Chapter 24: All Was Well

Edward had to restrain himself from hurtling his phone at the wall.

"Who was that?" Jasper asked when Edward got up quickly to grab his wallet and keys.

"The hospital. Bella's there." Edward said shortly.

He ignored his family's gasps and rushed out the door. Yanking the door of his car open, he was surprised when Emmett put his hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him to the back seat.

"We want to arrive alive there and not have you get into an accident. Mom and dad are taking dad's car to go to the hospital." Emmett said with surprising softness.

Edward, impatient with the time, sat where Emmett directed and put on his seatbelt, feeling like a little kid. Jasper slid into the passenger seat and Emmett put the key in the ignition. Every moment seemed to be in slow motion for Edward. Every action seemed to take forever. Edward felt like Emmett was going at a snail's pace, pulling out of the driveway and merging with traffic. He felt his knees bounce up and down and wondered whether this was how he was going to go crazy.

"Edward I can't drive if I can feel your knees bouncing up and down against my seat." Emmett complained and Edward growled.

"If you could just drive faster like a normal person, I wouldn't be this antsy waiting to see my girlfriend in the hospital." Edward snarled.

"You need to breathe. It won't help anybody if you charge in like a wild animal, demanding to see her." Jasper advised and Edward tuned him out, focusing on the speedometer in the car.

"You can go faster Emmett. I need you to go faster." Edward said in a low voice.

Emmett couldn't help the smile that spread across his face and opened his mouth to say something but Edward punched the seat to shut Emmett up. They finally reached the hospital and Edward leapt out of the car, ignoring Jasper's voice of reason and entered the hospital in a flurry of activity, startling the nurse that was sitting at her station.

"Oh my, what's the emergency?" the nurse asked, picking up her phone as if to call for some help for Edward.

"I don't need the help. I'm looking for my girlfriend, Isabella Swan? She's here, she was in an accident?" Edward said, wishing that she would hurry in her search for Bella.

"I'm sorry sir, she's not in our system it seems." She said and he nearly lost his mind.

"What are you talking about? Not in your system? Isabella Swan. She has brown hair, brown eyes, the most beautiful girl on this planet is in your hospital!" Edward snapped and the nurse frowned, but searched her system again.

"Edward?" Bella's voice floated to Edward and he turned around to see Bella standing there all in one piece, except her wrist was wrapped in a cast.

Letting out a breath of relief, Edward all but ran towards her and cradled her wrist to his chest.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Edward asked breathlessly and Bella stared at Edward inspecting her with curious eyes.

"I drove to this place where I was walking a lot and I..." Bella blushed but trailed off making Edward frown.

"Where exactly were you?" Edward asked with an eyebrow raised.

Bella blushed even harder and avoided Edward's gaze causing a knot to start in Edward's stomach.

"Bella?" Edward repeated.

"I went to this meadow. It was all peaceful and stuff and it's just somewhere I go where I can think." Bella burst out, puzzling Edward.

"So? What's the embarrassment for?" Edward asked.

"I tripped over something and I twisted my wrist. It's so silly. Nothing else happened. It wasn't like I was attacked or anything. I just tripped and now I'm at the hospital and they had to call you and everything. It's just embarrassing what a huge deal this turned out to be. I know you were with your family and they pulled you out of that. I didn't want to call you, but the nurses said I had to have somebody pick me up. I was going to call Charlie, but nobody's picking up which I guess should concern me more but.. ." Edward kissed Bella, cutting off her rambling.

"I'm just so glad you're okay. When I got that phone call, my heart just stopped. All I could think about was how you left and I was afraid I could never see you again and apologize for what a dickhead I was." Edward said.

"Well would ya look at that Jazzy? Looks like little B and Eddie are okay now." Emmett's jovial voice broke Bella's eye contact with Edward and she gave a small grimace.

"We have to talk some things out..." Bella said, once again avoiding Edward's gaze.

"Well pish posh, couples always have disagreements and there's no law saying that you guys won't work it out." Emmett said cheerfully and Bella let them lead her out of the hospital.

"Bella. Oh I'm so glad you're alright. Edward was so...concerned." Esme said and Bella blushed, feeling awkward from all the attention.

"Yeah. I'm fine. I'm so sorry for interrupting your family time." Bella apologized and Edward pulled her into his side.

"Nonsense dear, with the way that Edward feels about you, we're pretty sure you're part of the family already." Esme managed a small smile and glanced nervously between Carlisle and Edward.

"Well I'm sure nobody wants to have a family discussion in the hospital parking lot. It's surely in bad taste." Carlisle said stiffly and sat back into the driver's seat, indicating for Esme to do the same.

Esme twisted her hands nervously, but followed Carlisle and Bella could feel Edward's fists clench. Edward helped Bella into the car and she bit her lip nervously, feeling the growing tension in the car.

"I don't care what he says. He can't make me change my life at the drop of his hat." Edward gritted out and Bella couldn't help but gently stroke his clenched fists until he relaxed his posture.

Edward looked down at Bella with such adoration that she couldn't help but give a goofy smile.

"Everything will be fine Edward." Bella soothed.

"Of course everything will be okay. Now that we're together again." Edward said stubbornly and Bella's smile slipped off.

"Edward..." Bella started to say but Edward shook his head.

"I don't care what Carlisle has to say. I want us to be together Bella. Is that so much to ask? I know I'm not the only one between us to feel this attraction. We've already seemingly been through so much together. I don't want to just break it off because I said something stupid and my dad is being stupid. Everybody else in my family loves you Bella. You're an amazing person and I don't want our relationship to be ruined because of this fight that we had that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Things were said out of anger, and I don't for a second mean what I said to you. I want to be with you Bella." Edward said softly and Bella couldn't help but blush and give a quick glance towards Jasper and Emmett who were glancing at each other, pretending not to be listening.

"I...I want to be with you too Edward. But I don't want you to spend the rest of your life resenting the person that came between you and your father. I know you idolize him and you don't want to lose that relationship with him. I don't want our relationship be the reason that you can't talk to your dad." Bella said desperately.

"It won't. I promise you. I swear that it won't. What happened before was uncalled for and in the heat of the moment. Never in a million years would I blame you for what's happening. This only goes to show how much support Carlisle is willing to give me and it's better to know now so I can finally be my own person than to know when I'm sixty years old, regretting letting you go." Edward said and Bella felt herself melt.

"Aww." Emmett chirped and Bella felt her whole face go on fire and she felt Edward shaking with laughter beside her.

"Don't worry Bella. We'll make sure things are taken care of in a civilized manner." Jasper's reassuring tone made Bella relax into Edward again.

Too son they were back at Edward's house and they saw that Carlisle and Esme were sitting in their car in a stony silence. Esme lit up as soon as she saw her sons and left her car without a backward glance at Carlisle. Edward helped Bella out of the car and opened the door. Everybody filed in without a word and everybody situated themselves in the living room. Carlisle walked in last with his face drawn and he stood silently when everybody sat down.

"So I'm guessing regardless of what I say, Edward, you'll wish to be with Bella?" Carlisle asked and Edward gave a stiff nod and Bella clutched at his hand with her one good hand.

Carlisle's body seemed to deflate and his face seemed more gaunt than before. He looked so frail that Jasper quickly stood up and offered him a seat before he fell over.

"I'm too old and tired for this. I don't have anything else to say. I only want the best for you boys. Why can't you see that?" Carlisle asked in a frail voice.

"Because we can start to decide for ourselves now dad. We've watched you and mom grow your relationship, we've watched other people around us find their happy endings. We need to experience things for ourselves. We need to try out new things for ourselves." Jasper explained in a soft voice and Edward seemed to soften after seeing his dad so weak.

Edward got up and knelt in front of his dad.

"We know you only want what's best for us dad. We'll take your advice into consideration, but we're not toddlers anymore. We can make our own decisions. If it's the wrong decision, we don't need you to tell us that you told us so. We need you to be supportive of the decisions that we have made and to help us move on from them. Isn't that the whole point of being a parent?" Edward said and Carlisle closed his eyes.

A tear leaked out of Carlisle's eyes and Bella put her hand to her mouth, covering her dropped jaw. All three boys and Esme crowded around him to give him some level of comfort.

"I am so sorry." Carlisle finally said and when his eyes opened, they were swimming with unshed tears.

"It's alright dad. What matters now is getting you healthier and better." Edward insisted and Carlisle gave a watery smile.

Bella breathed a sigh of relief as everybody filed out of Edward's house after an hour of tears being exchanged. As they lay in their bed, Bella couldn't help but cuddle with Edward.

"You know, we still have things to talk about." Bella scolded Edward.

"I know, but we're here now and it would seem like a pity to break this peaceful moment." Edward said easily and Bella silently agreed.

"You'll be a great dad someday." Bella said softly and Edward gave her a squeeze.

"Thanks. And you'll be a great mom." Edward returned and Bella smiled, nestling her head on his chest.

For once in her life, all was well.

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