Chapter 1: Welcome to Konoha Academy

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Naruto lazily stepped out of the car and closed the door. "Iruka-sensed," Naruto moaned," Can't I just stay home today?" he whined as he slowly walked toward the school building with Iruka following behind.

"Now, now Naruto," Iruka said with a sigh. "It's the first day of school, of course you have to go. Besides, you're new in this area, so this is a good opportunity to make some friends."

"But I already have some. Remember that one kid at the apartment with the scarf? What's his name again? Konohamama? Konobabara? Komohamaro?"

"It's Konohamaru and he's in elementary school. By friends, I meant someone your age. Besides, if you can't even remember his name, he's not your friend."

"Oh yeaaaaah," Naruto said," see I do remember his name. Komohomoru!"

"It's Konohamaru." Iruka said as rolled his eyes. "Just be quiet already and get inside."

Naruto shrugged a whatever-shrug and stepped inside the building.

Naruto stared blankly at the room he entered.( Iruka left after he dropped Naruto off at the main entrance. Iruka went to some place he was supposed to meet some other teacher who worked at the school he worked at/ Naruto's school. Naruto was new in the Konoha district. He only moves there because his foster parent, Iruka had been offered a job as a teacher.)

Besides the doors Naruto just came from, the room was completely empty, except for two other doors one foot apart from each other. Both doors had labeled signs on them. The door to the left said boys, while the one to the right said girls.

Naruto stood there for about two more seconds, shrugged, then headed for the door labeled boys.

"Welcome to Konoha Academy!" A boy at a table greeted with a huge smile. The boy had a short bowl haircut and huge eyebrows. He was wearing a school uniform that said 2, so he was also a sophomore like Naruto. The smiling kid was sitting next to an older guy that looked exactly like him, but a lot older. "Hi!" The boy shouted. "My name is Rock Lee, but you can call me Lee. The man who is sitting next to me is Gui-sensei."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Naruto. Err, do you know what I'm supposed to do now?"

"Right now you should head over to the table that is labeled the grade you are in and get your class schedule. Then just wait till classes start." Lee said with another blindingly white grin.

Naruto smiled back at him. "Thanks," he said as he walked towards the 'U' table. The table in front of him was full of papers. Sitting on the table was a man who was also wearing a school uniform that had a two on it. The guy was eating a bag of chips. Another guy was leaning against the wall. He had brown hair and triangles on his face, also wearing a uniform that said '2'on it.

The man sitting down stuffed a handful of chips in his mouth before asking," Last name?"


The guys on the wall came down to the pile of papers and picked out the one that had my name on it while the guy sitting kept eating chips. "Hey, I'm Kiba." Kiba said with a half smile. "This is Choji."

"Hi." Choji mumbled with a mouth full of chips.

"I'm Naruto."

"You new in the area? I don't remember your cute face from last year."

A vein popped out from his temple. 'Since when do guys think other guys are cute?' Naruto thought in his head."Yeah, I just moved here." he said trying to not sound irritated.

"Mm, well hopefully we see each other again." Kiba said in a flirtatious voice, followed by a wink. Naruto awkwardly steeped away from Kiba and sighed.

"Yeah…" he replied and walked away. Once Naruto was out of Kiba's sight, he ran as fast as he could. 'Was that guy flirting with me? This school is so weird. And why are there no girls. What happened to that pink haired girl I met yesterday at the market? She said she went to this school t-' Naruto's thought disappeared as he fell down with a thud. After one or two seconds, he notices a warm body under him.

"Watch where you're going, Dobe." The guy Naruto laid on top of said with a glare.

"What did you call me, teme?" Naruto said as he got back up and dusted himself off.

The guy on the floor also got up and dusted himself off. Then he looked at Naruto with a smirk and put his hands back in his pockets, trying to look cool, which he did. " I said watch where you're going, dobe."

"Bastard! I'm gonna beat you up!" Naruto shouted as he threw a punch to the guy in front of him, but it was caught by Iruka's hand.


"Iruka-sensei. I thought you were with that one teacher somewhere?"

" It ended, but just because you think I'm not here doesn't mean you can go and punch other people."

"But sensei, he-"

"No buts."


"No buts"


"Detention. For a week."


"Two weeks!" Iruka said as Naruto's mouth dropped lower. Iruka walked away annoyed.

"Iruka-sensei s unfair. It was the jerk's fault anyway."

Iruka must have atomic hearing because he heard what Naruto said and shouted," Three weeks," from down the hall," for both of you."

At that, Naruto screamed," WHATT!?" and Sasuke's eyes widened. Making sure Iruka was out of sight, Naruto whispered, "Teme, this is all your fault."

"Says you." Sasuke said with a glare and walked away.

'That guys such an idiot.' Sasuke thought in his head as he headed towards his first period class

Naruto practically stomped to his first period class. "Stupid bastard. Stupid detention. Mean Iruka-sensei. Annoying flirt from the morning. Gosh I'm so mad!" he mumbled to himself as he made his way to his first period class, ignoring all of the weird looks and stares he received.

Naruto opened the classroom door and entered the room. The first thing he saw was a raven haired boy sitting on desk in the middle of the room. His chin rested on his hand. Onyx eyes staring at the door Naruto entered. " You!" Naruto screamed at Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked. "Idiot."

That's the end of chapter 1.

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