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Chapter 1

When he felt the sunlight hit his face, he expected one of three things. The first was an irritating alarm clock that would blare in his ear. The second was a nagging lecture telling him to 'get up and get ready for training'. The third was a tie between a banana to the face or a rank monkey fart.

When none of these things happened, he felt his body tense before his memory caught up with him.

He would never wake to those sounds again, especially since he fled the facility that he had come to call his 'home'. Five years ago, circumstances had forced him away from all he knew and into hiding from his own family. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't miss everything he'd left behind.

Yet he didn't regret it in the slightest.

If he had stayed, there's no telling what his 'family' would have done. The reason that he left in the first place would have disgusted them for sure, especially S-

No, he wouldn't think of him. What happened five years ago would stay in the past. Now, he could only think of the present and of what now rested on his young shoulders.

"Okay, time to get up." He said, stretching his arms above his head. The pleasant burn in his muscles made him hum in delight. A great start to a great morning, that is, until he noticed that he was the only one in the bed.

Turning to the side, he felt fear stab into his stomach as he found the sheets beside him not only bare, but cold. Standing, he called out, "Ricky?"

When no answer came, he ran through the small house, dashing into every room and calling for the missing person. At the last room, he collapse to his knees, lungs laboring to breath and horror painted on his face.

The one he had given everything up for was gone.

Five years previous

"Oh my gosh." A dark-haired Hispanic boy groaned as he dragged himself off of the jet. "Today was awful!"

"Rough day with the EVOs, Rex?" A tall woman asked, giggling at the look she received.

"Are you kidding, Doc? Those are easy!" Rex exclaimed, "It was the heat!"

"Oh, it can't be that bad, right Six?" the doctor asked, looking over to a man in a green suit and shades.

"The weather was unwanted, but not disabling." The agent answered, fixing his katanas into his sleeves. "Though I don't know what Rex is complaining about. I thought he would be used to it."

"What? Do you think that, just because I'm Hispanic, I can fight in ninety-degree weather with a humidity count over 100?!" the teen spat. "News flash! Mexico is not on the equator! And I like the AC just as much as the next guy!"

"I was not referring to your ethnicity." Six stated calmly. "Only that we've fought in the same conditions for the past four days. Anyone could have adapted."

"Well, I haven't." Rex huffed. "I'm going to chill in my room. Come find me after you've talked with White."

Six's stare narrowed, but he didn't protest, merely turned on his heel and walked off in the direction of the debriefing room. "I will see you later, Holiday."

"Of course." She said, "Bring Rex with you and I'll check you both out for any irregularities."

She didn't receive an answer, but then again, Six was already gone.


"Ah, bed sweet bed!" Rex almost cried when he saw his bed still in the messy state he'd left it in this morning. Letting out an appreciative groan, he collapsed face-first onto his mattress, feeling all of his muscles slowly turn to jelly. Normal EVO duty didn't take this much out of him, but after four days and going strong, he was ready for some precious 'Rex' time.

Meaning he was going to sleep until dinner.

At least, that was his plan.

Just as his eyes closed, a shuffling sound above him made his senses twitch. Usually, Bobo moving around above him didn't disturb him, but he hadn't seen the monkey when he came in. Without the normal greeting, Rex was sure that the primate's place had been vacant since he had returned.

So the sound of movement of any kind had him on guard.

Keeping completely still, he concentrated on the wall, his ears perked to catch any hint of a threat. Slowly rolling onto his side, he paused long enough to gather his courage before flying into action.

Swinging his legs off the bed, he used the momentum to whirl around and face the top bunk in seconds. In the next second, his back was to the wall and his hands morphed into deadly weapons.

"Okay, whoever you are." He started, dark eyes glaring at the top bunk. "Show yourself!"

The blanket moved, a small lump shifting from a horizontal bundle to a vertical one. A small hand came out, pulling at the blanket. Falling lower into his crouch, Rex prepared for any enemy that decided to pop its ugly head out.

He did not expect a five-year-old kid.

Black hair had a slightly green tint under the fluorescent lights. Most of it was spiky, but more laid-down than Rex's own. Only a small colic made one clump in the front stand straight up. The little one rubbed adorable chocolate brown eyes sleepily, yawning widely and showing off a missing tooth.

Bleary eyes looked around the room before they focused on Rex, still in his battle stance. Blinking, the small child asked, "Papí?"

Rex stared.

Then he screamed.

The door slammed behind him as he raced down the hall, yelling, "Six, Six, Six!"

When the agent wasn't found in his room, the teen turned to the debriefing room where he found the ninja just walking out from a meeting with their commander. Almost tackling the man to the floor, Rex tried to drag the warrior after him as he tried to explain.

"Six, there's this thing- this kid- in my room! And he wasn't there before and the door was locked and Bobo's gone missing and there'safreakingkidinmyroom!" Rex didn't slow down even when the agent yanked his hand free of the erratic teen and tried to cover the EVO's motor mouth.

"Rex, calm down!" Six ordered, cutting the teen off. "Now, tell me, calmly, what exactly is going on."

"There's. A. Kid. In. My. Room." Rex ground out. "It wasn't there this morning and now it is! Now come on and get rid of it for me!"

"You can't just 'get rid of' a kid, Rex." Six crossed his arms with that stern look on his face. "It doesn't work like that. This kid had to come from somewhere, just like you did. He or she will have people wondering where they went."

Pouting, Rex crossed his arms with a stubborn glare. "Doesn't explain how it got into my room! Or why it chose to stay there!"

"Did you lock your door?" Six asked the obvious question.

"If by lock, you mean hacked the security system so that the door only works to a code that Bobo and I know? Then yes." Rex couldn't help the cocky grin that spread across his face.

"Hm." Six paused for a moment, thinking about the situation from all sides. Once he had come to a decision, he nodded to himself and started to walk in the direction that Rex had insisted he follow.

Only this time, he led the way.

"So what are you going to do about it?" Rex asked, following like a curious puppy.

"Him or her, Rex. A child has a gender and they should be referred to as such." Six explained briskly.

"Whatever." The Latino rolled his eyes.

"Would you like to be referred to as an 'it'?" Six lifted an eyebrow. That made Rex stop in his tracks, the agent still walking away.

"That's different." Rex muttered to himself. That question stung like an insult. When he had first been found, many of the grunts and White himself referred to Rex as a 'thing' rather than a 'person'. To this day, he still bristled at the thought that he was something other than human.

Even if his human parts had a little something extra.

"So what are you going to do about him?" Rex emphasized as he caught up to the older man.

So it's a boy. Six thought, replying, "See if he is a threat or simply lost. If he is lost, then we can turn him over to his family."

"…What's considered a 'threat'?" The teen asked absently.

"Did he see any of your transformations?" Six asked, calculating.

"Um…" Rex scratched at the back of his head. "Maybe Slamhands?"

Six shot him a look behind his shades that just scream 'exasperation' in a very calm, Six-like way. With a slight shake of his head, Six replied with an obvious, "Then we will have to explain to him the consequences of telling others about –what is that noise?"

"Huh?" Rex looked around as they turned down the hall that led to his room. The sound was high-pitched, rising and falling in something the teen could only describe as… crying? No, it was more like… wailing?

Whatever it was, it was coming from behind his door.

Almost afraid to open it, Rex looked over at Six, who gestured to the keypad. Sighing, Rex hacked the system and opened the door, only to be nearly blown away by the sheer volume of the screaming kid. Inside, the kid sat in the middle of the room, red face thrown back and howling at the top of his lungs.

Six shot him a look, "What did you do?"

"Nothing!" Rex defended, running a hand through his hair. "I went and got you as soon as I saw the kid!"

At the sound of his voice, the child paused, taking deep, gasping breaths. Brown eyes searched the area before finding the powerful teen. Letting out another loud wail, the kid latched himself to Rex's leg without another thought, wringing a protest from the older male.

"Hey! Get off!" Rex shook his leg, trying to dislodge the kid. "Come on, this isn't funny! You're getting my pants wet and snotty!"

"Rex, enough." Six ordered, kneeling down to the child's level. "Hey there, there's no need to cry. Let us help you."

At his calm, soothing tone, the boy's cries softened to hiccups and wet russet eyes looked up at the agent with such fear and sadness that it would have put puppy eyes to shame. Seeing snot run from the young kid's nose, Six offered him a handkerchief. The kid blew into it noisily.

"There, that's not so bad." Six encouraged him, Rex looking on in amazement. "Can you tell us your name?"

Sniffling slightly, the boy whimpered, "R-Rix."

"Who would name a kid R-?" Rex cut off at a sharp look from his mentor. Maybe it was better to let the man do as he pleased. If it would get the kid off of his leg faster, then Rex was all for it.

"Now Rix," Six started, "Do you know where you are?"

The boy looked around the room, then peered out the hall before shaking his head, dark bangs bouncing as he did.

"Do you know how you got here?"

"Woke up here…" he answered, voice a bit steadier.

"Do you have anyone we can contact? A grandmother or uncle maybe?" Six asked, thinking maybe one of the older workers had had to watch a grandson or nephew for the day and the child simply wandered off. However, his theory stopped short when Rix shook his head.

"Do you know your address?" maybe they could look it up in the database and find out who he belonged to and how he got in. Yet this too was a dead end.

"The Woods." Rix answered.

"Which woods?" Six pressed.

"Just the Woods." The boy shrugged.

With a sinking feeling in his gut and a vague sense of déjà vu, Six asked, "Do you have any family?"

At that, the boy's face lit up in a smile that seemed oh so familiar. Turning it up to the teen he still clung to, he let out a happy, "Papí!"

Rex stared down at both of them in horror.


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