Chapter one

Harry Potter married his girlfriend Ginny Weasley in a ceremony held at the Weasley home, all the family and friends were in attendance but so were a lot of acquaintances, even a reporter. Harry was an auror and to no one's surprise, he was excellent at his job. Ginny was picked up to play for the Holyhead Harpies and again to no one's surprise, she was an excellent chaser.

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were also married and even though Ron always wanted to be an auror, he never joined at the same time as Harry. For a year he helped his brother George Weasley run Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, the magical joke shop. Hermione had done what everyone knew she would, she got a job in the department of regulation and control of magical creatures, trying to change the way magical creatures were treated, especially house elves. But after two years, she ended up changing departments and she started work for the department of magical law enforcement.

At the age of twenty seven, Harry Potter became head auror, the youngest person to even hold that position. But he wasn't given the job because he was the saviour of the wizarding world, he was given the job because he was good at his job. His former boss, Gawain Robards had said, Harry was made to be an auror and he was made to be head of the auror department.

From the time he was one, Harry Potter was known throughout the magical world, first as the boy who lived, then the chosen one and finally the saviour after his defeat of the worst dark wizard in history, Lord Voldemort. He admits that his win over Voldemort wasn't just due to his skill with a wand, but luck and chance played a big part, along with all the people that helped. But from then on, Harry Potter was famous, the most famous person in the magical world, whether it was his country or others, he was known and respected. Harry didn't want to be treated differently, he didn't want any sort of special treatment, he wanted to prove he was more than just the saviour. So he worked hard as a young auror, working his way up until he was given the top job of head auror.

His married life, like any married couple, had its up's and downs, normal arguments and fights, especially in the first few years, but Harry and Ginny were extremely happy. When they had been married for seven years, Harry told Ginny that he thought it would be time to start a family, so Ginny hang up her broom even though she would have liked to play quidditch for longer, she knew Harry wanted a family, so she had the first of the Potter children, James Sirius Potter was the eldest, Albus Severus Potter was the second Potter child and Lily Luna Potter was the youngest and only girl. Harry loved his children very much and even though he tried, he couldn't help spoiling all three. Growing up the way he did with the Dursleys, always wearing second hand clothes, never receiving Christmas or birthday gifts, Harry sometimes went overboard buying things for his children. That is what caused some arguments between Harry and Ginny, which usually sorted itself out after a while. He was also strict with his children and that mainly came down to the world they lived in and what he had been through in his life, but Harry was also a very loving father and very protective because his children were also a curiosity for the public. He tried to keep his children out of the public's view, especially pictures being taken of them when they were out or stories written about them, but like with him, he could never stop all the attention.

One thing everyone noticed about Harry Potter, he wasn't much of a talker and usually left that to either Ginny or his best friends, Hermione and Ron, that again caused fights or arguments between Harry and Ginny. After the battle of Hogwarts, Harry, Hermione and Ron had filled the minister for magic in on what they had been doing before the defeat of Voldemort, Hermione and Ron doing most of the talking. All Harry asked was that certain details never get released to the public. After that, he never spoke about Voldemort unless it was to give a lecture on dark magic and dark wizards, which he did give to the students at Hogwarts once a year and to anyone involved in fighting the dark arts. As he told everyone when they tried to question him about his involvement in the second war, that life was hard, especially for someone only in their teenage years, so all he would say was it was the passed and that's where he was going to leave it.

Harry was involved with raising his godson Teddy Remus Lupin and even though he was young at the time, eighteen years old, he became very attached to the boy of his father's friend. He spent at least one day a week with Teddy and as he grew, Harry would tell him stories of the times he spent with Teddy's parents, but more about Remus.

Because of the death of their son Fred Weasley during the battle of Hogwarts, Molly and Arthur Weasley started to put on family dinners once a month. Even with all their children having their own families and busy working lives, all of them would try to make it to the Burrow to spend time with the family. All the Weasley's grandchildren were close and usually on this regular visit the adults would always get a game of quidditch going in the old orchard. When some of the children got old enough, they also joined in for a fun day of quidditch. But everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Burrow, good company, good food and lots of fun.

Naturally as the Potter children grew and heard more about their parent's involvement in the war, they wanted to know as much as they could. All Harry would say is that they would learn what they needed during their Hogwarts years, which they were doing. When Harry first started to give lectures on dark witches and wizards at Hogwarts, his children, his nieces and his nephews had finally started to see the side of Harry Potter that the magical world did and they learned why he was liked and respected throughout their world. Harry's children, his nieces and nephews had always seen a quiet, but loving father and uncle. During the times at Hogwarts they saw the saviour and head auror, two very different personalities within one man and it gave all the children a new look at Harry Potter, which earned him more respect from his family.

With the three Potter children at Hogwarts, Ginny Potter decided to be a quidditch writer for the Daily Prophet, so even when the children were at home for holidays, she could still write about all the games without having to always go into her office, but sometimes she did have to go away even when the kids were home. When the children were at Hogwarts, she would work long hours and often go away to watch and report on all the games, but as Harry worked long hours and was away quite often, it worked well for both of them. During the holidays, Harry never went away, Ginny tried by working from home, like Harry, but he always made sure that any auror that had children didn't have to leave their families during the holidays, Ginny sometimes had no choice.

As Harry was head auror, he had an office at home that his children knew never to enter without his father's permission because he often brought work home. The files and information that Harry kept in his office was private, dangerous and confidential and he made sure his children understood this so they never tried to find out anything by entering that room at the house.

Even though Harry was well off thanks to his parents and his godfather, Harry didn't spend a lot and he wasn't interested in lavish things, but Ginny wanted a large house, the one thing they compromised on was where. Ginny wanted on the coast, right near the water, Harry wanted Godric's Hollow, she got the large house, he got Godric's Hollow. The one thing Harry did do since he did grow up in the muggle world, he had a shed down the back of his property that was connected to electricity. He enjoyed the occasional movie and when he's kids got a little older, he would show them the odd movie, things that he would have loved to watch when he was a kid. Again because Harry was strict, his children were only allowed to have a movie night once a week, but he made sure they had a good time, with lots of movies and lots of snacks, the only day of the week he relented and let his children eat things like chocolates, lollies and chips. Another thing he had at his home was a swimming pool, that again was Ginny's idea, a large pool. Since Harry never learned to swim as a kid, he always felt a little jealous when he watched the Weasley family swim in the old pond, or students swimming in the black lake during the summer months. So since Ginny wanted a pool, Harry was determined that his children would learn to swim and the family did enjoy their times in the pool, whether it was just the Potter family or the extended family with uncles, aunts and cousins.