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11th May 2030


Rachel was a week over her due date and really uncomfortable. She couldn't understand why her baby boy didn't want to come out and meet his family. Finn was at work but Jess and Lily's school had a half day so she was out shopping with the girls. Jess had gone to get lamb kebabs with chili sauce for Rachel- her latest craving. Rachel felt a sharp pain run through her back. "Mom are you okay?" Lily asks seeing her mom grimace. "I think so. Just a back pain" Rachel says. She soon realises that it's not just a back pain when her water breaks. "Is that what I think it is?" Lily says.

Rachel nods at her. "Mom we have to get you to the hospital now" Lily says panicking. "Let's wait for Jess. The contractions aren't that close together yet" Rachel says though her mouth twists in pain as another contraction hits. Lily is just about to drag her mom back to the car when Jess appears. She doesn't notice the amniotic fluid on the floor and before Lily can point this out to her she has skidded across the floor and landed flat on her back. Lily rushes over to help her up. "Are you okay Jess?" she asks. "No. I think my arm might be broken" she says holding up her now limp right arm. "Mom's water just broke" Lily says. "Well what are we waiting for then? Let's go" Jess says. They hail a taxi and thanks to Rachel's screaming curses, the driver was over the speed limit the entire way to the hospital for fear that Rachel may kill him if he wasn't.

The girls run into the hospital and approach reception. "My mom's in labor and my sister may have a broken arm" Lily says. "Maternity ward upstairs, radiography is down the corridor first door on your left" the receptionist says in a bored tone. Soon Lily and Rachel are in a room upstairs whilst Jess is having her arm checked out.

"Lily could you call your dad for me?" Rachel asks her daughter. "Sure mom" she says. She takes out her mobile phone and calls her dad. "Dad, Mom's in labor and she really needs you right now" Lily says as soon as he picks up, not even giving Finn a chance to say hello. "I'm on my way but the traffic's pretty bad out here, I could be a while" he says. "Just get here as fast as you can please" Lily begs her father. "I'll try" he says and she hangs up the phone.

"He's on his way" Lily says to her mom and holds her hand as Rachel feels another painful contraction power through her body. Jess enters the room with a pink cast on her arm. "Sorry you broke your arm honey" Rachel says. "Ah it's just the first in a long line of things I can blame my baby brother for" Jess says laughing. "I got something in the gift shop to put on your cast" Lily says. "What is it?" Jess asks. Lily pulls out a packet of gold star stickers. Jess laughs and holds out her arm for Lily to put the stars on. Then they just sat with their mom and waited for their dad to turn up.


He couldn't believe the stupid traffic! He was wedged between a range rover and a lorry currently moving at the pace of a snail. He honks his horn and yells "Come on!" at the driver in front who doesn't take this very well, sticks his finger out of the window and starts yelling curses at me. Damn it. I won't wait in this traffic a second longer. I know I shouldn't but I pull out onto the shoulder and speed away. There's a cop car behind him and he's going at twice the speed limit. He slows down in the hope that it will leave him alone but he gets pulled over. He winds his window down and there is a bulky male cop. So the flirting angle's definitely not going to work then.

"Sir you do realise that you just violated the speed limit and illegally used the shoulder?" he asks. "Yes I do but my wife's in labor. I have to get to the hospital or I might miss my son being born. Do you have children?" Finn asks hoping the answer is yes. "Two little girls. I love them more than anything" he says. "So are you really going to deny me the chance to see my child?" I say and I tilt my head to the side and use what Rachel calls my puppy dog look.

"Okay never let it be said that I made a man miss the birth of his son so I'll let you off with a warning" the cop says. "Thank you sir" Finn says. The cop gets back in his car and Finn speeds off again. He will make it. He's not going to allow Rachel to go through this alone.

He arrives at the hospital. "Excuse me, do you know where Rachel Hudson's room is?" he asks the woman at reception. "Room 202" the receptionist says. The elevator is jammed so he runs up the two flights of stairs, all the way to Rachel's room. "Baby you made it" Rachel says and kisses him when he arrives. "Of course I did. I wouldn't miss this" Finn says ruffling her hair. He looks up and notices Jess' cast for the first time. "What happened to you honey?" he asks. "I slipped. No big deal. Do you want to sign it?" Jess says getting the permanent marker she got from the gift shop out. "Okay" he says and signs it "My Little Football Star". "Thanks dad" Jess says when she's read what he wrote.

"How long have you guys been here for?" Finn asks. "Ages" Lily says looking up from her Cosmo. "It's been hours. He still doesn't want to meet us- according to my doctor I'm only 3 centimeters dilated and I can't push until I get to ten. Why won't he just come out already?!" Rachel yells. "Honey relax, he clearly just loves his home inside you so much that he doesn't want to leave" Finn says and kisses her on the forehead.

"That's very sweet but could you please tell him to hurry up?" Rachel says. Finn places a hand on Rachel's stomach and says "Hello little baby boy. Mommy wanted to tell you that she and daddy are really excited to meet you and we'd like you to get here as soon as possible please". Rachel feels another contraction and squeezes Finn's hand so tight it feels like his bones are being crushed.

Hours later and Rachel still hasn't had the baby. She's only five centimeters dilated and she's passed the calm, normal stage into the yelling stage. "This is all your fault Finn Hudson!" she yells through a contraction. "I know honey, I know" he says. Jess and Lily have retreated into the waiting room with Shelby, Beth, Leroy, Hiram, Burt, Carole, Kurt and Blaine by this point. "I am never letting you touch me again" she screams. Finn mutters "we'll see about that" under his breath but out loud he says "Of course baby".

The next time the doctor comes in they finally get some good news. "Rachel you're ten centimeters. It's time to push" her doctor says. "Are you sure?" Rachel says. "Positive" the woman says laughing. Rachel breathes a sigh of relief and says "Finally" making Finn laugh. Rachel grabs Finn's hand as the doctor prepares her for delivery.

"Rachel when you feel your next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can okay" the doctor says. "You can do this baby" Finn says. Rachel grabs tighter onto Finn's hand and then she feels the contraction. She pushes as hard as she possibly can and then falls back onto the bed. "That's good, the baby's head is out but I need you to push a little harder this time okay" the doctor says.

Rachel just grits her teeth and nods, pushing even harder the next time she has a contraction. "How much more of this?" she asks, feeling the sweat starting to drip down her forehead. "You have about another 20 minutes of pushing to go Rachel. You're doing really well" the doctor says. She groans- twenty minutes more of this hell was longer than she wanted. But Finn reassuringly squeezes her shoulder and she keeps pushing. "Rachel your baby is almost out, just one more hard push" the doctor says. She simultaneously pushes and screams and then she hears the most beautiful sound in the world; her son's cries.

"Dad would you like to cut the umbilical cord?" the doctor asks. Finn nods and cuts through the spongy cord. "Have you decided on a name?" the doctor asks. "We have but we'd like to tell our daughters first" Rachel says. "Not a problem. We'll just get him cleaned up for you" the doctor says. A few minutes later he is handed to Rachel. "You look just like Daddy don't you sweetie?" Rachel coos to her son. "He has your eyes" Finn points out. "But your everything else- it's only fair since the girls look like me. He even has your dorky grin look" Rachel says as her son smiles in the same cute way as her husband. "Do you want me to fetch the girls, or do you want to have a few moments alone with him?" Finn asks. "Bring them in. This should be a moment for our entire family to be together" Rachel says.

Finn goes out into the waiting room, where the number of people seems to have doubled. "Lily, Jess" he calls trying to see his daughters in the sea of people. Jess waves her pink cast in the air so her dad can see it. "Is our baby brother here?" Lily asks, squealing excitedly. "He is. Do you want to see him?" Finn says. "Of course we do" Jess says smiling and they follow their dad into their mom's room.

"Lily, Jess this is your little brother" Rachel says making the baby wave his little arm. "Aww he's so cute" Lily gushes. "Do you want to hold him?" Rachel asks. "Can I?" Lily asks. "Of course, just remember to support his head" Rachel says handing the baby over and making sure that Lily is holding him properly. "What's his name?" Lily asks. Finn puts his arms around Rachel and he says "Cory Christopher Hudson". Jess asks to hold Cory so Lily hands him over.

Finn calls for a nurse. "Is something wrong Mr Hudson?" she asks. "No nothing. I was just wondering if you could take a picture of us" he says handing her the camera. Jess hands Cory to her mom and her dad has his arm around her. Jess and Lily stand on either side of their mom and dad. The nurse takes the picture and hands the camera back. "First family picture with Cory in it" Rachel says. "First of many more to come" Finn says smiling. At that moment none of the Hudsons had ever been happier.

A/N: So I hope you guys liked the epilogue- Cory just seemed like the perfect name for Finchel's son. This story is over but I will hope to start writing a new one soon- once I have an idea of what to write about.