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To Combine Creativeness and Love

Empathy for sympathy, I was never good enough to be

Anything but a remedy

Chapter Four

His pencil was gently sweeping the loose scratch piece of paper. Percy was perfectly aware of the beautiful woman next to him, analyzing his every detail on his small sketch.

Percy was drawing moonlace, a rare flower that bloomed in mid-winter till just the beginning of spring. The flower would shrivel up instantly if the sun's rays would hit it for more than an hour. Lucky Percy had the chance to see this flower one winter with his old friend, Calypso.

Annabeth had only asked him for a sketch of any kind, just to see how advanced or amateur Percy was. The first thing on Percy's mind was the delicate and beautiful flower. He drew the soft petals. He drew how it was up, but down at the same time. Then he drew how the flower slightly leaned to the side. When he finished the base, Percy shaded in the flower and looked at Annabeth who was in awe.

"Crap, you're really good─," Annabeth was blinking really fast, "─ and that was just a sketch…"

Percy chuckled softly, making eye contact with his shoes. "I'm not that good."

The grey eyed girl looked as if she wanted to slap the shit out of him, and it was pretty damn scary. It looked as she was sending him an unnecessary death glare. "Percy, look at these."

Walking to her closet, just to the side of both of them, she shuffled through them for a bit until she brought out a couple of thin frames, and shut the closet door. Annabeth handed all of them to Percy and his eyes widened in terror.

Percy practically wanted to seriously harm or even murder the previous person who had painted these… horrifying images. This person had no right to be called an artist. Percy thought he was terrible; well this was well past the definition of horrifying and terrible creativity. On the first picture, the nose was facing the other direction on the girl. On the third picture, the brunette's braid looked like chains on a swing set. After the 6th one, Percy couldn't dare or even bother look at them anymore.

"How could you Annabeth?! These are… I can't even describe…!" Percy wheezed out, closing his eyes and thrusting the framed paintings to Annabeth. Annabeth was partially confused, but then she could understand his point of view. Luke was an amateur artist, nothing compared to Percy. However, Percy thought she had no idea what he was talking about.

You can assume Annabeth gave him a strange look, because he was talking about certain shaded parts and colors that did not belong there. Sure Annabeth like architecture, but that was about lines, area, perimeter, and all that kind of math. Percy here was practically talking to himself and an invisible person about the color pink.

"Come on, don't you see how that color does not match with the dark forest? Are you trying to make her look like a freaking highlighter in the middle of the forest screaming "I'm over here, come and kill me!" What a dumbass. Now is that how you draw a freaking nose? A blind man could draw better than you! And is that─"

That's what Annabeth had to hear to hear for 30 straight minutes. Maybe it was a bit annoying, but she could finally understand Luke's flaws. She saw his pictures in a completely different way now. At first, when he first drew them, she thought that they were pretty good. Now that she saw the wrong things, the noticeable misplaced lines, the horrible face structure, and everything Percy was complaining about.

"Okay Percy, you can shut up now. I get it!" Annabeth told him, with her eyes widened, which made Percy shut up immediately, looking a bit disappointed.

He pouted at her, which made her him look like a cute baby seal. She knew she had to keep her cool and made sure that Percy knew that she was the boss. And he had made that job extremely difficult.

She tried to not smile, and surprisingly she didn't smile or laugh. "Now that I get your point of the old drawings, you can redo them if you want. And I mean starting from Chapter One. You don't have to, but considering all the shit you said about the previous ones…"

Percy's reaction wanted to make her die laughing.

"Hell yes I'll do it! I'll do it for free, as long as we burn those crappy things that I have no clue what to call!," Percy exclaimed

Annabeth crossed her arms at the man in front of her, and smirked. "You know that now you're gonna have to read the extra chapters and do more work now that you signed up for this Percy."


To Combine Creativeness and Love

Getting Percy to read was impossible. Annabeth would've rather jumped off a building taller than the North World Trade Center. Still with her dyslexia and ADHD, she would force herself to read and learned how to control her problems. It didn't make her a freak, but she thought it was a bit unique. Yet, Annabeth found out traits of Percy… and how they had many things in common.

"But I don't want to read! Reading is stupid." Percy told her, trying to give Annabeth the puppy dog face, signaling that he really did not want to read. On the other hand, Annabeth was quite offended that he did not want to read, especially her own work.

"How could you say that Percy?! Reading is my life, like I can't live without it. There are so many good books and poetry and plays, like A Midsummer's Dream and The Odyssey. You just don't understand─"

Percy felt tired during her lecture about reading. He could try to read but his… disability made it so hard. And he still didn't know if he would read if all of that was taken away. He could barely read, let alone tell a letter apart from another.

Annabeth tried to put papers she had printed the story on; well what she had so far. He kept refusing them and shaking his head until Annabeth had enough of his antics.

"I really don't get why you don't want to read it! What's so about reading that the great Percy Jackson does not want to read?" She almost shouted, looking a bit angry that Percy was too stubborn to not even look at the manuscript.

Percy looked down biting his lip. He wasn't sure if he should tell her or not, because he didn't know what she would think of him. Annabeth would possibly call him a freak, fire him, and kick him out of her apartment. Or maybe she would be nice and understanding since he couldn't read without letters getting jumbled up or something distracting him as soon as he started to read the words on the page.

"Can I tell you a little secret?" Percy lifted him eyes off the floor and looked at those startling grey eyes.

Annabeth crossed her arms. "Oh please do entertain me, Mister Jackson," she told him sarcastically.

He decided that he was going to tell her. Annabeth had deserved to know, and hopefully understand; why he wouldn't accept the story she tried to hand him that he kept refusing to grab. Percy blushed in embarrassment, refusing to call them disabilities in his mind. It always put him down and in doubt, reminding him he would always be different in a bad way.

"I have dyslexia and ADHD." Percy's face was now a crimson shade of red.

Annabeth's glare softened into a look of pity, which Percy hated that look, but understanding. Percy had to admit that he was just a bit surprised at her reaction.

Instead of standing, she sat next to him on her small, but comfy couch and lightly touched his hand. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink, and her gaze was looking straight into his eyes.

Both of them couldn't deny the volts of electricity they felt when Annabeth had touched his hand. Sure they could deny it all they wanted, but it wouldn't get through without suspicion. There would probably be major blushing, stuttering, change of topic, and all the things to leave one and other out of the conversation. Yet their gazes added more fuel to the small flame and now it is growing bigger with time.

Inhaling then exhaling deeply, Annabeth started to talk very soft and gentle. "Percy, I have dyslexia and ADHD also."

Eyes widening in realization, Percy gasped in a little childlike way. "Y-you're like me; you're different?" The innocence in the tone of his voice and the baby face made Annabeth smile softly. It lit up her night a bit more, and she wasn't sure how long she had this unfamiliar feeling spreading warmly throughout her body, making her smile.

We have more in common than I thought. Annabeth's mind was peaceful and Percy's was also. There was hardly a time where you could be calm in a place like New York City, but you can guess in this moment, they did.

"Yeah I guess we have more in common than we thought, Percy." Annabeth laughed quietly while Percy grinned in response. Percy glanced at his watch and saw what time it was. "Hey Annabeth, do you want to start so I can go home and hopefully start the first two pictures?"

She read for him and he recorded on his phone so he could go home and start the paintings. After only one mistake, Annabeth and Percy were satisfied. With an awkward hug and goodbye, and yet at the end of the night, they were left with a smile on both of their faces.

To Combine Creativeness and Love

Finished. Percy was done. He was finally done with the first two paintings.

Staring at the easels holding the finished and final drafts; all they needed was to be painted. They took him three hours each to finish the actual drawing part. Why didn't his ADHD go crazy? Who knows? Maybe it was the absolute calmness and the very good alternative/rock music that had been playing? Or maybe it was the fact that Percy had been able to push his ADHD away and focus entirely on his painting. It is a very hard question for him to answer, and anyone else who could do the same (cough, cough, Annabeth, cough, cough).

They were beautiful. Even Percy, who was always modest, but as soon as he would paint, and the color would dry, he would search for the tiniest flaw, and then beat himself up about it. It was a constant bad habit that he knew he had, but he still doesn't bother shaking it off. Yet, he knew he still had to paint the picture, and then search for any flaws.

Percy may have only done two paintings, but so far the hand sketches had turned out amazing. He debated whether to call Annabeth or not, but decided against it. He just decided that he would tell her to come over after he finished painting the pictures, and took a nap.

Copy paper with other drawings were scattered over the wooden floor. Some had a certain type of tree, while others had different types of face structures. Anyone can say Percy liked to practice before he put it on paper before he put it on the easel. They weren't perfect, but they were pretty damn close.

He sighed, then pushed his long messy hair, and carefully massaged his aching hand. Percy was used to the feeling of ache, and he got up to grab the bottle of Advil and water bottle that he always kept in that particular room. Swallowing the pills with a gulp of water, he set an alarm to wake him up in an hour so he could start painting. Lying down, the room was getting dimmer, and his eyes were beginning to droop.

*One hour later*

Percy couldn't deny that he would've loved to sleep even longer, and that was only a wish. Yet work was waiting, and he rather get it done sooner than later.

The familiar paint brush fit his hand perfectly as he mixed the colors together. One of his favorite colors to use, or make, was pomegranate. And that just so happened to be the main character's shirt color for that scene. Not a bright hot pink, but a delicate, warm pomegranate.

He carefully painted delicately and just trying to make no flaws. Percy painted until he was done, and fell asleep.

The next afternoon, he called Annabeth to come and see them. Percy himself hadn't seen them yet, and he honestly rather wait for Annabeth to see them so he could check them himself for flaws.

She happily agreed to come over.