Chapter 1

Snow and Emma were back. Things were relatively calm in Storybrooke. Everybody was happy for some peace after the chaos. Everyone except David. He hadn't heard from Regina since Snow woke him up. Now Henry was getting worried.

David went over to Regina's. He knocked but no one answered. He knocked again. He wasn't liking this one bit. She would have come by now and given him some snarky remark about being impatient.

He turned the doorknob and to his surprise, the door opened. The house was dark. He turned on the lights. "Regina!" he yelled. "It's David." When he didn't get a response, he looked everywhere. There was no sign of her.

He got worried. "Maybe she's just walking about," he said aloud. He turned toward the dining table and noticed an envelope with his name on it. He gulped as he saw it was Regina's handwriting. An uneasy feeling came over him. He opened the envelope. Inside was a letter.

Dear David,

All my life I've been alone. Yes, I had my mother and father but I still felt like an outsider. I wasn't really allowed to have friends. Mother thought that friends were beneath me. I used to see children playing and I wanted to join them. Mother used to scowl and escorted me back to the house.

I met Daniel and my life changed. He was my best friend and I imagined our life together. He was my family and I couldn't imagine living in a world without him. My dream was cruelly shattered and I let the darkness consume me. It was easier to hate than to forgive. It was easier to shift the blame to Snow. I couldn't bear to blame my mother for anything. I realize now that Snow was just a child manipulated by my mother. She never deserved my wrath.

I thought casting this curse was going to bring me happiness. I had it for a while in Henry. He was all I had. I enjoyed being his mother. I'd never thought the curse would break. I'd never thought my happy ending would slip through my fingers again.

Then you came along and my world changed again. I didn't plan on falling in love with you. I didn't plan on wanting a life with you. After I had to let Daniel go again, you were there for me. You listened to me. You didn't judge me. For the first time in a very long time, I had a friend. I loved spending time with you.

I still remember the first time you kissed me. We tucked Henry in after one of his nightmares and went into the living room. We talked about Henry and how to help him. I let down my guard and you kissed me to both our surprises. I can still feel the touch on my lips. I longed to be kissed by you again.

However, I knew no one could replace Snow in your heart. I saw her wake you with true love's kiss. My heart ached a bit. For a split second, I imagined I'd be the one to do it. But that look you gave Snow burns in my memory. The look in your eyes was filled with love. As you turned to me, I could see the apology written on your face. I understood and let you go. Our time was over. You are probably better off. Being with the Evil Queen would have ruined your reputation.

I can't watch you anymore. It hurts too much. You have your family intact. That's the way it's supposed to be. Please take care of my son. Let him know how much I love him. He has the family he wants now. Please don't let him forget me. You can't come looking for me because by the time you read this, I would have crossed the town line. I love you David. You saved me. I will forever be grateful.



David sat on the floor with tears in his eyes. Regina was gone and he couldn't go after her. He thought about Henry. What would he think? What would he say? He tossed the letter aside. He groaned into his hands. This was his fault.

He made Regina fall in love with him. Truth was he started to develop feelings for her too but his logic won out. Snow was his wife and true love. Snow. How would she react to finding out he was the reason she left?

He read the letter again. He folded it and put it into his jacket pocket. He would find her and bring her home.