Sakura let out a soft hum as she sat at the same cafe with her friends just days before she went out on her very first seduction mission. Ino had felt bad about her getting attacked, she felt she was somewhat responsible for it happening, so she had taken Sakura out for a girls day. She had agreed but she couldn't stay out for too long. She was meeting up with Kiba later so they could go talk to her parents. Last night was their first night together and it had been just as great as they both had been dreaming about. After they finished talking about some of their future plans they went right back to business again and again and again. It wasn't until his mother came banging on the door, demanding they stop did they finally leave the bedroom and announced their engagement to the clan. That had been a couple of hours ago and she had wanted to tell her parents about her engagement right away but they weren't home so they went to see Tsunade and inform her. The Hokage had been happy for them and sent Kiba and what he called a scavenger hunt for old documents about the mating ritual. Because she was not born an Inuzuka they would have to perform the ceremony differently. In the original ritual both the mates and their companions would be in the ceremony but because she had no companion they needed to do the ceremony to fit her. So he was sent back to his house to look for those documents that would explain how a mating ceremony can be performed with a non-Inuzuka while she headed into town.

She had been hoping to grab a few ingredients for dinner but Ino had caught sight of her and now she was back in the cafe with her three friends. "You really don't have to feel so bad." she reassured her best friend that she was fine and held no ill-feelings towards her. "You couldn't have predicted that the guy would go after me and besides you were right," she looked down at her hands, eyes going to the shiny diamond ring that was glistening in the light of the sun. "I have no experience in those types of situation. You guys know how to fight against those types of drugs but I couldn't do anything. I doubt I'll ever go on a seduction mission ever again but I know anything can happen on a routine mission." She knew Kiba would never allow her to go on a seduction mission ever again. Not after what happened last time and now that they were getting married he would probably monitor what missions she went on and with who. Of course she wasn't going to let him control her life. If there was a mission she wanted to go on then he would just have to deal with it. "Which is why I asked Lady Tsuande to give me some extra training for those situation." She told them her decision. She had talked with Kiba about it and he had agreed. Anything could happen to them when out on a job and they had to be prepared. So after talking with both his mother and the Hokage they had come up with a training schedule for when she would start her training. Thankfully the elders saw this new training not as a sign of betrayal but as a positive thing and now it seems they may have other Inuzuka women participate in the training.

"I'm glad to hear that. I was really scared when you and Kiba came in dragging that guy. I don't think I've ever seen the guy look so angry before." Ino had thought back to how the Inuzuka had appeared when he walked into the club with the unconscious criminal in his hands. He had thrown him at Miss Mai right in the middle of her number and it caused a big fuss after he announced who he was. After that they closed the club early so the authorizes could come and take him away while they packed up to head home. The whole time she noticed Kiba sticking close to her best friend and looking ready to explode at any second.

"Were the elders upset over what happened?" Hinata asked, concerned that the attack may have put her friend's relationship in jeopardy.

"No, not at all," Sakura told them and they all sighed in relief. They had all been worried about that one factor. "Actually because of that the elders have started thinking about allowing some of the women to accompany others to get more experience in case something like this ever happens again." She had to said that it felt good that they had been able to make some changes to the clan. The elders had praised her for not falling victim to the drug and they figured if a non-mated Inuzuka could withstand the drug then so could the others in their clan.

"Seems like Kiba has a lot to handle when he takes over the clan." Tenten sent her friend a playful wink. She was so glad with how things turned out for them.

"Speaking of," Ino leaned across the table in Sakura's direction, a wide grin on her face. "Tell us, Sakura. Why is it that you have a diamond ring on your left hand?" she pointed to the ring that had caught her attention immediately. She had wanted to start asking questions right away but first she had to make sure that everything was ok with her friend.

Sakura grinned right back, using her left hand to fix her hair and making sure everyone could see the piece of jewelry. "I think you know perfectly well why it's there." She grinned and the squealed, all of them jumping up to hug and congratulate her.

"It's about time," Ino was so happy for her best friend and already was making plans to the bachelorette party and the wedding.

"Looks like Kiba finally wised up." Tenten grinned, thinking about ordering some celebratory cakes for her friend.

"I knew Kiba would ask you." Hinata knew very well how deep her teammate's feelings ran for the pinkette and she was so glad to hear that they would finally be married.

"So tell us, how was it?" Ino needed to have every last detail. Not only had her best friend did her best friend get engaged but if she remembered correctly from their last talk she also lost her virginity. Once she learned that the two had been planning on waiting she had been anxious to hear about the details when they finally did it. "You owe us girl so spill. We want every dirty sloppy play-by-play." She and Tenten had leaned in closer to hear everything. Hinata had remained in her position but you could tell that she was listening as well. They were all curious.

Sakura felt her face heat up. She hadn't expected them to ask her about that. She had been expecting them to ask about her plans for the wedding. "I'm not really sure what you want to hear," what was she supposed to tell them. They knew all about sex and had experienced it way before her so what was the point in asking. "You guys know what goes on." Why did they always pick public places to ask about personal information like this? Before it had been about her still being a virgin that hadn't gone on seduction missions and now they wanted to hear about her first time with Kiba. Maybe if they weren't in public she wouldn't feel so uncomfortable but even then she would be hesitant, she wasn't sure if Kiba wanted her to tell them about their private life.

Ino wasn't going to let her go that easily. She wanted details and she wanted them now. "We want to know your thoughts and the process. Did he rush into it or did he take forever with foreplay?"

"F-Foreplay?" Sakura felt her face growing brighter. Now she understood how Hinata felt when she was embarrassed. "Well, I guess. I mean...we did do stuff..." how was she supposed to properly explain things to her friends when they were in public. Not to mentions telling them very personal information like that was so embarrassing.

"Like what?" Ino was starting to get impatient. She wanted to know everything and her being shy was not helping. "Look if you won't tell us those things then tell us how it happened. Did you have to explain a few things to him."

"Explain things?" Sakura raised an eyebrow at her blonde friend. "What's there to explain?" she thought sex to guys was explanatory.

"Well when it was our first time I had to explain things to Sai about condoms and what we were doing would only stay between us and not in public." Ino had told them how her first time had gone down. After finally getting him into bed she had to tell her boyfriend why he should always carry condoms on him in case they ever felt the urge in any other place beside their bedroom.

"Sounds like things didn't go off so smoothly." Tenten chuckled, thinking of the ex-Root ninja and imagining him taking down notes to everything Ino told him. "Then again, the first time is never good." She added.

Sakura was shocked by this. "It isn't?"

Ino scoffed. "Not by a long shot," she leaned back into her seat and remembered her first time. "When we finally did it Sai took so long. It felt like he was trying to do some painting instead of having sex." She couldn't help but roll her eyes as she remembered. She had to fight to stay awake their first time. She loved Sai but sometimes she really wished he hadn't grown up in Root. He was so sheltered that she was almost glad Kakashi was giving him books about sex.

"You think that's bad the first time Lee and I did it he acted like it was training exercise and gave me this whole speech how we were giving up out youthful flowers but would still remain youthful on the inside." Tenten let out a sigh of her own, eye unconsciously twitching as she thought of her hyper-active boyfriend. Their first time was spent with an hour of youthful speeches and him trying to take her clothes off like it was some kind of training session.

"Um..." Hinata squirmed in her seat, debating if she should tell her story or not. "N-Naruto and I...we...we kept bumping into each other the whole time." She felt like her face was about to exposed as she told them. Her first time was spent mostly by bumping her head against either her boyfriend's or his wall. By the end the two had some bruising and were sore at the end.

"See, everyone has a terrible first time but you can't ever tell a guy that. Telling him the first time sucked is like the worst possible thing you could do." Ino told them all, nodding her head she listened to all of their stories. "So now it's your turn, billboard brow. How was it? Did Kiba only want to do it in the dog position?" she and everyone else had told their stories and now it was her turn.

"Um...?" Sakura stiffened in her seat. What does she tell them?

"Or maybe he tried role-playing first to get you in the mood. Did he want to play master and servant?" Tenten asked, thinking of a few things that can be done to get people in the mood during their first time. She knew that they had been waiting for marriage and that can make them nervous when the time finally came so some couples would try acting out scenes to take the edge off.

"It was..." She wondered if she should just tell them the truth and pray they didn't make a scene.

"Perhaps he wouldn't keep Akamaru out and you were to uncomfortable having him in the same room." Hinata knew about the strong bond her teammate had with his companion and how he was almost never without the giant dog. She wondered if Kiba would keep him in the room every time he wanted them to have sex.

"No, it's not that," Sakura couldn't believe she was put in such a spot again. Last time it had been because she hadn't gone on a seduction mission and now it was about her first time. How the hell does she end up in these types of situations? "It wasn't what any of you are thinking," she knew what she had to tell them and she could only hope and pray that they wouldn't do anything to embarrassing. "Our first time wasn't bad, actually it was really good." Her cheeks had to resemble the color of scarlet by now. She just told all her friends in public that her first time had been good and now they were staring at her like she was crazy.

"You don't have to lie, you know?" Ino did a quick check around and noticed there was no Inuzuka insight. "We won't tell Kiba."

"But I'm not lying," she had to get them to understand before she had to worry about any rumors starting up. "Look I know you guys think that the first time isn't good but with Kiba and I it was amazing," this time her cheeks were heating up from the memories from last night. She could still feel his hands on her as he made her whole body shake with pleasure and her mind cloud over as his hot breath rang in her ear, making the noise beautiful sound she had ever heard. "After months of waiting it felt incredible to finally feel each other. He was so gentle but so fierce all at once I can't even begin to understand it." She felt like she was on cloud nine, eyes glazing over as more and more memories from last night came into play. The feel of his lean and muscular boy pressed up against her own made her feel so safe but had her squirming with excitement. His hands, lips, and everything had her body burning with such passion she didn't even know she had. It was such a powerful feeling and she knew she would feel it again once she was back in his arms.

As she was in her little fantasy world she failed to see the three shocked expressions on her friends faces.

Hinata sat there, eyes wide as she fidgeted in her seat. She wanted to ask more but she was to embarrassed. "You mean it was good?" Tenten wasn't embarrassed to ask and she would ask even more. She never heard this reply from friends before when it came to experiencing their first time.

Sakura nodded, a smile back on her face. Who knew thinking about having sex with her boyfriend would make her feel so good.

Ino was confused. "How?" none of this was making sense to her. Her best friend's reply didn't match with the facts and information she had gathered over the years. "How could it have been good? Everyone knows the first time always sucks."

Sakura just shrugged. "Maybe for others but for me it was the best night of my life."

"And I'm proud to say I made that possible." The four girls gasped when they saw Kiba and Akamaru standing behind them, a wide grin on the Inuzuka's face. "So I see you girls have been busy asking my mate all sorts of questions."

"Mate?" Ino blinked, eyes widening as her mind began to panic. How long had he been standing there.

Kiba nodded, reaching his hand for Sakura and pulling her up to her feet. "I got all the things we need for the ceremony. Ma says once we tell your parents we can start moving you in and looking over the scrolls." He told her, wrapping an arm around her waist keeping her close to him.

Sakura kissed his cheek, pleased to hear this. "My parents should be back by now." She figured they had to be back by now and even if they weren't they could get started on packing up her things. It was one of the things they had talked about last night. Now that they were engaged she would move in with him and his family at the compound where she would learn her duties as the Alpha female. "I see you guys later." She waved goodbye to her friends and headed out with her fiancé.

Kiba turned around to look at the table of the girls and was pleased to see their expressions "Maybe." He sent them a playful grin that turned into a loud chuckle when his mate lightly punched his shoulder, her face pink. She knew what he had been hinting at and he had feeling her friends did as well.

As they left the cafe Ino, Hinata, and Tenten sat there and tried to process all that had happened.

"How'd Sakura get to be so lucky?" Ino was the first to get over her shock and crossed her arms. Her best friend who had been the least experienced somehow managed to have a great first time and a guy who was ready to marry her the next day.

"And to think just days before they were just the typical couple." Tenten sighed, playing with her food. She had to admit she was a little jealous of her friend and her luck.

Hinata sat there, hands in her lap as she thought about something. "You don't think Kiba heard do you?" she asked, looking at her two friends.

"Heard what?" Ino asked, not sure what her friend was talking about. It was obvious that he had heard Sakura telling them about how their first night was but what else was there for him to hear.

"About us telling Sakura our first times?" she asked, fidgeting in her seat with worry.

Ino and Tenten froze in their seats. They hadn't even thought of that. "For our sake let's hope not." They would track the Inuzuka down and make him tell them everything he had heard.

Hinata was still fidgeting in her seat, her nerves wouldn't simmer down. "You don't think he would tell them?" she asked another question that had been weighing on her mind ever since Kiba showed up.

"He'd better not." Ino turned around and glared in the direction of where they had left. She was so going to track the Inuzuka down and make sure he doesn't say a word about anything he may or may not have heard.

And just like that the three girls started to plan ways to keep the Inuzuka quiet from telling the guys their secrets but it didn't take a genius to figure out how to appease the man. Just do something that involves Sakura and he'll be putty in your hands. While Sakura may not be good at seduction still she was Kiba Inuzuka's mate and that means she had the power to make him do anything. Seduction and mating may be two different things for most people but for them it was pretty much the same thing.