Chapter 1

Unknown POV

As I walked on the side of the road during the night I saw the sign that I've been looking for. Mystic Falls 5 Miles ahead. I don't know what it is about this place, but it feels like it's been drawing me to it for a very long time. Hopefully I'll b able to start a new life for myself here.

Normal POV

When Elena woke up the next day the sun was shining through her windows. So much has changed for Elena and her friends through the past year. Elena was now a vampire, not thanks to Rebekah which in turned caused Alaric's death since Bonnie had linked them together by accident as her power was increasing tremendosly. Elena also chose Damon over Stefan much to everyone's surprise and a bigger surprise was that Stefan decided to stay in Mystic Falls instead of leaving. Even the Originals had their own share of drama. When Esther had come back from the dead everyone thought she was going to correct her mistake from a thousand years ago, but all she wanted to do was live in peace with her children and cause no harm to the people of Mystic Falls. Elena only hopes that they keep to their word, she's sick and tired of all this vampire drama.

When Elena arrived at school Bonnie and Caroline were waiting for her. "So why haven't you guys signed up for the 70's decade dance" Caroline asked going through her list of sign ups. "Sorry Care Dad said I can't go you know with all the recent deaths that come from these dances" Bonnie said. "Oh Believe me there will be no death at all tomorrow night or let lighting strike me down now" Caroline said dramatically. "Yea besides Damon and I have plans for that night anyhow" Elena said. "Like what" Caroline said as she stopped at her locker. Elena smiled a little and said "He's taking me out for the night, though I don't know where." Caroline just rolled her eyes and as she turned around she bumped into someone, which caused them to drop them all their papers. "Oh my god I'm sorry" Caroline said as she bent down to help pick up the scattered papers along with Elena and Bonnie. "Oh now it's quite alright I think it was my fault" the girl said. When they finished gathering the rest of the papers the girls got a better look at the girl. She looked very young to be a high schooler, she had long light brown hair with blue eyes, with a heart shaped face. She was also wearing a dull gray dress that seemed like it should be worn in the 90's. Her defying feature was her height, with how young she looked she was about as tall as Caroline. "I've never seen you before are you new" Bonnie asked. The girl just smiled and said "Yes I just moved here from New York my name is Rose Winters." "If you don't mind if I ask Rose how old are" Elena asked. "16" Rose replied. "Really, you look so much younger like your 13" Caroline said surprised. Rose giggled and said "I get that a lot believe me." Rose looked at the clock and said "I'm sorry I got to get going, if you don't mind can tell me where the principal's office is." "If you go straight and make a right it's the front door on the left." Rose smiled and "Thank you so much it was nice meeting you hope to see you guys later." With that Rose walked away. "She seemed very nice" Elena said. "Yea, but no taste in fashion did you see that dress she'll be the mockery of the school" Caroline said. Bonnie just stood watching Rose walk away she got this strange feeling about the girl. "What's wrong Bonnie" Caroline asked. "Nothing lets go" Bonnie said to the other girls. The girls then continued on their way to classes.

Rose's POV

After getting my schedule finalized with the principal I was finally on my way to class. I was very exited today was the start of my new life. For some reason after meeting those girls earlier I had this strange feeling about them. I could already tell that girl Bonnie was a witch, but Elena and Caroline there was something different about them like they weren't human at all. As I was walking through the empty halls to find my history class I saw a girl just wondering around. She had straight blonde hair wearing a white tang top with jewerly around her neck with some jeans. Her facial expression seemed very cold, but there was something very familiar about her. I decided to approach her. "Excuse me miss" I asked polietly. "What" she answered rudely as she turned around, but the minute she looked at me her eyes widened. "Sorry to bother you, but do you know where the history room is" I asked nervously. She looked at me with a shocked expression which was starting to creep me out. I suddenly got that strange feeling again that I had with Caroline and Elena. "What's your name" the girl suddenly demanded. "Rose Winters" I said. "The rooms on the second floor 222" she said and suddenly left. I wonder what that was about.

Normal POV

Rebekah quickly went into the bathroom and pulled out her cell phone to call Klaus. She couldn't believe after all these years she was finally back. When Klaus picked up Rebekah said "Nik I know you'll find these hard to believe, but Rose is here I'm positive it's her." As Klaus was speaking Rebekah just nodded furiously. "I don't know how the hell she got her, but she is and we'll get her back."

Author's Note

Well there's chapter one for my new story and I hoped everyone liked it. Next chapter we'll see Rose interacting more with Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie. Damon and Stefan will be in the next chapter as well so please bare with me. So please review and let me know what you think Reviews help me get the next chapters up sooner.