"Killing father... even now, I don't quite know how I feel about doing that," Frieza said, keeping his eyes resting on the ceiling directly above his bed. "Well... I felt pride, and even some joy. The two of us had done something long believed to be impossible, a feat that has never ever been repeated. But another part of me will always think back on those good times I had with my father. I was his favourite, his pride and joy at one point..."

Akridah nodded in response while continuing to type. He hardly felt any pity or empathy for the wrinkled tyrant, not after all he had heard thus far. "And I can imagine having to fight your brother soon after didn't exactly help you out," Akridah mused.

Frieza gave a slow nod of his head "Mm. Cooler and I, as you can no doubt imagine, have always had a difficult relationship. Filled with alternating animosity and coldness... and I supposed that a good part of me had hoped the two of us would be able to rule together..." he trailed off, giving a low growl as he clenched the duvet tight in his wrinkled fists. "But if we were still hiding secrets from each other when we were supposed to be allies, then I knew we couldn't trust each other to divide the galaxy evenly. We would have ripped each other to shreds sooner or later."

"Ah... well that's politics for you," the Imeckian mused casually. He continued typing up a few more notes, fine bullet points of what the aged Arcosian was saying. Akridah breathed out a quick sigh and then glanced to Frieza, seeing that his subject wasn't paying much attention to him... or to anything for that matter, just looking lazily out the window,

"Too true," Frieza said dryly. "But what happened next... killing my own brother. Well that certainly didn't bring me much in the realm of joy either..." he trailed off, and Akridah knew now that it was time to listen in properly.

In an instant the two siblings were upon each other, fists colliding in the air with enough force to release a massive quake that rippled across the sky. Cooler's physical might proved to be superior, making Frieza's fist recoil in pain, his upper arm tensing in discomfort. With the opening made, Cooler's knee raced forward and cracked Frieza across the jaw, sending his body careening downward and smashing into a twisted spire of slowly melting ice.

Cooler was quick to race after him, releasing a thunderous sonic boom with the great shift of speed in the air. Frieza saw him coming, and he had to put a great strain on his sore body to avoid being speared on Cooler's fist, leaping to the side with a swift blur of motion. His elder brother crashed clean through the pointed mountain of ice, causing it to explode into a white cloud of mist.

With the opening made, Frieza dashed to his brother and crashed his knee into the side of Cooler's stomach with enough power behind the mighty blow to knock the wind straight out of him. Cooler's eyes had bulged in his head, a harsh wheeze blasting out of his mouth. His fist moved faster than a speeding bullet and lashed across Cooler's face, launching him down onto his back and kicking up a deep crater in the ice sheet on impact.

"Keeping a secret like this from me... I must say brother, you really know how to break my heart," Frieza remarked, before reaching up to rub at his bruised knuckles. His older sibling had a skull harder than steel in that form, but that was to be expected with that layer of extra armour.

The older Arcosian let out a few rasping and gagging coughs as he rose to his feet, towering over Frieza once he stood upright again. "As if I could trust a brat like you with a form like this. You're powerful enough without another titanic increase," Cooler remarked with a small grunt.

"A brat? Oh brother, you wound me. Why must you hurt my feelings so?" Frieza asked, before dashing sideways as a ball of golden light shot out of his older brother's mouth and exploded where he had been but a moment ago. In an instant Cooler had closed the distance between them, slamming his fist down with all his might and smashing his slender sibling down onto the ice with an explosive crash that sent great fissures erupting all about them.

Frieza was quick to flip up onto his feet, landing neatly before racing forward and hammering Cooler's chin with a trio of high speed punches that sent the Super Arcosian staggering back. He vanished and reappeared behind Cooler, swinging out a powerful kick that struck under his older brother's ribcage with a mighty echoing shockwave.

Cooler lurched a few steps forward, clearly taken aback by the sudden influx of pain. He must have used up more energy against their father than he thought if Frieza was so capable of hurting him. His arm lashed back as a purple and white blur, striking the shorter alien across the face and launching him back across the shattered island of ice. Frieza shoved both of his arms backward, growling in discomfort until his palms pressed into one wall of frozen debris that halted his momentum entirely.

With an opening made, Cooler jammed one arm in his brother's direction and fired off a soccer ball-sized orb of crackling purple lightning. It cleaved through the air like a dark lavender comet, moving across the area, until it was mere inches away. Frieza braced himself before giving a loud yell and swinging his foot up in a powerful kick that crashed into the underside of the sphere and launched it straight up into the sky.

Not that it did much to preserve Frieza's safety. Cooler had lunged forward like a jungle cat, rushing at speeds invisible to the naked eye. His shoulder crashed into his younger brother's pectorals with a destructive burst of kinetic energy that launched him a few feet back, and Cooler was quick to chase him again.

Frieza braced himself when he saw his sibling race forward, and with refined reflexes he managed to narrowly sidestep a sweeping punch from his powerful brother. "I will admit that you're far more impressive than I would have given you credit for," Frieza said, giving a cocky smirk. He charged forward, his fist powered with all the might he could muster, and he crashed it into his brother's face with such force that he was knocked clean off his feet and sent spinning and crashing into a series of ice boulders.

"That new form of yours really is quite the wonder. I'll simply have to find out how you unlocked it," Frieza said cockily, taking a moment to smirk as he saw Cooler staggering back to his feet through clouds of mist.

"As if you'll live long enough!" Cooler snarled. He raced forward, thundering across the ice like an out of control train. The duo clashed against each other, a great burst of kinetic energy obliterating the ice completely beneath their feet. The duo dashed about, continuing to strike at each other at high speed, destroying more and more of the remaining pole. For every blow one of the brothers managed to land, the other was never too far behind in returning the favour.

Cooler's fist rammed into Frieza's gut, making him yell out in agony while the wind was knocked clean out of his slender form. He landed on his knees, only to feel his brothers heel kick him in the face and launch his body skidding back along the frozen terrain.

His head was spinning, vision blurred after that rather violent blow to the face. He struggled to sit upright, but before he was given the chance a pair of rather large hands roughly gripped the top of his head and his right ankle, swiftly lifting him aloft. Frieza grunted and struggled, wriggling in Cooler's grasp, but the taller Arcosian's strength proved to be the superior right now.

"I'm going to rip you in half! I'll show you your own spine before I force feed it to you!" Cooler yelled at the top of his lungs. He started to pull, and he earned a loud shriek of pain from the shorter Arcosian as his burnt and bruised skin started to strain under the force. "Look on the bright side brother! You might be a few inches taller before you die!"

Frieza continued his struggling, interspersed between long howls of pain, but his arms and his free leg simply lacked the length to hit his brother below him. As another howl of pain escaped him, brought about by small cuts starting to open along his waistline, an idea came to mind, a last ditch effort to save his skin.

His tail lashed out, striking wildly at Cooler's face, and he seemed to hit something painful. He could feel blood spattering over the tip of his tail, missing spearing Cooler's right eye by a scant inch, but it still hit close enough to earn a pained yell from the Super Arcosian. The grip on his body relaxed, allowing Frieza to free himself and land clumsily on his swaying feet. The taller male staggered back, growling and clutching the bleeding wound on the right side of his face.

"That'll teach you," he hissed before dashing forth and peppering Cooler's abdomen with a trio of high speed punches, each one impacting with a loud crash that knocked Cooler back a step. Frieza leapt up and drove his knee into Cooler's chin, the shockwave of the impact releasing a rippling shockwave that shook the entire island before Cooler was sent hurtling straight up into the sky.

Frieza wasted no time in taking chase, his whole body flying into the air with a great sonic boom of speed. He intercepted Cooler's injured body and delivered a firm roundhouse kick to his spine that launched his older sibling several dozen meters across the smoke and steam-filled sky, and his purple aura exploded around him once he chased after the Super Arcosian again.

By now Cooler was starting to feel the true strain of his fifth form, a crippling sensation of pain racing through every muscle in his body as they struggled to maintain the titanic influx of power brought about by this transformation. In spite of this, Cooler still had enough of his wits to flip through the air and halt his momentum, and he managed to lift his right arm up to block a downward chop from his enraged brother.

Cooler's free hand shot forward and his palm collided with Frieza's already bruised stomach, the ensuing shockwave releasing a powerful burst of force that flung his brother at least ten feet backward through the air. With a new opening made, Cooler was quick to raise both hands up and fire a pair of crackling pale blue ki waves from his hands, both blasts shooting across the air at absurd speeds.

However, Frieza's reflexes proved to be superior. He narrowly dodged the first blast, weaved around the second volley, and then vanished and reappeared to avoid the third series of energy waves. Cooler continued firing off a series of energy blasts, grunting in annoyance whenever his attack missed by a scant inch or two.

After the sixth blast, Cooler suddenly doubled over and hissed aloud in pain. His muscles had seized up, and a burning agony was left racing through every part of his body. In between grunts of pain, the taller Arcosian could feel his muscles contract and shrink, whilethe spikes and blades that had grown into place in his transformation retracted into his body. When the process ended, he was left floating in the air, panting for breath while stuck in his heavily injured fourth form.

Frieza stopped catching his own breath, taking a moment to grin at his brother's predicament. Even with his own limited ki sensing ability, he knew well enough just how large the gap between his energy and Coolers was now. "Looks like you're all out luck..."

In a split second he had crossed the distance between then, both of his fists rapidly hammering at Cooler's face and chest. He gave Cooler's ribs a swift lash with his tail knocking the wind clean out of his stomach. He intercepted him with a quick charge, driving his right elbow down into the side of his older brother's neck with a thunderous shockwave.

Cooler's body hurtled down through the air as a purple and white blur, and then he crashed back-first into a tall ridge of ice, forming a deep crater in the surface. He groaned weakly and tried to move his body, tried to wrench himself free, but the pain and fatigue in his body had simply become too grand.

Slowly and carefully Frieza lowered himself down through the air until he was floating directly across from his injured sibling, his arms crossed over his own bruised chest. "I must admit, that was quite a bracing battle. If you didn'trun out of energy maintaining that form, I would have been in real trouble," he remarked casually. The ivory alien smirked "I suppose I'm just fortunate in that way."

"Hmph..." Cooler scoffed, "I suppose I should have expected such arrogance from you... You never were much for modesty, were you?" Cooler grunted again after another failed attempt to pull free, before spitting across the ice and glaring at the younger alien "Well... what are you waiting for? Are you going to kill me or just gloat at me?"

"In a moment," Frieza said curtly. He reached over and pressed his index and middle finger to his brother's forehead. "First though, let's have a little search through those memories..."

The atmosphere of the area had gradually reverted to normal, all the smoke and steam fading away to be replaced by biting icy winds. Frieza had taken a seat on the large brick of ice, finally done catching his breath, while his tail curled around his waistline. "Hmph... they're certainly taking their sweet time..." he said dryly.

He could see something coming in slowly from the distance; a black blip that was becoming larger and more defined with each passing second. After a time, he realised he wasn't looking at a mere blurry shape- rather he was looking at the approaching hulk of his brother's flying saucer. After making telepathic contact with them, they had certainly not seen fit to rush his way.

Slowly and carefully the flying saucer lowered itself down, kicking up small gusts of wind as its circular frame lowered down onto a relatively flat stretch of ice. Frieza rose off his seat and then slowly floated over to the ship after it had dug its spider-like legs down onto the frozen ground. Frieza silently watched as the elevator on the ships undercarriage lowered down to reveal the Armoured Squadron standing upon the metal platform... and boy were they surprised to see Frieza looking down on them.

"Y-you..." Salza breathed out "B-but there's no way that you managed to..." sweat ran don his brow, glistening in the fading daylight.

"Oh but I did," Frieza purred in response, before gently lowering himself down and landing neatly on his feet. He smirked at the hulking green alien known as Doore, and the lanky red frog creature known as Neiz "That's not a problem is it?"

"N-no, sir..." Neiz stammered out quickly. He took a moment to survey the battle-scarred landscape with his bulbous yellow eyes "Where is Lord Cooler's body? And the king's for that matter? Shouldn't we bury them?" he asked, trying his hardest to keep his voice froom breaking out of nerves.

"Not a whole lot to bury..." he replied dryly. Frieza stepped up onto the platform, a sly smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth.

Salza cleared his throat, approaching the new ruler of the Planet Trade. Even when he was so visibly injured, and so spent of energy, the small Arcosian exuded a great sense of power. "What ah... what will you have us do now, Lord Frieza?"

"Now?" Frieza replied, barely bothering to glance back at the Brench warrior. "I want you to prepare a medicine machine for me, and charter a course back to Arcos while I heal. Oh, and one more thing," his eyes narrowed at Salza "That's King Frieza to you..."

Once the biographer stopped taking notes, he glanced over at the tyrant with tired eyes "So that was how you rose up to the throne, after that brutal battle royale on Lumon. Whatever happened to that planet though? From the sound of things, the three of you caused a good deal of damage to one of their poles," Akridah said.

Frieza shrugged his slender shoulders, the mere gesture causing him to wince slightly. In his old age, every bone in his body was left feeling sore, with a noticeable stiffness in every joint. "No damage is irreparable with the right terraforming technology... well, save for complete destruction. I had Lumon's integrity restored, mainly because I didn't need the loss of a major business center hampering my new rule," he explained.

The Imeckian gave a cautious nod "Yes I... I suppose that would be problematic for any ruler to deal with," he replied in a low mannerly tone. Right about now, much as it pained him, it was best for Akridah to just be a yes-man and not raise the Arcosians ire. As his end grew near, no doubt his willingness to kill would grow in tandem.

He made another quick note, and then Akridah took a moment to ask "So, your coronation... well that's an event that was well recorded at the time. Still, for the sake of consistency we should probably go over it too."

"Ah yes, of course," came Frieza's reply. The aged Arcosian smirked again and got to speaking "I had to spend a few days getting a full recovery in the medicine machine, while all around me my advisors planned for the upcoming ceremony. It was a bit of a bore to deal with, all that planning. But the end result made it all worthwhile..."

The balcony had been opened up just for the occasion, a long platform that overlooked the throngs of amassed Arcosians in the streets who had come to see the crowning of their new king. This was history in the making; the death of the long-reigning King Cold, to be replaced by the younger King Frieza. How would he compare? Would he be kinder or crueler?

The city was bathed in a pale light, and the sky was filled by floating camera robots hoping to record the coronation from all angles. This was major news for the entire galaxy, and every planet under the grip of the Planet Trade was going to see it.

Frieza himself was standing just on the inside of the palace, slowly adjusting the hem of his gloves just to make sure they were pulled up all the way. He clenched both fists and then took a moment to brush some stray dust particles off his chestplate. He looked as good as new now, save for a few lingering scars on his body that were thankfully covered up by his royal attire.

"Your highness," one portly Arcosian said, approaching from the far end of the hall. He was well dressed in elegant robes of the finest silks, fine jewels and gems adorning his attire. His stature was short, as he was in his fully sealed form, his posture slouched and his skin a deep forest green in colour. "I believe we are ready to begin the ceremony."

"Thank you, Celsio," Frieza said curtly, nodding at the four-horned figure. He stepped away from the wall and made a quick turn toward the illuminated doorway, making his cape flourish behind him. Slowly and steadily, he walked out onto the balcony and came to a halt at the very edge, leaving his figure visible to the plebians below. The camera bots were quick to pick up on his presence, beaming the live footage onto every video player throughout the capital and every other city on Arcos.

The roar of the crowd filled the air, a deafening chorus of cheers that would make a man's bones rattle from the noise. Frieza was unmoved, standing as still as a statue as he looked down at the applauding masses. Was there cheering from genuine joy, or just fear of earning Frieza's wrath? To him, it didn't matter as he would be fine with either.

He raised both of his hands up, the geture sending a steady hush through the amassed crowd of onlookers. And then, once it became so silent that you could hear a pin drop, Frieza spoke in a firm voice that was heard across the world, across the galaxy. "I would like to formally welcome you all to a new age. The time of my father has passed, and while we should never forget the accomplishments he has made for our great empire, it is nothing compared to what I shall do."

Frieza lowered his hands and then clasped his gloved digits behind his back "A good stretch of the galaxy is still not under my control, and I vow that some day, every planet in this galaxy will be a part of the Planet Trade Organisation."

Another cheer erupted from the crowd below when they heard this, and Frieza patiently waited on the noise to die down before he continued. No sense in spoiling this day with mindless bloodshed. "Yes my people, but that is not all. There are other galaxies beyond this one, new stars to colonise and conquer, and new frontiers to brave. And even if it takes a hundred, or even a thousand years, all of those foreign worlds will know Arcosian might. Everywhere! From here to the farthest star! Will know the name Frieza!"

Now the crowd had taken up a chant of 'FRIEZA! FRIEZA! FRIEZA!' a noise that brought a casual smirk to the young king's face. A veiled female approached from behind, dressed in the same jeweled finery that Celsio had worn, obviously more fitted to the frame of a slender lady Arcosian. In her hands, the slate-grey coloured female held a purple pillow that had Frieza's diadem resting upon it.

The diadem was formed from a spotless silver metal, with an almost-glowing purple sapphire placed at the front of the band. Elegant purple lines of filigree were cared into the length of the metal, forming into fine sloping and looping patterns In addition to this, the new crown had a quad of golden points attached to it, with a shining ruby encrusted into each point.


Frieza gave a wicked grin, watching as the female Arcosian gave a respectful bow of her head, raising the pillow up until the crown was resting at eye level with the alien overlord. With but a thought, Frieza had taken a firm telekinetic grip upon the glinting diadem.

I teach you the Superman...

The new crown floated up off the pillow, drifting up until it was floating just a few inches over his head. Slowly and carefully it lowered down, the metal band fitting snugly around the top of his bald cranium, the cold metal chilling at his brow. As soon as that crown was on, the crowds on the street below took on a loud chorus of 'KING FRIEZA! KING FRIEZA!' The new ruler of the galaxy raised a hand up, and simply basked in the glow of his adoring public.

He is this lightning, he is this madness!

A/N: Frieza's journey for the crown has come to a close, but his trials are not over. Can he hope to attain the fifth form? And what threats await him in the broader galaxy? The lesson must be learned that power is not without its price.