustrations. Has a fairy theme based on our adventures and ones we think we would like to have. We sent off a book to a publisher and they loved it and want the rest of the series. We shocked the entire family when we told them about it after we knew it was worth going on with. Today the first volume came to us in the mail. I did the cover as well and it looks fantastic, two little fairies in blue and purple. Everyone has read it, even Dad.

I snuggle into my Peter as our Maddie climbs up unto our laps to sit with us. I look over at Bella and see they are all three cuddled together as well. Today Ali hung a cute sign in our laundry room "Two for a dollar" with boxes of soap powder painted on it. Bella cried when she saw it, if it wasn't for that we would not be here and neither would our babies. It was the perfect gift, someday we will tell our girls about a box of soap that wouldn't come out of the machine and the handsome man that helped Bella that day. Leaning back against Peter I allow myself to remember and then I look around and thank the Heaven's for sending us a family of Angels; fallen or not to rescue us and ultimately dozens more as well.

Safe we are safe for years to come.

There we go folks, the end. I hope you enjoyed this story.