Chapter 1: Who the Hell Are You?

Isabella Swan glanced at the wall clock as she sighed and resumed mopping the floor. Tanya Denali was being a bigger bitch than usual because of her return of her fiancé, Edward Cullen.

"Isabella! Are you done with the floors yet? I need you to clean this atrocious looking kitchen for me." Tanya's voice echoed across the huge house as Bella sighed and rolled her eyes.

Still, she quickly finished mopping the floors only to run into a man holding a cup of coffee. Groaning, Bella ignored the man's apologies and raced to the kitchen to get paper towels. When she got back, the man was nowhere in sight. Muttering to herself about the lack of manners some people have, she scrubbed the floor vigorously, cursing the person who made this mess. After finally cleaning up the mess on the floor, she made her way back to the kitchen only to be greeted by the floor.

"Great. Two minutes into the kitchen and I'm already a hazard to myself." Bella mumbled under her breath. Looking backwards, she found that she tripped over somebody's brief case.

"Sorry...Oh wait you're the girl I spilled coffee on."

Bella turned back around only to be face to face with a man that looked amazing in a coffee stained shirt. Immediately, she realized this was the same guy that spilled coffee all over her and the floor. His face was marred with concern and he extended his hand out as if to help her up from the floor. Giving herself a quick shake to stop staring at the man, she ignored the hand and pushed herself off of the floor and put her hands on her hips staring at him. As she stared at him, he retracted his hand and tilted his head sideways as if thinking about something while staring at her. She felt her frustration bubble over and she inserted venom into her words.

"Who the hell are you?"

The man instinctively moved backwards as if to avoid her wrath. Frowning, the man didn't offer any name rather he studied her more closely.

"What are you doing Isabella? I told you to clean the kitchen. Not to ogle at my fiancé." Tanya entered the room and nimbly avoided the brief case and interrupted their staring contest with her hands on her hips. She wrapped her arms around Edward and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Edward grimaced pulling away from her, as if embarrassed by her display.

Bella couldn't help herself but she continued to stare at Edward.

"You're Edward Cullen?" Bella asked incredulously.

She had used to know Edward Cullen. He was the geeky boy in her grade school who had moved after three years of education in the amazingly boring town of Forks. He had indeed grown out of the stereotype of a geek. He had filled out quite nicely with muscular arms and a strong chiselled jaw. She could bet that he had impressive abs underneath his coffee stained shirt.

Tanya snapped her fingers in front of Bella's face.

"I don't pay you to stand here and ask stupid questions. I definitely do not pay you to be a nuisance. But you are anyways. Now are you going to do what I asked you or are you going to be finding some new employment?" Tanya sneered at Bella.

Bella had to resist scowling and she turned her eyes down and she rushed out of the room and started to clean the kitchen in a daze. Vaguely, she could hear Tanya complaining about how she wasn't much help and more of just an ornament there. Scoffing quietly, Bella scrubbed every surface down extra vigorously. She wished she would've stayed in Phoenix with her mother instead of deciding to come to Forks only to be not much better off financially. Not to mention she was working for Tanya which was never a good alternative.

"Was that Isabella Swan?" she heard Edward's voice a rich velvet sound and Bella's ears pricked up, eager to hear what kind of interest he had in her.

"She's plain and boring; I know which is why she's working for me. Apparently her boyfriend dumped her and so she ended up here. So I, being nice decided she could have a job here." Tanya's nasally voice was vindictive and unapologetic at the insults that she was spitting out.

"She was like sobbing when she saw me. She was all like 'I need help! Please!'" Tanya continued.

Bella was used to Tanya talking about her like that to her friends, but she wished that she wasn't portrayed as a useless little girl on the streets in front of Edward. She sighed and scolded herself, unwilling to let herself care about what Edward thought about her. It wasn't like she needed Edward to like her. She needed to make enough money to get out of under Tanya's thumb and make it on her own. Moreover, she refused to let herself think about the breakup knowing that she would start bawling her eyes out. Not like that relationship meant a lot to her. And Bella realized that she really didn't love him. It was more of the ugly breakup and how much she was really worth in his eyes and apparently many others.

"She was so stupid. She was pining after a guy that was already married AND had ANOTHER girlfriend." Bella gritted her teeth as she heard Tanya continue to tell Edward the story featuring it in a horrible light.

Bella restrained herself from running into the room and setting the record straight. Her mantra was that she didn't care and that she was in her happy place, away from Tanya.

"I see," was the only response Bella heard from Edward.

Bella froze when she heard Tanya's clacking heels approaching the kitchen. She scrubbed vigorously keeping her head down afraid of confrontation and didn't want Tanya to know that she had been eavesdropping. Bella breathed a sigh of relief and she relaxed her posture when she heard the heels heading towards the upper floor.

The more Bella scrubbed, the more she felt the tears stuck inside her throat threaten to make an appearance. Looking around, she saw nobody approaching and heard nothing to distract her from her thoughts. Bella sank down to the floor and put her head into her hands. She felt the tears on her face even before she realized she was crying. She felt her shoulders shaking as she moved her hand to cover her mouth to hide the sound. She didn't need Tanya or heaven forbid, Edward to see her in this sorry condition. They already both thought she was a numbskull for falling for that guy not that they should care. So immersed with her pity party, she didn't hear shoes approaching the kitchen and he jumped when she felt contact with her hand. She looked up in shock to see Edward Cullen looking at her.

Bella immediately jumped up as she spluttered incoherent excuses. Scrubbing her face violently, she wiped the tears from her eyes and she kept her head down. As much as she scrubbed, the tears kept streaming and she cursed herself inside and pinched herself to make herself stop.

"Are you okay?" Uncertainty laced his question as if he knew that she didn't want to talk to him.

Bella nodded furiously as she flinched away from the hand that had reached out to catch her tears. It was quiet for a little bit as she was scared to even move an inch away from her spot. She heard him sigh as she slowly lifted her eyes to look at him. His eyes were full of confusion and kindness that Bella wasn't used to seeing. She was always used to Tanya's vindictive stare or her uncaring look. Edward seemed to feel pain on behalf of Bella and she didn't find any sympathy or pity in his look, it was just concern. Bowing her head back down, she shuffled out of the kitchen with a soft apology on her lips. She returned to her room, if you could call it that. It was just the attic made with a bed and her belongings in it. There, she let her tears fall along with her willpower to remain strong. She fell asleep with the tear streaks visible on her face.

This is just something new that I'm working on, I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you want to see and what you want to be changed!