"Dude I want that." Zeke exclaims in the Kwiki Shop gas station. I stole the last Mountain Dew from him.

"Nope." I say "I got it first."

"I'll give you my lawn mower for it." Zeke says.

"No, I don't want your lawn mower.

"Its a nice mower.

"No its not. I deserve this I drove us here."

"So my parents don't let me have an actual car, so they make me drive a lawn mower, big whoop, I help pay for gas."

I shake my head and open up pop and start drinking it in front of him. Zeke sighs and pays, we walk out of the store,

Before I know it Zeke starts running to my motorcycle and hops on. It just occurred to me that it must look really with two guys on a motorcycle hanging on to one another.

"Dude you should let me drive" Zeke says

"Sure when pigs fly," I say bluntly

"But you let Tris drive," he whines like a five year old not getting his way.

"She's my girlfriend."

"Speaking of Trissy when is that girl getting back from down under. (Australia)" Zeke says. I shrug

Zeke starts up my motorcycle and I growl in frustration. "Get off" I command

''Nope" he says popping the 'p'

Now I'm I really starting mad. So I get on the back of my motorcycle and put Zeke in a headlock. "Hey look there's Trissy" Zeke says. I look and see a black charger with a neon green stripe on it. I let Zeke go and he releases the clutch causing my motorcycle to pop a wheelie. I fall off the back and he and the bike end up in Tris's car.


I pull into the kwiki shop gas station to get some grape juice and brfore i know it a motorcycle that coincidentally looks a lot like Tobias's Harley and a guy that coincidentally looks a lot like Zeke are on top of my car.

"What the hell" I shout. Zeke then slides down the wind shield his face pressed up against the glass and he waves. Tobias plops down into the passenger seat.

"Hey Tris, lets drive." I look at him like he is insane.

"Uh..." I say in shock. "Hey the motorcycle looking better that ever"

Zeke's head pops up next to my window. "Hey lover birds what's up."

"Who should I send the bill to?" I ask and Tobias points to Zeke and Zeke points to Tobias. "I'll send it to Zeke."

"But its not my motorcycle." Zeke whines

"I wasn't the idiot who was driving it."

"Why did you let him drive." I your smart you wouldn't let Zeke get within 50 feet of your vehicle.

"I didn't he let himself. Did you not see that awesome head lock I put him in?"

I shake my head and say. "When you two girls get done with your kitty fight would you please get his bike of my car?"

"Oh yah" Tobias says and he and Zeke lower it off.

Tobias tells Zeke to call tow truck, considering my car is totaled, well not totaled it just has a lot of dents.

"Come on Tris I'll take you home."

"On your death trap?"

"Yes how else?" I groan and he gives me a helmet.

"Hey what about me." Zeke whines.

"You can walk home since you crashed my bike into the car." Zeke sights and walks away.

After the tow truck picks up my car Tobias takes me home.

When i get off Tobias tells me to keep the helmet. "You do realize that you will have to take me to school tomorrow." I point at the house. " There ain't no way I'm riding with Caleb on his tiny little mo-ped or on that bus."

He laughs and nods. "All the more reason for you to keep that helmet." I give him a kiss and walk up to the door to find an angry Caleb.