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"I don't care about the battle with the Bishokukai or anything. But seeing something so unbeaut'ful." Sani clenched his fists "I can't smile. I can't smile, Bishokukai!"

Sani-san, Kimiko thought as she looked at Sani who was completely livid .

Kimiko and Sani were walking along the Regal Island Wasteland. Kimiko glimpsed at Sani for a brief moment thinking about how he was when he saw fallen animal.

Sani-san looked like a completely different person Kimiko thought remembering his face. She was brought out of her musings when she saw a tree up ahead.

"Sani-san" the said man looked at her, "It's a Pastry tree" she pointed at the tree that was made up of different kinds of pastries and sweets.

"Oh, isn't that the tree that pastries grow from. Depending on the season, the pastries are different. They say over 100 million different kinds grow on it."

"That's why it is also called the Oak Tree right?" an idea struck her, "Oh I know" she started to rummage through her bag and took out a plate. "Excuse me, Sani-san, but could you please hold this plate?" Sani held it with his 'Touches' "I'll just put some Shark Fin Mushrooms I picked up in the Mushroom Forest on it" she put the sliced mushrooms on the plate, "I'll pick two kinds of snack food-like fruits off the branches and grind them" she took out the Gourmet Spicer that Toriko gave her and put the sweets in and grinded them and then sprinkled it over the Shark Fin Mushrooms. "It's done. Sani-san can you try some"

Sani took a mushroom then ate it, an alarmed expression came across his face

"Sani-san?" Kimiko asked in worry

"YUUUUUUMM!" he yelled alarming her, "The spring-textured mushroom with the original spice of two different flavors! The two tastes have such great harmony! It's beyon' amazin'. The mushroom'd hot plenty of nutrition, too! It's a good ingredient! This is nice! The Gourmet Spicer's wonderful!" he ranted. Kimiko smiled at his actions and then looked at the Gourmet Spicer.

"Thank you so much! I'm really going to make some delicious food with this, Toriko-san"

"Toriko-san" she mumbled not noticing that Sani was looking at her.

The two were walking through the Regal Island Plain, Kimiko was busy worrying about everyone else.

"Miko, you've got no need to worry. Toriko's a stubborn bastard, so he'll be fine. Plus we've got the same destination, Regal Plateau. We'll meet them there"

"Yeah" she gave a small smile to Sani making him grin.

"EEEEKK" she yelled as she was about to trip but Sani quickly grabbed onto her hand and pulled her towards him making her land on his chest. Kimiko quickly turned red and backed away from Sani. "Th-Thank you S-Sani-san"

"Maybe you should worry about yourself first." he sighed

"I'm sorry" she said looking away and then noticed something.

"What's wrong?"

"Sani-san" she pointed at the hole that she almost fell into. Sani then noticed that it was a gigantic footprint of a GT Robo.

"This is" Sani said


"It's that voice again" Kimiko said looking in the direction where the howl came from

"It's the cry of a wolf. And it's pr'tty close"

"Terry?" she said since it was the first thing to came to her mind.

"Terry? Oh, that Battlewolf? That howl's got a pretty unusual feel to it, huh?"

"I hope Terry's alright" she mumbled

"You really care about Terry don't you" Sani asked remember that chief Mansam said that the Battlewolf had become attached to Toriko and Kimiko

"Yeah, Terry is still a newborn. Of course I'd worry about her" Kimiko said, the battlewolf was only a couple hours old after all (A/N Terry was born a couple hours ago right? Or was it the day before? I DON'T REMEMBER!)

"I wonder how Toriko-san and the others are? Do you think something happened to them?"

"Yeah. Maybe something did." Sani said apathetically

"You didn't even hesitate" she sighed "Shouldn't we help them"

"Tha's crazy. Everyone came here with their own resolve. You too, right?"


"In that howl just now. I sensed some extraordinary resolve. If we were to go help now, it would be an insult to that resolve" he stated


"'N also" he said, "To go help now, the timing would be"

"Not beautiful?" she said with a small smile

"Wouldn' going in closer to the last second be more beaut'ful"

"I guess" she said

"Let's hurry, Miko. The GT Robo that left those giant footprints should be getting to Regal Plateau around now."

His value of beauty is kind of complicated. Kimiko thought, But when we were shot into the air by the Rockdrum, he just saved me with his Touches nonchalantly. And he got angry at the Bishokukai's cruelty. He has a cool-looking gentle and passionate side, too

"Miko!" Sani said snapping Kimiko out of her train of thought


"We have to climb this first to reach the Plateau" he said making Kimiko look at the giant rock wall in front of them

"This is the entrance to the Regal Plateau the Regal Wall. A sheer cliff 3,000 meters in height"

"Three thousand" Sani chuckled at Kimiko's expression

"I can't even see the top" She muttered" Sani how are we getting up there? EEEKKK!" she was then lifted up by Sani's touches

"We're going to walk up there, of course!" he exclaimed "For me, a cliff like this is no different from regular ground. since we're in a hurry I'll go at 5km/hr. So we'll be there in 36 minutes. I'm looking forward to it. To see the food prized in ancient times.

"S-Sani-san" Kimiko stuttered

"Quiet" Sani whispered as the two then started to past the Heavycliffs which looked like Gorillas made out of rocks with yellow veins all over their body.

"The master of Regal Wall, the Heavycliffs. As long as you don't bother them they won't attack you. Though if we did get them mad, it'd be considerably dangerous. Make sure not to agitate them"

"O-Okay" she whispered she then felt something hit her head and looked up, Sani looked up as well as he started to see falling debris. They were faced with a dark sky. "Is that a storm cloud?"

"Unfortunately, it looks like it's no storm cloud" Sani said as the object got closer he could tell that it was an animal"WHAT IS THAT!"

"This is the REGAL MAMMOTH!" Kimiko yelled as she and Sani gawked at its size

"Sani-san I don't suppose you could carry it like you did with the child could you?"

"We should retreat into the Heavycliff caves" Sani then noticed that the Heavycliffs were growling. "They look angry"

"Sani-san" Kimiko said as the Heavycliffs started to leave their caves.

"Wait. They probably think that we made the ruckus" he deadpanned


"I did not foresee this happening!" he yelled as the Heavycliffs jumped out of the cliffs and were going to attack them

"This is bad Miko, let's take cover for now!" Sani yelled as they quickly descended downward

"EEEEKK!" Kimiko yelled as a Heavycliff was close to grab her.

"FRY GAESHI! Sani yelled as he repelled the Heavycliffs from Kimiko

"EEEKK!" she screamed as she fell before she landed in Sani's arms. she then realized she was being carried bridal style

"Listen Miko. We're not doing something so unrefined as 'running away'. Think of this as a tactical retreat." He explained "But it's a retreat to the max!

Sani and Kimiko yelled as they were descending Kimiko hiding her face into Sani's chest making him blush

Toriko, Rin, and Tina were running towards the Regal Wall since they could see the Regal Mammoth falling. Upon closer inspection they could make out that there was someone heading towards the ground.

"It's Sani and Kimiko!" Rin yelled and then noticed that Kimiko was in Sani's arms

"Hey it's Toriko and Rin!" Sani yelled

"Toriko-san" Kimiko had tears coming out of her eyes since she was so scared.

"You're still alive Toriko. Say, uh, can you do something about this situation?!" Sani asked as he tightened his grip on Kimiko

"Do something about the situation?" Rin yelled, "Toriko, if we go over there we'll get crushed , too"

"Knife!" Toriko yelled as he sliced the ground, "Fork!" he then lifted the ground up leaving a gigantic whole

"Sani go in here!" he yelled as he, Rin, and Tina jumped into the hole.

"I got ya!" Sani yelled as he headed for the hole while the Regal Mammoth was falling


The Regal Mammoth turned itself right side up and started to walk away. Where the Mammoth landed the hole that Toriko made was still there inside the hole the entire group was safe. Kimiko still being in Sani's arms while everyone was crouched down.

"That was close. I managed to get up a Hair Net in the nick of time" he mumbled as he sat up Kimiko noticed that his arms were still around her and quickly backed away. "It broke this far into the ground, but somehow we got through it"

"That was close" rin said

"Toriko-san" Kimiko said as she saw Toriko

"Kimiko, I'm glad you're okay!" Toriko said

"It's thanks to Sani-san" Kimiko gave a bright smile to Sani making him turn red and then tried to hide it by coughing,

"Say, you look exhausted. Wha' happened Toriko?" Sani asked as he took down the Hair Net

"Are those Cream Matsutake Mushrooms!" Toriko exclaimed as he saw what Kimiko was carrying in her gourmet case. "can I have some Kimiko?"

"Ah okay" Kimiko said

"That guy didn't listen to a thing I said" Sani mumbled. The sound of the mammoth roaring caused the group to exit the hole.

"That's the Regal Mammoth, it's completely larger then the baby" Sani said as he looked at the mammoth which was about the size of a mountain

"What's it doing here" Tina asked

"It probably came down here to look for its child" toriko said

"I don't think it came down here, it fell" Kimiko muttered

"So what are we going to do? There's no way I can use Knocking on it" Sani then heard a noise behind them then everyone turned around to see the Heavycliffs climbing out of the ground.

"What!" Tina yelled

"The Heavycliffs" Kimiko said

"Heavycliffs can make their bodies round and hard. So they were able to protect themselves when the Regal Mammoth crashed into the ground" Sani said as the Heavycliffs stood up and then started to attack them

"Fry Gaeshi!" Sani said as he threw them back

"Knife!" Toriko used his attack but the damage was nothing to the Heavycliffs since they just had to change form.

"These guys are tough" he said as he improvised his attack strategy and just picked up a Heavycliff that had curled itself into a ball and threw it at all the other Heavycliffs. " I haven't had anything to eat, so I've barely got any strength left!"

Tina was currently recording all of the action on her camera. Kimiko was hiding behind a boulder.

"Tina-san you shouldn't be out there!" Kimiko exclaimed, she then saw Heavycliff going after Tina. Without even realizing it Kimiko quickly threw a rock at the Heavycliff driving it's attention to her and quickly went after her. Seeing that the beast was heading towards her, she did the first thing that came to her mind... run for her life!

"KYAAAAHHH!" she screamed as the Heavycliff chased after her

"KIMIKO/MIKO!" everyone yelled as they saw her running away from the Heavycliff. It got even worse when she tripped. She trembled as she saw the beast run towards her. She then saw that a purple substance was thrown onto all of the Heavycliffs causing them to collapse.

"What?" everyone said

"They're not going to die" a voice said, "I used a full-body paralyzing neurotoxin"

Everyone looked to see Coco landing on the ground.

"Coco!" Toriko said

"Hey. Sorry I'm late" Coco said

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