Dust billowed around the dark room, making it impossible to see more than a few metres in any direction. The distinct roar of fire could be heard, burning furiously close by. Smoke from the fire eased effortlessly into adjoining rooms, making the air thick and dangerous. The heat was intense and unrelenting, making the whole room take on a hazy, dreamlike state. Initially crashes could be heard as structures gave way and the rubble fell, but after a few minutes everything stilled.

I am too old for this Rossi thought, slowly bringing his hand up to his face, wiping sweat of his forehead. He felt something wet and sticky on his face, pulling his arm down he looked at his hand, it was covered in blood. Well shit. Rossi examined his arm closer and saw that the blood was coming from a deep gash on his arm. It wasn't too bad, by now the blood flow had already started to slow, but it would definitely need stitches.

Okay, first things first. Assess the damage. Rossi's whole body ached, but he needed to know if he had sustained any serious injuries. Cautiously Rossi brought his other arm up and extended it slowly. It was a bit sore but no major damage he noted, stretching the limb. One of his fingers stuck out at an odd angle and throbbed dully, but that was it. Next he patted over his chest, feeling for any indication of broken ribs. When there was no sign of injury he sat up slowly, propping himself up on his elbows before grabbing onto a nearby pile of rubble for support to sit up fully. He looked down at his legs, noticing that they were half buried under a pile of rubble.

Rossi began pushing the rubble of his buried legs, in the process creating a massive dust storm around him. He coughed heavily, struggling to catch his breath. The dust and smoke were starting to affect his lungs he noted as his breathing began slightly more laboured. After what felt like hours Rossi had managed to unbury his legs, sweat dripping down his body at the effort. Again he repeated the process of assessing his limbs, slowly stretching them out and pulling them back into his chest, rotating his ankles in small circles. With huge relief Rossi found that his legs were uninjured, he had come through the explosion a little worse for wear but on the whole, in good shape.

The heat was almost unbearable now, the smoke in the room growing thicker, like a blanket suffocating the room. Rossi knew that he needed to move, soon. Smoke inhalation could be deadly. And he had every intention of making it out of this alive. For the first time Rossi's mind wandered to his fellow agents. Thankfully, two of them had been checking out another location and Garcia was safely tucked up in her cyber lair, but that still left three others somewhere in this building. Rossi knew that he had been extremely lucky to have survived the blast with only minor injuries, had the others been as lucky?

Gingerly Rossi got to his feet, not liking how much the simple act had wiped him out. Sure he wasn't injured to badly, but his whole body ached and he was exhausted. Taking a step, he stumbled and almost fell back onto the floor. Luckily regained his balance and was able to remain on his feet. He took a moment to catch his breath before heading through to the next room over, where the air looked slightly clearer, searching for his fellow teammates.