Chapter 9

Rose's POV

I couldn't believe I had actually told someone about my past, I never thought I would, but with Jeremy I felt like I could tell him anything. Strange I never felt that way before with a guy in my entire life. Jeremy didn't leave me, until we had to get up for school the next day. He had wanted to stay and walk me there, but I told him I would be fine and that he needed to go home and get ready as well. When I looked in the mirror I saw just how horrible I looked. There were dark circles under my eyes and my eyes were all red and puffy from crying. I sighed thinking that I would have to put on a lot of make up.

When I got to school Jeremy was waiting for me, and like the gentlemen he was walked me to nearly all of my classes throughout the day. It was very sweet of him to do that, no one has ever treated me so sweet before. I didn't see much of Elena, Bonnie, or Caroline, but Jeremy told me that's because they're probably dealing with another vampire situation. Every time Rebekah tried to approach I quickly moved away or went to talk to someone else. I didn't want to deal with them anymore, not with all the horrible things that they have done to people. I knew Damon, Stefan, Caroline, and Elena were just as guilty in killing people for nourishment, but hearing how cruel the Originals are and what they do to get what they want is just plain evil. I wanted nothing to do with them now.

After school was over I had to hurry and go home to get change for work. I really can't afford to lose this job; I really need the money right now.

Normal POV

A tall African American boy with short hair was walking through a deserted alley way in downtown New York. All around him were hobos and prostitutes either eating out of garbage cans or having sex against the walls. Finally he found the girl he was looking for. She had long black hair and was wearing a revealing outfit, which was too surprising most women in this part of town were prostitutes after all.

"Well look what we have here, Jordan McAllister it's been such a long time" the girl said smoking her cigarette.

"I suppose it has been Charlotte" Jordan said.

Charlotte put out her cigarette and asked "So you here for a free quickie or what because I thought you weren't ever coming back to this place."

Jordan sighed and said "That was the plan, but things have changed, I need you to tell me where Rose Sanchez is."

Charlotte suddenly looked interested and said "Rose, what makes you think I know where she is."

Jordan looked at her expectantly and said "Because you and her were pretty close. Just tell me where she is at its very important and I have no time to waste.

Charlotte sighed and said "I have no idea where the hell she is at, she disappeared a like half a year ago.

"What do you mean disappeared" Jordan asked shocked.

Charlotte shrugged and said "I don't know what happened she was suppose to met me in this spot one night for work and she never showed up again, I'm assuming she ran away."

"Why" Jordan asked.

"Because the night she disappeared was the night that Ron Hathaway was released from prison" Charlotte said.

"Oh my god I thought he was put away for 20 years" Jordan asked.

"Paroled for good behavior after only almost 2 years" Charlotte said.

"If that's the case then she must be hiding somewhere else" Jordan said.

"Probably and also under a new name, I mean if I was going to go into hiding I would change my name to leave no traces behind. Rose is a smart girl, she probably made sure that no connections could be traced back to her life her" Charlotte said to Jordan.

Jordan realized that she was right Rose was long gone and under a new name, which will make it harder for him to find her. The good part though is that it also means that it will also be harder for the Stability Center to find her as well. Jordan realized he's going to have to go all out on finding Rose and keeping her safe.

Rose's POV

I was exhausted from work, today was surprisingly a busy day at the coffee shop. Secretley though I was glad it was busy because Kol came in today staying for almost over 3 hours watching me and everytime I served him, he tried to talk to me. I just gave him his drinks and walked off. I sighed mentally wishing that I never came to this small town.

When I walked outside I was almost expecting Jeremy, but it wasn't instead it was Bonnie.

"Hi Rose" Bonnie said a little nervous

"Hey" I said myself a little nervous wondering what was going on.

Bonnie sighed and said "Rose can we go to the park and talk for a few I really need to talk to you."

"Ok sure" I said wondering where this was headed.

We walked to the park in silence, and I must admit Bonnie looked real nervous. Once we sat on a bench and Bonnie making sure we were alone started to talk.

"Rose I want to apologize once again for my behavior towards you when you first came here" she said.

"Bonnie you don't have to apologize" I said.

Bonnie looked at me like I was crazy and said "No I have to, I feel bad for making you lose control of your powers at the grill, it's just that these past year has been full of Drama here in Mystic Falls and it seemed like every new person that came, wanted to kill my friends or just add more drama to the current one. I jumped to conclusions when I noticed you had Ancestral magic, I shouldn't have done that."

I smiled at Bonnie and said "Thank you for apologizing Bonnie it really means a lot, and believe me I understand what it's like to be paranoid about someone after dealing with enough of other people's drama."

Bonnie smiled back and said "So how about we make a new start between us, and not just you and me, but also with Caroline and Elena."

"I would love that" I said sincerely. Then we shook hands on our new founded friendship.

Author's Note

Well there's chapter 9 and I hoped everyone liked it. Sorry if this chapter wasn't that good I had a bite of writer's block, but I wanted to get something up for you guys. Next chapter will be a bite of a time skip, probably around 3 or 4 months ahead. So please review and tell me what you think.