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"Okay Garcia, I need you to make a new list, any women who might hold a grudge against the BAU" Hotch said, the first to recover from the news.

"On it" she said determinedly before hanging up.

The team looked amongst one another, disbelief clearly written on all of their faces, female unsubs were very rare.

"We need to tell Prentiss" Rossi said, looking at Hotch.

"What about Reid?" Morgan asked

"The doctor said we shouldn't tell him anything, it'll stress him out"

"For all we know the doctor could be the unsub!" Morgan protested

"Morgan" Rossi warned

"I just think it's time we told him, that's all" Morgan said, lowering his voice. JJ stood in the corner, listening to them talk. She agreed with Morgan that Reid shouldn't be kept in the dark anymore, but she worried about him. What if his mind couldn't take it and it pushed him over the edge? Could they take such a risk with his health?

Hotch looked from Rossi to Morgan, then to JJ. None of the agents said anything; they just looked at him questioningly. Hotch let out a tense breath, knowing the decision would have to come from him.

"Here's what we'll do. We're going to visit Reid and Prentiss, and whilst there we'll evaluate Reid's mental state. If I think he can handle it, then I'll tell him. If not then we keep it a secret."

Hotch looked to his teammates for their approval of his plan. Rossi nodded, and picked up his jacket. Morgan looked unhappy still but didn't say anything. JJ's face remained blank as she walked across the room, the first to leave by the small door.

Emily leaned back against her bed, her eyes closing for a second. Reid had been asleep for at least an hour. Emily had tried to sleep also but she couldn't, she was wide awake. She had tried to keep her mind busy but it always settled on one thing she didn't want to think about. Her injury. She cautiously touched her bandaged leg, expecting it to flare up in pain, but she felt nothing. Must be the painkillers she thought. Prentiss had tried to put on a brave face so far but inside she was a mess. She was worried about her leg, would it ever fully recover? Would she be allowed back in the field again?

Prentiss tried to push the self pity away, it could have been so much worse. She cringed when she thought of how close she had come to dying. That's twice now, she thought, maybe third time I won't be so lucky.

Before Emily could dwell on these depressing thoughts a light knock of her door caught her attention. The sight of Hotch, Rossi and JJ filing in made her smile until she saw the serious looks on their face; this wasn't a social visit then.

Before Emily could ask what was going on Reid moaned slightly, his eyes opening slowly. Her questions would have to wait.

"Hey there pretty boy, how're you feeling?" Morgan asked cheerfully, flinging himself onto a chair between Reid and Prentiss' bed.

"Better" Reid mumbled, still half asleep. He stretched his arms and pulled himself into a sitting position. JJ went to Reid's other side and grasped hi hand, smiling at the young man. A slight blush crept into Reid's cheeks at the attention he was receiving.

"Any leads?" Reid asked, rubbing his eyes. Emily noted how Morgan and JJ looked briefly to Hotch before Morgan jokingly said "Hey hey, you should be focused on getting better, not working."

Emily remained silent, taking in the situation. Clearly something had happened, but they weren't saying anything yet. Curiosity burned within her but she knew not to push it.

"The doctor said the swelling around my brain has gone down" Reid said proudly

"That's great news Spence" JJ said, squeezing his hand.

"So I'm getting better, so whatever it is your hiding you can tell me. I can take it." Reid said firmly, fixing his stare on Hotch.

The team looked unsure for a moment, taken off guard by Reid's boldness.

"You gotta give it to the kid, he's a good profiler." Rossi chuckled, easing the tension in the room. Reid continued to stare at Hotch. After a moment Hotch dropped his gaze, giving in.

"We received a letter from the unsub. It said that next time there would be no survivors." Hotch paused after saying this, giving Reid time to process this information. Reid looked over at Emily, suspicion clear in his eyes.

"You knew" he said softly.

"Reid man, we couldn't tell you. You were too fragile" Morgan said. Reid looked to each of the team members, seeing only concern for him on their faces. He pushed his anger down within himself; he knew they had only lied to protect him. Reid nodded at Morgan, silently telling him that it was okay, he wasn't mad.

"What else is there?" Emily asked, barely keeping hold of her patience. She knew they had news the minute they stepped through the door, and she was desperate to know what it was.

"Our unsub is a woman" Hotch said seriously, looking between the two injured agents, gauging their reaction. Both looked shocked for a moment before regaining their composure.

"A woman?" Emily questioned. Hotch nodded solemnly.

"Any leads on who she is?" Prentiss asked. Hotch dropped his gaze, angry that they had so little.

"Not yet" Rossi said.

Reid sat up in his bed, remaining silent. Although he did feel much better, he wasn't back to normal, and the frustration was building up within him. He knew he could contribute to the case but he couldn't see this case strait. He got brief flashes rushing through his mind, it was as if the answer was in front of him but just out of reach.