A/N: AJ is all Black Widow-y in this story. Just roll with it! :)

AJ breathed in and out, just how her friend Big E Langston had taught her too. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. She sat on a crate, her feet dangling. She fiddled with her hair and thought about what was going on next. She was challenging her ex best friend Kaitlyn for her Divas Title. In. Out.

It wasn't like she was worried. After all, AJ had successfully gotten into Kaitlyn's head, and all she had to do was take advantage of one single mistake she would make. But the thing she was worried about was her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler. He had just returned from his concussion that cost him a month of action. It was also the first time he was defending his title, so AJ definitely had a reason to worry.

"You ready?" asked Big E, who was standing next to the crate. AJ looked up at the man who towered over her. She couldn't worry about Ziggy now. She had a Divas Championship to win. AJ smiled.

"You bet I am," she said, jumping off the crate. "Let's go get me a Divas Championship." Her music played, and the two pushed the curtain away, entering the arena. Big E Langston trailed behind AJ Lee as the duo made their way toward ringside. She watched Kaitlyn stand there, breathing like the man she was, clutching the Divas Championship like it was her life.

Finally, the match began, and Kaitlyn could only watch as AJ blew her a kiss. She cackled afterwards. Both Divas played to their strengths in the contest, with Kaitlyn calling upon her arsenal of power moves and AJ using her speed and agility to wear down the champion. AJ delivered several well-timed dropkicks, which were answered with a forceful clothesline or gutbuster by the titleholder. There was even a weapon involved-AJ's studded belt to be exact-but in the end, AJ made her former best friend tap to her lethal submission hold, the Black Widow.

As AJ's music played, as the people of Chicago cheered, she stared at the silver and pink butterfly shaped championship. Finally, her biggest dreams were being realised. She held up her new title as she skipped down the ramp, smiling like she had just gotten exactly what she wanted for Christmas. And in a way, she had. It was like Christmas in June. Only better.

"Babe!" Dolph grabbed AJ and spun her around, his smile as large as hers. "Finally! We're the power couple we wanted to be!"

"The night's not over yet," said AJ, "You still got a World Title to defend."

"And what if I defend it successfully?" Dolph asked.

"Then we'll celebrate," said AJ, leaning up and giving him a kiss on the cheeks. "So you better win."

"You know I will," Dolph said with a smirk.

"You're the Best in the World," encouraged Paul Heyman as Punk stretched before his big return tonight. And what better place to do it then his home in Chicago? "You're the Best in the World."

"Yeah," Punk said with a groan. "I know." As much as he loved Paul Heyman, he was starting to get annoying. Punk stood up. "Let's go." His music hit, and the crowd popped instantly.

"It's clobbering time!" screamed Punk, strutting to the ring. His old rival, Chris Jericho, stood in the ring. Punk wasn't going to hold back. Jericho was the one who disrespected his family after all.

And this was his return match. In Chicago. How was he supposed to hold back?

The match started off bad for Punk, as Jericho took advantage of his slow reflexes. Things became so dire for The Straight Edge Superstar that Paul Heyman attempted to insert himself into the action. But the mad scientist's presence seemed to throw Punk off more than anything, giving Jericho the opportunity to reverse a brief Punk comeback into another beatdown, while Heyman slunk slowly back to his post at ringside, both chastised and somewhat uncomfortable by the unfortunate turn of events for his client.

But in the end, it was CM Punk who scored the victory.

Paul and Punk were both ecstatic, although there was a bit of hostility between them because of what Paul did. "I'll go get you some water," said Paul, and then he rushed away.

Punk sat on a crate. With a sigh, he began to unwrap his wrist tape. "Congrats." Punk looked up and found himself staring into the chocolate pupils of AJ Lee. She stood, her newly won Divas Championship across her shoulder. He couldn't help but notice how different she looked since she had saw her this close. Her hair was longer and darker. She traded in a grey CM Punk shirt and jean shorts for her "Love Bites" shirt and pink and black shorts. She looked older, wiser, and definitely sexier.

"Congrats to you too," responded Punk, returning to his wrist tape. He found it hard to look her in the eye. They radiated crazy. He guessed that was one thing that had remained the same. AJ sat down next to him, and Punk groaned. "Don't you have a boyfriend you need to be overly attached to or something?"

AJ chuckled at his comment. The old AJ probably would've slapped him(or kiss him then put him through a table if one was available). "Ziggy's in the trainer's office," she sighed. She kicked her feet, which dangled loosely in the air. "Can I ask you something?"

Punk shrugged. "Ask away."

"When are you gonna cut Heyman loose?" AJ's question hung in the air for a long time. Or, it seemed like a long time. "He almost cost you your match."

"I know."

"He's hogging your spotlight."

"I know."

"He's a liar." AJ's final fact stung at Punk's heart. It was true. If there was one person who made a name for himself with his lies, it was Paul Heyman. "Punk?"

He sighed. "I know."

"Are you going to even consider my idea?" asked AJ.

"Maybe," said Punk.

"I hope you do," said AJ, "Men like him are dangerous."

"Women like you are dangerous," responded Punk. He didn't really know why she came, or why she wanted him to leave Paul. She was no saint either. "Why are you here anyway?"

AJ shrugged. "Just came by to show you my title. It matches my outfit."

"And it's in the hands of someone that actually can wrestle." AJ blushed at his compliment. "Don't even pretend. You love how much I'm stroking your massive ego." He found himself sporting pink cheeks as well at the word stroke. He didn't know why-their romance was over a long time ago. But still, he still found himself sitting there and reflecting on that crazy few months.

"I could say the same thing about you Mr. Paul Heyman guy," retorted AJ, "The way he says he loves you-"

"He does not!" Punk nearly yelled defensively, "He's just supporting me, that's all."

AJ scoffed. "Whatever." She jumped off the crate and began to walk away.

"Hey!" Punk called. She turned, and saw the smirk engraved on his face. "Have fun with your Ziggy."

AJ smirked herself. "You know I will." And with that, she happily skipped away.

"Where were you?" Ziggler asked, holding an ice pack to the back of his head. "I was in here suffering, and you're gone!"

AJ shrugged, plopping next to him. "Just getting some water."

Big E scoffed. "Well you sure were gone for a long time. For a tiny woman, you sure can hold a hell of a lot of water."

"Who's the champion here?" AJ asked in order to shut him up. She gasped, realizing what she said could've offended Dolph. "Sorry Ziggy."

Dolph shrugged. "Don't be sorry. Del Rio refused to fight fair. He just kept kicking me in the head. And you earned that title. Although the way you played Kaitlyn like that was a bit cold."

"Cold?" How could her own boyfriend not understand what she was going? "She left me high and dry when I needed her most!"

"Yeah," said Dolph, "But still. This is the WWE. Everyone wants the gold. Friends take a backseat to championships." AJ refused to look into his eyes. Because one she got a glimpse of those mesmerizing blue eyes of his, she would forgive him. And she wasn't ready to that just yet.

"You don't understand," said AJ, "We were inseparable. She was there whenever I needed her. Then, she shoved me away when Daniel broke up with me. She's getting what she deserves, Ziggy."

"Don't call me that," Dolph spat, throwing the ice pack aside and leaving the trainer's office. AJ still didn't look up. She stared at the floor as she heard the door slam. It was the concussion talking, she tried to convince herself, It was just the concussion talking. She felt Big E sit next to her and wrap a huge arm around her. For a big man he sure had a gentle touch.

"He's just frustrated," said Langston in her ear, "He'll come around when he's feeling better."

"Yeah," said AJ, hoping he was right.

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