Chapter twenty seven

Harry and Elana got themselves dressed, then helped their young children get ready before they all headed down to greet their guests. First were all James' friends, then Albus, Sarah, Kevin, Oscar, Lily and Sally's friends arrived with their parents of the younger ones of course. Harry introduced everyone before his friends and the Weasley family started to arrive and the party was underway. The waiters were passing out drinks, food was brought out to everyone, the band was playing softly while everyone ate. The aurors were all walking around, some close to the marque, others all over the property and even through the house. Kingsley was escorted in, he said hello to Harry first, then hugged James wishing him a happy birthday. Harry had set up a large table at the back of the house for his gifts which was loaded with all sizes and shapes of wrapped gifts.

'James told me what he did when they all left, did you get slimed as well?' Harry asked Minerva and he couldn't hide his mirth.

Minerva scowled for a minute before smiling, 'Yes, I did, he planned it so all the staff got slimed. Even though we were all shocked and a little upset with James, we did have a good laugh, everyone did. But I'm not looking forward to the next student that wants to make a name for himself or herself.'

'I'm sorry Minerva, but at least it was something harmless.'

'Yes, it was, he's not going to do anything like that tonight, is he?'

'No, he asked me to do something to shock everyone.'

'Oh, what will that be?'

'He won't tell anyone Minerva, not even me,' Elana shakes her head.

'Hmm, I wonder what it will be, something impressive no doubt,' Minerva smiles, then spots Elana's hand, 'I recognise that ring.'

Harry lifts Elana's hand, 'Yes, my mother's, it looks good on Elana's hand, don't you think?'

'It does and Elana I can tell you now that Lily would be very proud that you accepted to wear her ring. She loved Harry more than anything, so for him to give that to you, shows how much he loves you.'

'So you knew Harry's parents?'

'Yes, we were all in the original order of the phoenix together, I even got to hold Harry as a baby, quite often as well. I should say I had to fight to hold him, between his parents, his godfather, their other friends and Albus, it was hard trying to get a hold, but I managed it.'

'Dad,' James knelt down beside his father, 'Since I am an adult now, is it okay for me to have a drink?'

Harry grinned, 'Yes, you can and thank you for asking. But you are an adult, so you really didn't need to ask. All I ask is you take it easy, you're not used to it James.'

'I know, but it's my birthday, I have to get at least tipsy, but I'll try not to get drunk.'

'Yes, try please James, but enjoy yourself.'

'I am, but when are you going to do what I asked?'

'Alright, since we've finished eating, I'll do it now,' Harry shakes his head then watches James run off to join his friends which included a lot of girls who were all dreamily watching his son, 'Okay, you're about to be shocked,' Harry kisses Elana very tenderly, before getting up.

'What are you up to Harry?' Ron asked.

'James asked me to do something tonight, so I'm about to shock everyone.'

'Really,' Hermione's eyes widened, 'You've never showed anyone but us and you're kids.'

'I know, but it's something James really wanted me to do,' Harry shakes his head again before leaving his friends, but he noticed they spoke excitedly to a few people. 'Can I have everyone's attention please,' Harry called from the stage when the band finished playing their last song, 'My son James asked me to do something for his birthday, the only thing he asked me to do, so naturally I couldn't say no. So happy birthday James, just don't ask me to do it again.'

'I won't, but thanks dad,' James chuckled.

Everyone stood there in shocked surprises as Harry sat at the piano and joined in with the band then they were shocked again when he started singing. Everyone was mesmerised as they listened to Harry's beautiful soulful voice and the love songs he sung, but they also couldn't help smiling because he was gazing at Elana as he sang. Then he finished with an operatic piece that had everyone staring in stunned silence but it made goose pimples rise on everyone's bodies. When Harry finished the place exploded with cheers and applause which seemed to go on and on, it didn't want to stop. When he stepped off the stage he was surrounded by all his friends and family all hugging him, then he finally got to Elana, he took her in his arms, gazed into her eyes and kissed her passionately right there in front of everyone, again shocking the crowd as Harry normally wouldn't show his feelings like this, so openly. But they could see that Harry didn't want to hide his feelings anymore, that he found a woman that he loved, a woman that loved him, a woman that was giving him everything he ever wanted and dreamed about, a family, a loving family of his own.

Ginny and Oliver arrived right at the end of Harry's performance and they got to see how Harry was being treated, but also how Harry and Elana showed their love openly in front of everyone. When they joined the family, again their children acted like they were invisible, but what shocked them and made them realise that they had lost their children, Ginny's kids called Elana mum, Oliver's kids called Harry dad, one big happy family that did not include Ginny and Oliver. It started to finally hit them what they lost because of what they did, they not only lost their family, their children, but they had lost their popularity and the respect they used to have. If they admitted how they felt early on, things might have been different, now it was too late. Harry and Alana had it all, the love of everyone, the respect, but the most important thing that Harry and Alana had, they had each other, they had their family, a family that was still growing and would grow a bit more over the next few years. So the new Potter family that was already large was about to get larger, exactly what Harry Potter dreamed of when he was young, a large and loving family.

The end: