"What else do I need to know about you?" asked Alex, her voice low and raspy, adjusting her dark-rimmed glasses.

Piper bit down gently on her own lip, intrigued by this unique girl. She loved the way the woman's dark hair, highlighted with blue, cascaded down her shoulders and rested upon her swelling breasts.

"Who are you?" Piper asked, hardly able to contain a grin. She suddenly felt like a little schoolgirl talking to her crush.

"My name is Alex."

"And what do you do Alex?" Piper said, flirtatiously reaching across and touching Alex's bare arm.

"I work for an international drug cartel," she said with a mischievous smile. Both women laughed but Piper would soon find out this was no joke. "Come sit with us. You can't drink that margarita all alone. Unless you want to, in which case I'm pretty sure that's considered alcoholism."

Piper chuckled and stood up from the bar. Alex linked arms with her and walked her over to the table where 5 of her friends sat.

"Folks, this is Piper," she said, proudly introducing the young blonde girl. "Can I call you Pipes?" she added, adjusting her glasses again and flashing a half-smile.

Piper felt like her insides might melt and needed to sit down. Nodding, she watched as Alex sat down beside her, immediately setting a warm hand on Piper's lap.

Each of the five people at the table introduced themselves casually. Steve was a greying middle-aged man with a lot of piercings. Angela was a beautiful young woman from Portugal with a distinctive, loud laugh. Paul was wiry, wore glasses and mostly shy except when he had a few drinks in him. Grant was the complete opposite; buff and tanned. The kind of man you would find on the cover of GQ magazine. Finally there was Santana, muscular and covered in tattoos but still feminine looking. For most of the evening, she glared at Piper as if she wished she would leave.

"I should probably get going. I have a mid-term tomorrow," Piper said, swallowing the bottom of her margarita. It was her 5th, she thought. Maybe 6th. Or was it 7th? Her thoughts were beginning to feel foggy.

Alex now had her arm draped around Piper's shoulders. She turned to Piper, their faces dangerously close. "I'll walk you out."

Piper swallowwed hard and nodded. "Sure, great." She turned to the others, all still pounding back drinks. "It was great to meet you all. I'm sure I will see you around campus."

They all laughed and waved, returning back to their own conversations. Alex stood up and took Piper by the hand, leading the girl ahead of her. She turned and mouthed something to her friends at the table and then helped to guide an intoxicated Piper toward the front door.

"You okay there, kiddo?" she said, one hand holding onto Piper's and the other firmly pressed against her lower back.

Piper nodded and smiled. "Fuck yes. And I'm no kiddo. How old are you anyway? I'm 22. You can't be much older."

Alex shrugged and held the door open for Piper. "Need me to call you a cab?"

Piper shook her head and leaned against the outside wall of the pub, feeling a bit light-headed. "I live just down the street. I can walk." Alex stook directly in front of her, pressing her hips against Piper's to keep the girl upright.

"I'm not going to let you walk home drunk by yourself and possibly get kidnapped or raped in the park. C'mon, I'll walk you home."

Piper's expression turned serious as she focused on Alex's lips as she spoke. She was drunk, yes, but since the moment she had met the older woman she had developed this uncanny urge to kiss her. Piper leaned forward, her lips pursed and slightly parted.

"C'mon Pipes. Let's get you home," Alex said, dodging the girl's lips and taking her by the hand. The two began walking. Piper hung her head, embarassed and a bit disappointed.

"Do I have bad breath or something? Food in my teeth? Why didn't you kiss me back there?" Piper said, feeling almost sober.

"Because you're drunk. And something tells me you've never kissed a woman before. I don't want you to do anything you'll regret in the morning," Alex said. The truth was, she desperately wanted to kiss Piper. In any other case, she would have taken full advantage of a beautiful girl falling all over her but something about Piper seemed different. Innocent and real. She was feeling an attraction she had never felt for another person before.

The two walked quietly down the street. Piper glanced over at Alex and caught the girl adjusting her glasses again. "Why do you keep doing that? Moving your glasses?"

Alex looked down, blushing slightly. "Nerves, I guess. I don't know."

Piper stopped outside of her dorm hall. Alex faced her. "Do I make you nervous?"

Alex shrugged, her half-smirk giving her away.

"Do you want to come in?" Piper asked, lifting a hand to brush a strand of dark hair from Alex's face, tucking it behind her ear.

Alex looked Piper in the eye and took a deep breath in. Leaning in, she pressed her soft lips against Piper's. Gently, slowly. Moist and eager, Piper's lips parted, wanting more. Alex placed her hands on both side's of Piper's face and began pulling away.

"Goodnight, Pipes," she said, biting down on her bottom lip trying to fight the urges welling up inside of her. "Let's do this again soon."

Piper watched Alex walk away, her hands deep in her pockets. Piper turned to unlock the door and missed seeing Alex stop on the path to turn and glance back at her, smiling.

The devil on Alex's shoulder was screaming "Go back! What are you thinking?" The butterflies in her stomach thought the same. Another voice in her head, one she had never heard before, told her she had done the right thing and promised her she had nothing but time to spend really getting to know Piper.

Meanwhile, Piper was already on the phone to her best friend Polly back home, telling her about her new girl crush and first lesbian encounter. She couldn't wait to see Alex again when she realized she hadn't even gotten her phone number.