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Chapter 7

As soon as Six had given the order, the agents pulled out, loading up in the waiting mobile units.

There was only one aerial unit on which Six ushered both Salazars before closing the landing doors behind him. Taking a seat, he made sure that both brothers were secure, Cezar more so than Rex before he strapped himself in. Even after five years, the trip was still rough. It was a wonder that Rex remembered to strap himself in at all. Although, falling out of your seat during a rough flight kind of left an impression.

The ride was spent in silence for the most part. Six wondered what exactly had driven Rex to run from Providence. Ricky would have been safer at HQ, so he ruled that out. Was it maybe his fault? Could that night have scared the other away to the point of fleeing?

Not for the first time in his life, Six cursed his title of the sixth deadliest man alive.

Instead of remaining silent in his thoughts, Six decided to break the oppressive silence. "The agents at Providence are already looking into Van Kliess's whereabouts. They should have some information when we land, so don't get too comfortable."

"No worries here." Rex muttered. Simply being in the aerial unit was driving him up the wall. He had promised himself that he would never go back to Providence and here he was with a welcoming party.

'Think of Ricky.' He told himself. 'You're doing this for him.'

Six' expression remained passive, but he was frowning on the inside. What was it about Providence that Rex didn't like? He had been fine five years ago, right up until he ran away. What could have happened to change his mind? Was it really Six's fault?

The rest of the ride was passed in silence until they finally landed at Providence building was as stark white as Rex remembered it –so bright it almost hurt his eyes. How had he ever gotten used to it?

When the bay doors opened, Rex was the last one out, his dislike making him hesitant. When he finally made it to the ground, though, he was enveloped in a hug.

"Don't you ever do this to me again!" Holiday demanded, squeezing him tighter as she hid her tear streaked face. "Don't ever run away again, Rex! Promise me!"

Startled out of his shock, Rex slowly wrapped his arms around the doctor, returning the embrace. Resting his chin on her head, he mumbled out a small apology, "Sorry, Doc. I'm so sorry."

The two shared a long moment of silence which Six couldn't stand to watch. Instead, he kept his eyes on the landing site, as if searching for invisible dangers. Soon he decided enough was enough, "Holiday, did you find Van Kliess' current location?"

Pulling away, Holiday rubbed at her eyes, trying to dry them before shaking her head. "No, our locator is having trouble finding him. After the Cure, nanite activity has been at an all time low. It's difficult to track anyone by them anymore unless there's a surge of activity like what set off the radars this morning."

Rex winced.

"How long will it take, Holiday?" Six asked. It had been a while since he had been out on the field. Call him... Antsy if you will.

"A few more hours at best." She answered.

Nodding, six turned to Rex, gesturing to the doors that led to the main facility. "Your authorization has been revoke due to absence. You'll have to make due with the residence quarters. I'm sure you remember where my room is?"

Nodding in confirmation, Rex started in, Cesar and Holiday filing in behind him. It was only when Six started to follow that he realized something.

Rex had never promised the good doctor that he would stay.

Five years previous

Rex had never promised he would stay.

That didn't keep the two girls from forcing him to choose a toy animal to stuff and going through the whole toy making process.

"Show Ricky that it's cool!" Was their reasoning. So it was with much grumbling that Rex picked out a green dragon –the manliest thing they had. It was still way too adorable for a guy to own.

So he had stuffed the toy, sewn it up, given it an air bath (really? I mean really?!) and now stood in front of a smorgasbord of clothing.

"I don't see the point of animals wearing clothes." Rex said bluntly, staring at the racks of tiny clothes.

"Well, they can't just walk around naked!" Annie argued, pulling a jean jacket off the rack.

"They're not naked!" Rex defended. "They're covered in fur!"

"Don't you mean scales?" Claire asked, pointing to his dragon.

"No, I mean fur. Does this look scaly to you?" Rex held up the stuffed animal. It truly didn't look scaly in the least. Instead of a short-length, multi-colored fabric that might have passed for scales, it was made of a fluffy green material that in no way, shape, or form, fell under the title of scales.

"He's got a point." Noah commented, "That dragon is hardly terrifying."

"Well, fur or not, he has to wear clothes!" Annie asserted. "Pick some!"

This demand was accompanied by a prodding of the tiny clothes hangers, almost poking Rex's eye out.

"Ah! Okay! Okay! Sheesh!" The Latino fended off the deadly weapon and turned to pay more attention to the aisles. Ricky stood beside him, just looking at all of the accessories as he gripped his new stuffed tiger close.

Figuring the fast he picked, the faster this nightmare would be over with, the teen picked out a pair of black shades and a black tie. Hey, at least his dragon was going to look cool!

As soon as Ricky saw his 'Papi' picking out clothes, he piped up, "Me too! Me too!"

"Aw." Claire and Annie cooed as they helped the boy find something for his tiger. Meanwhile, Rex dressed his dragon as Noah watched.

"Your dragon looks like six." The blonde commented.

"What? No it does-!" Rex paused, looking at his dragon again. Black shades, black tied, and green body that was practically a suit. "... I will never be able to look him in the face again."

"If you think that's bad, take a look at what little Ricky did." Noah pointed, a smug look on his face. Following his friend's gaze, Rex found Ricky struggling to fit a pair of black jeans onto his tiger's hind paws. Black jeans... And a pair of black goggles.

"Shoot me now." Rex moaned as he hid his face in his hands. Noah laughed at his friend's misfortune as the girls squealed over how cute Ricky was.

"Aw, Rex! He admires you!" Annie nudged the teen, a little harder than necessary.

"You really like Rex, huh Ricky?" Claire smiled at him.

"I love him!" The child asserted proudly.

"Ooh? Love?" Claire laughed, "And why is that?"

Rex froze, his trouble senses going off.

"I love him 'cause he's my Pa-!"


Rex had never been more thankful for an EVO attack than right then.

"Dude! I can't believe you were serious!" Noah shouted over the screaming people that were running past. "It couldn't have waited until after the date?!"

"Now is really not the time, Noah!" Rex shouted, scanning the chaos to find the human-turned-creature. Spying it, he revved up to fight, only to feel a weight attach itself to his leg. "What the-?"

Ricky was pressed tightly against his side with a death grip on the teen. Cursing lowly to himself, he gave the EVO another look before picking up his kid and running the other direction.

"Rex, what are you doing?!" Noah shouted, seeing his friend retreat instead of fight.

"I have to keep Ricky safe!" Rex shouted back, clutching the five-year-old close as he followed the crowd.

"Then give him to me! I'll watch him while you take care of the EVO!" Noah offered, the girls backing him up.

"I am not leaving my kid with you!" Rex shouted back protectively.

"Your what?"

"What I meant was-urgh!" Rex pulled at his hair before making a snap decision. "Fine! Just make sure he doesn't get hurt!"

Putting Ricky down, Rex put his hands on the child's small shoulders. "Ricky, I need you to be good for Noah, okay? Be good and stick with him, Claire and Annie. I'll be right back, okay?"

"Where are you going?" The boy asked fearfully, his wide brown eyes shimmering with tears.

"I just need to take care of some business, okay?" Rex tried to comfort him. "Now be good and stay here."

Standing, Rex looked towards the EVO, determination set in his features as he called up Smackhands.

"NO!" Ricky shouted, jumping and latching onto one of Rex's arms. "No, Papi! We can't do that!"

"Ricky?! What are you-!" Rex cut off as bright blue circuits raced down the boy's arms and melded with the Latino's build. In the next second, Smackhands fell into a hundred different pieces. "You just... You just broke my build!"

"Papi!" Ricky clung to Rex's now-human arm. "You said we can't do that! That if we change, the bad people will come and take us away! I don't want you to go away forever!"

"Ricky, that's-!" Rex growled before digging his ear piece out of his pocket. Sliding it in, he locked onto his mentor's frequency. "Six, we have a situation here."

"Providence already received word of the EVO. Continue to hold it off. I should be there shortly." The agent replied.

"Yeah, I'd love to do that, but that's not the problem here." Rex glanced down at the boy still clinging to his side. "Ricky won't let me fight."

"Just leave him with Noah, Rex. It can't be that hard."

"No, Six, you don't understand. I mean he physically won't let me."


"You know how he has my nanites?" Rex started. "And that I can cure EVOs with active nanites? Basically render them useless?"

"Time is precious Rex."

"Let's just say that he can do the same. To me." Rex looked toward the rampaging monster. "And apparently using my –our? Powers will bring whatever 'bad guys' that were chasing us in the future, here."

"...Put him on the link."

Taking the ear piece out, Rex nudged Ricky. "Hey, Six wants to talk to you."

Scrubbing at his eyes, Rix took the offered item, turning it over in his hands before bringing it to his ear in question. "Hello?"

There was a silence where Six was speaking. Rex really wanted to eavesdrop, just to know what his mentor was telling this kid.

"But he can't!" Ricky suddenly shouted. "I don't want Papi to go away forever!"

More speaking on Six's end.

"You mean it?" It sounded like the agent was winning him over. "You promise?"

A one word answer.

"Okay." Ricky nodded, even though the agent couldn't see him. Handing the ear piece back to Rex, Ricky stepped back, saying, "Be careful, Papi. And come right back!"

"I will." Rex reassured him. "Can you hold Dragon Six for me? I don't want him to get lost or scared. Can you watch him for me?"

Nodding, Rix took the offered stuffed animal and clutched it close, also clinging to the Tiger Rex that he had made. Face filled with determination, Ricky said, "Go beat 'em up!"

Smirking with amusement at the kid's show of bravery, Rex nodded before turning and calling out his boogie pack. In seconds, he was in the air, only pausing to look back at Ricky, the little five year old clinging to Uncle Noah. The blonde looked absolutely confused and Rex knew the other would demand an explanation after all this was over. For now, he saluted before throwing himself into the fray.

The EVO was something like a harpy, with wings for arms and crooked, scaly feet. Instead of bird wings, though, it was bat wings and a thin, snake-like tail struck randomly through the air like a cobra. It had a supersonic screech that could tear brick and mortar to pieces, not to mention what it would do to human beings.

Good thing Rex was a little more than human.

It wasn't long before Six joined him, the agent riding up on his hover board.

"Glad to see you made it." Rex commented off-handedly as he rammed into the demonic harpy, sending it spiraling through the air until it caught and righted itself.

"Traffic was slow." Six said seriously, making Rex wonder if he was joking of not.

"What did you tell Ricky any way? To get him to let me fight?" Rex asked, the curiosity burning in his mind. He dealt with secrets on a daily basis, but at least this was one he had permission to know.

Six thought for a second, katanas slashing at the harpy enough to drive it off, but not injure it completely. Turning his attention onto his younger partner, the agent spoke. "I told him that you were a superhero and had to help bring down a monster."

"And he believed you?" Rex asked, incredulous.

"Only after I told him that you had a ninja as a partner. I had to promise him I wouldn't let any bad guys take you away."

"Wow, the things kids will believe..." Rex chuckled.

"Careful, you were just like him only four years ago."

"What?! No I wasn't!"

Six raised an eyebrow.

"Did you just-! You did not just raise your eyebrow at me!"

"Rex, focus." Six said, directing his attention back at the EVO. Scowling, Rex flew in close, wanting to get this over with.

And he did not believe everything he was told! No matter what Bobo said!


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