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To force Haruhi to spend time with them in the Host Club was one thing, but to force her onto a cruise in her summer holiday was another matter entirely. But then, of course, as the ship was sailing, she hadn't expected to see a pirate ship, of all things, heading in their direction at what appeared to be top speed.

"Hey, Tamaki, did you plan the pirate ship over there?" Haruhi asked calmly as Tamaki approached with a drink in either hand.

"... What pirate ship?" The sheer panic on his (flawless, if his fangirls were to be believed) face when he spotted it was enough to convince her otherwise. The drinks fell from his hands in a spiral of liquid and glass. In seconds, he closed most of the distance between him and the captain.

Haruhi idly wondered why she was the only person to have noticed the ship, but shrugged. Most of the vacationers were busy in the swimming pool on the other side of the cruise ship, the Shimmering Crown.

It was owned by Tamaki, obviously. Who else would give their ship such an absurd title? He mentioned something about it being his crown jewel. His precise wording was something similar to, "A prince is nothing without his crown, and I can vacation on mine."

Haruhi was shaken from her thoughts by Tamaki yelling at the passengers to run for their lives.

Kyoya seemed greatly annoyed by the panicking, screaming mass of people and decided to give them some pointers. "There's not much use running; the ship has only a small, limited space to run away on. You're much better off diving off the opposite side of the ship and swimming as far and as fast as you can."

Just as everyone, aside from the Host Club (Mori holding Tamaki, who was trying to drag his 'darling daughter' - Haruhi - to safety, and Honey restraining the twins as Kyoya stood there, watching the pirates and the sun reflecting off of his glasses at an angle that hid his eyes from view), took his advice and jumped ship, even the captain, which Kyoya greatly disapproved of, a pirate that was no older than Haruhi suddenly appeared in their midst, the wind pushing furiously against the straw hat he held to his head.

When had he gotten there? No one had any idea.

The boy looked around before his dark eyes landed on the Host Club. "Do you know where the food is?" He asked eagerly. He was probably a new recruit or something.

Haruhi, the only one who actually knew, pointed the way helpfully, leaving the twins gobsmacked. He grinned in thanks and ran off.

Shortly afterwards, the rest of the pirate crew arrived - two girls and three boys. Their hair was a spectacular range of colours. They turned in the direction that the previous boy had sprinted and the ferocious-looking green haired man, who appeared to be the captain, shouted. "Luffy, you idiot! We can't just let them leave, knowing that we've raided the ship!"

"We saw your flag as you approached," pointed out Kaoru, feeling the need to say something.

The elder woman and the blonde man ... who had a curly eyebrow ... swiftly came closer.

"Why are you dressed as a boy? You have too feminine a face to hide your gender," the woman seemed genuinely intrigued

As for the curly-browed man, he bent down on one knee to declare his love for the 'beautiful but misguided rose that he was fortunate enough to been brought to be the generous ocean', only to be kicked in the face by none other than a certain 'Wild' member of the club.

The club turned to Mori in shock. His face was blank, but his eyes were raging with the anger of a thousand thunder storms - you can thank Tamaki for his delightful description.

The boy, now known as Luffy, returned with his face stuffed with food and a plain brown sack that was filled with what must have been the last of the pantry.

Kyoya now faced the green haired man, completely ignoring both the Luffy character and Mori's outburst. "Might we speak to the captain?" He asked.

"I don't know why you'd want to ..." He muttered, turning his gaze to the greedy boy. "Oi, remember we all have to eat that!"

The long nose male stepped forward. "I, the great Captain Usopp, will be-"

He was interrupted by a violent blow to the head, courtesy of the ginger woman. "Shut up, Usopp! As much as you want to be captain, do you really think you could beat Luffy in a fight?"

Usopp trembled and said nothing.

The club looked confused, and turned to the supposed captain, noticing how much smaller the bag was now. Their necks were probably paining them by now, seeing as they kept turning them as if they were in a tennis match, and the twins could already be seen rubbing theirs and wincing.
The green haired man brought their attention back to him as he spoke again. "We should probably get them back to the ship - it's hot out here and it looks like Usopp's brain is melting." He jabbed a thumb back at the boy, who was sweating and spouting gibberish.

It wasn't that hot, Haruhi knew that for a fact. It was probably something else, and she wouldn't have put it past Kyoya to have taken a picture of the cause of Usopp's meltdown when no one was looking.

The club reluctantly climbed aboard the pirate ship. The only reason Tamaki consented at all was because he was unconscious. I wonder how that happened?