It Felt Good

There were some things in life that Captain James T. Kirk would never understand.

One of them was why the phrase 'Captain James T. Kirk' sounded so good to his once delinquent ears. Especially since it wasn't too long ago that anyone who knew him said he was a waste of skin and would be dead by the ripe old age of 25. And back then, he hadn't been inclined to disagree.

It wasn't just the fact that the phrase had a good ring to it (and honestly, he would be kidding himself if he didn't admit that he had a great name. It just rolled of the tongue and sounded real official-like). But the fact that the word 'Captain' had replaced what was once the word 'Delinquent' just made him feel… well, it made him feel really good sometimes.

He was sure more than a few people back in his hometown had literally shit themselves when he had ended up on world-wide TV after the Narada incident, especially since he was the one who had saved the day and not the one who caused it. He wished he could have seen their faces once they realized they owed their continued existence on Earth to him, the boy whole had made their lives a living hell for however long they were in contact with him.

His thoughts went out to certain people in particular. Lots of teachers, some local boys who had thought themselves thugs, Frank, a few cops, and even his mother. Yeah, he was real glad that he could finally take all those cold remarks and harsh sneers they had given him and tell them where to shove it.

Because they didn't matter anymore.

He was Captain James T. Kirk and he had finally gotten somewhere. It had taken him a while, and for a long time he didn't even know what he was searching for, or that he was even searching to start with, but the moment Christopher Pike had found him half drunk and flat on his back on the wrong side of a fight in that god-awful bar so many years ago, he had left them all behind.

This was the life he was meant to lead. A delinquent turned Starfleet Captain hell bent on saving the universe and defending the innocent.

Sometimes even he had to take a moment to regain his breath, because honestly, this was the last thing he had ever expected and what he had always wanted.

And damn did it feel good.