Wicked Goodness: Trapped

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"Theodora, if you ever find the goodness within your heart again, you're welcome to return." I hear Oz's voice and I turn the broom. My heart screams Yes, but my mouth yells the word NEVER. My heart is supposed to be wicked but there's a part of me that's still good. I hear myself cackle as I fly away from him.

"OZ!" My heart screams. I feel like sobbing deep inside the trapped goodness of my heart. Evanora. I have to use everything I have not to let that wicked hatred take over the last shred of goodness. She did this to me. She trapped me within myself. I wonder why sometimes but it was her own wickedness that caused her to do this.

"Why don't you be quiet?!" My own wickedness shouts at me.

"Theodora, are you talking to yourself?" My wicked sister asks me. Evanora and I have been staying with each other for the moment. We have retreated but we will not be beaten.

"Oz will beat you." I slip the good words through my wicked mouth. Evanora gaps at me in shock.

"Sister." I feel my hand clamp over my mouth. I want to scream but the wickedness has taken control again.

"Yes?" My voice asks cooly. The goodness in me wants to sob. I feel a small tear burn my face as it slips my cheek. I wipe it off before Evanora sees me.

"You have been acting...good..." Evanora picks up something.

"Why ever would you say that?" I say. She turns and shoots green lighting at me. I fly back against the wall.

"I will cure you of that...goodness...now." She raises her hand towards me. I kick her back. I feel the goodness come back into me. It is beating the wickedness in me.

"Goodbye, sister." I run outside, grab my broom and fly away.