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Someone once said that there are beasts whose whole bodies are covered with marbled meat that melts on your tongue. That there are dense, mellow tasting Musk Melons, fully-ripe mangoes containing the highest grade juice,sweet bubbling that dances endlessly and springs that gush forth with liquid that feels exhilarating as it goes down your throat.

This is the Gourmet Age

People are entranced by the wide variety of food available

Out in the forest near the mountains a lone woman with long black hair that is tied in a ponytail wearing a blue business suit is found walking through the forest. Once she found the clearing, a man with blue hair wearing an orange shirt and navy shorts was sitting on a rock fishing using a gigantic bug as bait.

This is the world's Gourmet Age

The age of pursuing undiscovered tastes

The Giant Beast of the Unexplored Land! Toriko, Capture the Galala Crocodile!

"U-Um, my name is Kimiko. I've come to offer you a job as a Bishokuya" She asked nervously," The International Gourmet Organization, or IGO, is having a gourmet party. They would like you to provide the ingredients for the meal that will be cooked at the party."

"Uh, are you listening?" she asked when the man gave no response. Then the giant bug that was dangling from the fishing line was pulled underwater.

"Toriko-san?" she asked. The fishing rod was being pulled, the man grinned.

"Here it is!" the man known as Toriko yelled as he yanked back his fishing rod pulling out a gigantic fish with lobster arms, amazing the woman, then a brightly colored bird swooped in and grabbed the fish.

"Hey, that's my prey!" the man yelled and then pulled his fishing rod down forcing both of the animals to hit the ground causing a dust cloud. Once the dust cleared Toriko walked closer to the fallen animals.

"And I got a Five-Tailed Great Eagle right along with it! Guess this is what they mean by 'killing two birds with one stone!'" he joked

A Crawdad-Fish and a Five-Tailed Great Eagle I've never actually seen them caught before! I'm awestruck! she thought as she saw the animals

"Toriko-san, I'm sure that the Galala Crocodile can be caught if you're on the job!" she exclaimed getting the said man's attention

"What? The Galala Crocodile?" he asked

"Yes! Besides being really difficult to find, its biology is a mystery. They say that even with a tank it's hard to bring one down. It's a ferocious creature." she replied with a slightly scared face

"That's a rop-class ingredient. Just one piece is worth 100,000 yen. It's marbled throughout with fat, and tastes like deliciously tender high-grade king crab meat combined with A5 grade top-quality wagyu beef! The Galala Crocodile... it's irresistible!" he exclaimed with drool dripping down his chin.

"Does that mean" Kimiko asked with hope

"Let's head out!" Toriko exclaimed

"Full speed ahead!"

"Sorry to bother you Tomu. By the way, why're you coming too?" Toriko asked while eating a fish. Kimiko was sitting on her knees wearing a khaki shirt and pants, she also brought her backpack and a carrying case.

"I was told by my superiors to research the biology and behavior of the Galala Crocodile" She answered as she put her long hair into a pony tail.

"Are you a chef?" Toriko asked

"Huh? How'd you know? I mean, it is true that I have been given the position of head cook at "Hotel Gourmet", but.."

"That's a 5 star hotel!" Toriko exclaimed," I thought I caught the scent of high-grade ingredients coming from your hands"

"Huh" Kimiko looked at her hands, Do my hands stink?

"They're imbued with the smell from handling the ingredients every day."

"Haha! Toriko's sense of smell is better than a police dog's" Tomu explained. Tomu has brown hair and wears purple shades.

"Treat me to a full course, all right" Toriko said as he held a gigantic onigiri in his hands and took a gigantic bite of it. "Yum! A 3 1/2 liter rice ball!"

"Amazing. An amazing sense of smell is needed when examining flavors. This is a Bishoukuya" She mumbled

"HEY! JUST HOW MUCH ARE YOU GONNA EAT, HERE?!" she yelled as she saw Toriko finish his onigiri and was now eating about a dozen Almond Cabbages.

"Almond Cabbage is delicious!" he replied

"Looks like we're here. The Baron Archipelago" Tomu said as they neared land. Passing by the rocks they saw yellow skinny mammal on the rocks.

"Um, what are those" Kimiko asked

"Friday Monkeys, they're extremely wary and cowardly beasts. They won't attack us" Toriko explained "But why're they in a place like this? They usually live in caves"

The boat stopped at an opening of the mangrove trees.

"This is the only entrance to the Baron Archipelago. It's a mangrove tunnel, nicknamed 'The Ogre's Mouth'"Kimiko whimpered

The two were in the row boat entering through the tunnel, Toriko was rowing while Kimiko was looking at the fish that were circling the boat.

"Huh? Are those sharks? This place is swarming with them." she mumbled

"They're called Baron Sharks. Though it baries a little depending upon their size, they're Capture Level 1" Toriko explained

"Capture Level 1! It takes ten pro-hunters to bring the thing down?!" she exclaimed "And... there's ... this many?" she whimpered as the number of sharks started to increase. A bird cry startled her as she held her gun close to her chest.

"That's just a wild animal there are around 50,000 in the Archipelago, and the king of them all is the Galala Crocodile" he informed her

"R-Right" she stuttered, "I'm really scared about facing that creature"

When the boat abruptly stopped it cause Kimiko to fall forward right into Toriko.

"Ouch" she mumbled and then realized what happened and quickly backed away. "I'm so sorry Toriko"

"We're here" Toriko said as he got out of the boat and started walking towards the forest, Kimiko quickly following him

"I may have made a poor life choice, here" she mumbled as she held the gun close to her

"There's no time like the present. Anytime aterwards is the wrong time." Toriko said

"I'm pretty sure that the present is the wrong time, too.." she whimpered

"Kya!" she yelled as something stuck to the back of her neck. "SOMETHING'S STUCK TO ME!"

"That's a Baron Leech. It's just sucking your blood, don't worry about it" he replied nonchalantly

"I'm totally gonna worry about it!" she cried as she tried to get it off

"It'll open a gaping wound if you try to force it off" Toriko said as he looked around.

"Please help me!" Toriko then squeezed the juice of some leaves out onto the leech making it detach itself leaving a red spot on the back of Kimiko's neck

"Eh, what happened" she asked as she faced Toriko who was holding a couple of leaves

"The sea water hives the mangrove leaves a high salt content, which the leeches are weak against" he explained

"I see", she said. "Oh I better put a bandage on it" she took off her backpack and rummaged for her first-aid kit and took out a bandage.

"Toriko-san" she said getting his attention. "Can you put this on my wound. I can't see it"

"Sure" he said as he took the bandage and faced her back. She moved her ponytail out of the way so that he could put it on. Once he applied she put her ponytail back in its place.

"Arigatou Toriko-san" she smiled brightly making the Bishokuya redden slightly and then started walking again.

"This place is really creepy" she mumbled while walking alongside Toriko.

"Wait!" Toriko yelled

"Coming here was definitely-Eh?" she looked behind her and there was a gigantic tiger

Baraon Tiger(Mammal Beast)- Capture Level 3

"A Baron Tiger" Toriko said as the beast roared in front of Kimiko

"Capture Level 3? It takes 30 people to take that beast on. It is official my life is over" she cried as she looked at the tiger. Then Toriko stood in front of her.

"Want to... mess with me?!" Toriko said in a demonic voice causing the Tiger to run away in fright.


"I thought something was weird the Baron Tiger usually live deep in the Baron Marshlands. They shouldn't be in the forest. Just like the Friday monkeys. The only explanation for that is that something drove them out of their natural habitat. It's not a level 5 Galala Crocodile it's something more powerful"

"More powerful then the Galala Crocodile" Kimiko whimpered

"It's been awhile but I'm going to have to use that again" Toriko clenched his hands.

"Fork and Knife

"Itadakimasu" Toriko said as he picked up a serpent frog from the fire and ate it

"Tasty isn't it" Toriko said with his mouth full

"Yeah, but it's really quite, isn't it" Kimiko said as she looked around. They were camped right by the river and there was no animal in sight. "I know that we're near the Galala Crocodiles habitat, but there are hardly any animals around here. It's starting to get creepy"

"It's probably because they've been eaten" Toriko said


"We don't know how big it's appetite is, but it looks like that it could eat pretty much every creature on the Baron Archipelago" he said as he saw a spiders net that had no spider in sight

"So that means every creature on the island is in danger?" Kimiko exclaimed "Including ours"

"By the way, I'm still bleeding from where the leech bit me. Is it okay"

"That's because leeches secrete a substance called hirudin which prevents blood from clotting, but it'll stop bleeding eventually." Toriko informed her

"Just when exactly is eventually" she nervously asked causing Toriko to laugh. A sound caused Toriko to stop laughing.


"Eh?" Kimiko said as she stood up. Then a gigantic snake emerged from the river

Swamp Snake(Reptile Beast)- Capture level 5

"A Swamp Snake" Toriko said. The snake then collapsed right next to where Kimiko was standing

"What's with this wound" Kimiko looked at what Toriko was talking about and saw that something had taken a bite out of the snake.

"It was killed by one bite" Toriko said.

"There's no way the Swamp Snake and Galala Crocodile are the same Capture Level" Kimiko reasoned

"Yeah, but this jaw size isn't normal" Toriko stated, "But how did it get the Swamp Snake? They're supposed to be hard to find..." and then saw something on the Snakes skin.

"Those are-" Toriko said

"Baron Leeches" Kimiko exclaimed

"It was making the Baron Leeches suck this thing's blood, and then following the smell?" Toriko said, then the snake was dragged back into the water. Then a gigantic creature emerged from the river

"Speaking of which, you were also bitten by a Baron Leech. So ever since you entered Baron Archipelago we've also been targets" Toriko turned around " your targets Galala Crocodile" the creature roared.

"It's humongous!" Kimiko cried the crocodile opened its mouth and showed that it had dozens of leaches in it. "it's been raising Baron Leeches!"

"This guy has probably been living for about 300 years" Toriko said

"Even the IGO don't have data about this" Kimiko cried

"Now it all makes sense" Toriko said, thinking back to all of the animals that were out of their habitats, "So you're the overwhelming powerful predator?" The crocodile roared in response

Galala Crocodile [300 years old] (Reptile Beast)- Capture level 8

The beast roar pushed Kimiko against a tree. "Toriko-san"

"300 years, that means that the meat has gotten tastier as it matured, right?" Toriko asked

"Is this really the time to worry how tasty it is!" Kimiko yelled exasperated

"I may have decided something" Toriko said facing the Galala Crocodile, "to add to my Full Course Menu!" The crocodile roared as it headed for Toriko who quickly evaded but wasn't quick enough for the Baron Leeches to cling onto his arm. The Galala Crocodile then swung its tail towards Toriko which he quickly dodged and then grabbed the tail and swung the Crocodile back. The Galala Crocodile then lunged for Toriko, but missed and cause a dust cloud to form, it then quickly tried to constantly bite Toriko but kept on getting evaded. Toriko then pulled back his arm and delivered a firm punch to the crocodiles jaw sending the beast back. The Galala Crocodile quickly swung its tail at Toriko sending him through a couple of trees.

"Toriko-san" Kimiko cried in worry, as Toriko stood up

"He senses the smell of blood and then he's able to appear everywhere" Toriko brushed the leeches off his arm, "It's not going to be good to draw this fight out longer"

"Galala Crocodile, those tough fangs and hard scales" he said as he looked at the six legged reptile, " and that jaw that probably has 3 tons of poweran appropriate look for the king of the Baron archipelago." the beast roared

"I will show you respect and present you with my, human weaponry!" as he said that a gigantic red demon could be seen behind him holding a fork and knife

"A demon" Kimiko said

"I give thanks to all the ingredients in this world, Itadakimasu!" as he put his hands together, and the red aura around him started to grow, as he prepared his signature move the fork and knife. The Galala Crocodile roared and charged at Toriko

"FORK!" Toriko yelled as he jabbed his left hand at the crocodiles underside

"KNIFE!" He yelled as he brought down his right hand on the beasts head

"Gochisousama deshita" he said as the Galala Crocodile fell to the ground behind him

"A-Amazing, this is Bishokuya Toriko!" Kimiko said neither of them noticing a robot flying around in the sky

In an unknown location

"There was a disaster on the Baron Archipelago. We received a report that it was the work of the Galala Crocodile, but that was unfortunately not the case." a purple wrinkly man wearing a cloak said while carrying a staff, "There is also some interesting information to report. The Galala Crocodile was killed by one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Toriko."

"Oh? So they've started to act? Those Four Heavenly Kings" a man wearing a mask said as he sat in the shadows.

back with Toriko and Kimiko

The Galala Crocodile is currently roasting over the fire as Kimiko cooked it.

"Is it really okay? To be sitting here eating the food for the party?" she asked

"It's fine" Toriko reassured her, "Anyhow, there's no way we could carry this huge thing back." he gestured to all of the Galala Crocodile meant that was surrounding them.

"Check it out! the marbled fat is sparkling!" Toriko drooled looking at the meat

"It's just like the stars in the sky!" Kimiko commented

"Itadakimasu!" Toriko then gobbled the entire piece of meat, "That's incredible. After just one bite of this tender meat, juices continuously drip from it! It's a veritable flood of bouillon! Here try some!" Toriko offered Kimiko a piece

"O-Okay, Itadakimasu!" she said before eating the meat, "~The texture of the meat, and the fat that seem like it's melting~" she sang, "Wait, if we stone-roast it this way, I'm sure" she placed the slab of meat on a rock. "That way I can saute each side of the meat in its own fat, and all the meat's juices will be sealed inside." she said as she flipped the meat. "It's done" she then cut it in half and gave one to Toriko

"The outside is crunchy and fragrant!" Toriko said

"The inside's marbling is perfectly cooked and juicy!"

"YUUUM!" they both exclaimed

"But tell me, why would someone who can make something as good as this come all the way to Baron Archipelago?" Toriko asked

" My dream is to become a first-class chef. Although there are some people that believe that women could never be as good as the male chefs, so I want to try my hardest to make the best dishes and I believe that if I don't see the ingredients as they are in their original form, I'll never be able to cook them as best I can. The first time I saw you hunt, Toriko-san, I realized that. That's why I decided that I wanted to see the Galala Crocodile while it was still alive, even though it would be dangerous." Toriko grinned

"When you eat delicious things, power flows through your body. That's because eating or cooking something means that you are receiving the power of it's life. That's why we say 'Itadakimasu.'"

"Toriko-san, what's your dream?" Kimiko asked

"My dream is to create a Lifetime Full Course Menu"

"Lifetime Full Course Menu?" she repeated

"Yeah" he started "you start with hors-d'oeuvre, then soup, a fish dish, a meat dish, a main dish, a salad, a dessert, and a drink. I've actually only decided on one of them, though. Right now my menu is full of nothing but blanks. But someday I'm sure I'll complete it. There are still plenty of delicious things in this world that no one knows about. And those delicious things, all with different lives, I want to meet every single one of them."

"Toriko-san's full course" she repeated, "Toriko-san, if an opportunity like this arises again, would if be okay if I come with you?"

"Do what you want" Toriko said not even looking at her, "There's no time like the present."

"And anytime afterwards is the wrong time, right?!" she replied

"Kimiko, let's keep frying more of this stuff up!" he said

"Okay, Toriko-san!"

"It's awesome, isn't it, Kimiko, once you get going you can't stop!"Toriko stated

"Yes, it's so delicious!" she replied

"C'mon, fry it up faster!"

"Okay, Toriko-san Leave it to me!" she replied

"WAIT! HUH!" Kimiko exclaimed as she looked around only to see the skeleton of the Galala Crocodile laying around and no meat.

"You couldn't have eaten it all, Toriko-san!" she yelled at Toriko whose stomach has enlarged to the size of a blimp

"Whatever I eat, I eat till there's nothing left. That's my rule! Aw, man, I'm stuffed!" Toriko stated

"Toriko, didn't I tell you that we couldn't eat all of it! What am I going to tell my superiors?" she whined

"Just tell them this- it was delicious"

"What good is that going to do!" she yelled, "Forget being the greatest cook, I'm going to get fired!"

"That sure was delicious, but it was still a step below getting into my Full Course." Toriko said

"So after all that, you're giving it a failing grade?!" She exclaimed

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