Piper sat as she waited for her flight, knees pulled tightly to her chest. She ignored the buzzing of her phone from the inside of her jacket pocket. She knew it would be Alex and speaking to her was the last thing she wanted right now. Never in her life had she been so terrified - for herself, and for someone else.

Part of her wanted to go back to the hotel, pack Alex's bags for her and demand that she come home. Another part just wanted to get as far away from Turkey as humanly possible and forget the feelings she had.

She hadn't realized how exhausted she was from their late nights, early mornings and exposure to a lot of fresh air but without intending to, Piper gently drifted off to sleep.

She awoke just in time to hear the final boarding call for her flight back home. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she gathered her things and found herself a place in the line-up. Glancing around, she started to wonder how to return to normalcy after such a whirlwind couple of weeks.

"Piper!" she heard a voice shout. Alex exploded from out of a crowd of people walking down the airport terminal. Instinctively, Piper's heart began to beat a mile a minute but she wasn't sure how to react.

"Piper. Oh my god, I didn't know if you would even still be here but I knew I couldn't just sit back and not try to make things right. Can we just talk for a minute?"

Piper listened to her gut, which told her to run in the opposite direction. She had her boarding pass and passport at the ready when she reached the boarding gate.

"Miss Chapman?" the woman asked after typing away ferverously on her computer's keyboard.

"Yes, that's me."

"Miss Chapman - I'm sorry, but your flight has already left. It left two hours ago."

Panicked, Piper looked down at her boarding pass and then quickly to her watch. She had fallen asleep for longer than she thought.

"Shit, seriously? Are there any stand-by seats on this flight?" Piper asked. Alex stood patiently to the side, clearly eavesdropping on the conversation.

The woman at the desk shook her head and smiled politely. "Sorry, ma'am. You'll have to speak to someone at customer service about booking a new seat."

Tears began to stream down Piper's face, her cheeks reddened. The desk attendant handed Piper back her passport and useless boarding pass. She tossed the piece of paper on the ground and stormed past the last few people in the boarding line-up.

Piper walked quickly through the terminal looking for the nearest washroom. Alex trailed closely behind, silent at first.

"Pipes, I can book you a new flight no problem. Just slow down for a second and talk to me." Alex's voice cracked. Her genuine concern was obvious and so Piper stopped walking.

"Why are you here?" Piper asked, turning to look at Alex.

"Why am I here?" Alex began, placing both of her hands on Piper's shoulders. "Because I love you."

Piper's expression softened momentarily but it wasn't long before anger set in again. "You love me? Do you even know what it means to love someone? If you loved me, you wouldn't have brought me here and put me in danger. Grow up, Alex."

Piper stormed off and into the bathroom where she locked herself in a stall and stood against its far wall. She didn't need to use the toilet but away from plainsight was the perfect place for her to let out the waterfall of tears trapped inside.

When she emerged from the stall, she found Alex sitting casually on the counter. She chose the sink farthest from the girl to wash her hands in.

"You didn't flush," she said.

"I didn't pee," Piper responded, sharply.

"You're right, Piper. And I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Piper shook the water from her hands and accepted a palm full of paper towel from Alex to dry them with.

"For putting you in danger. It was selfish. You have every right to be angry with me. I wanted to see you. But I shouldn't have put you in that situation."

Piper nodded, tossing the paper towel into a nearby garbage bin.

"I'll do whatever it takes to make it up to you I promise."

"Anything?" Piper asked, a smile beginning to break out on her face.

"Anything," Alex responded, hopping down from the counter.

"I want you to come home with me. Now. Book us both on the next flight out of here so that I know you'll be safe. For now, at least."

Alex nodded.

"So, that's a yes then?"

Alex nodded again. She wasn't sure how she would get her things back or explain her sudden departure to her boss but she knew she needed to follow her heart.

"Not just a yes. That's a fuck yes."

Alex purchased two tickets out of the country - with a promise from Piper to pay her back as soon as she could. "Don't worry about it babe. I can think of plenty of ways you can repay me that don't involve money."

Piper blushed as she walked ahead of Alex onto the plane. "In fact, I can think of a really great way right now."

Alex slid into the window seat in the very back row of the business class section on the plane. The seats were slightly hidden from the flight attendant's post at the front and completely hidden from the rest of the passenger's in economy class. As Piper adjusted in her seat, she watched Alex begin to unbutton her jeans and lower her zipper. Once the flight attendant's had done their pre-flight checks and the plane had taken off, she took Piper's hand in her own, gently, and began to slide it down the front of her pants and beneath her panties. When Piper's hand reached Alex's opening, she stroked it gently, inspired to her own arousal by its wetness.

"Mmm," Alex moaned, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. "Welcome to the mile high club."