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AJ disappeared after the talk. The only way Punk saw her was on TV. He never saw her backstage, and it was killing him. He wished that she was around when he outsmarted Paul and Brock. He wished that she was around at Summerslam to give him some encouragement. Maybe if she did, Punk would've won.

Because really, "The Best" had "The Beast" beat.

Blinded by rage, CM Punk succeeded in getting his hands on Paul Heyman at SummerSlam, but his vengeance came at a price — in this case, at the sacrifice of victory against Brock Lesnar. He had it. He was just too stupid to win. He was dumb enough to focus more on Paul Heyman than Brock Lesnar, and that proved to be his fatal mistake.

Settling down in his locker room, he watched AJ compete in her mixed tag team match. He found himself smiling at the sight of Big E holding Dolph, letting AJ unleash all her frustration and anger in a vicious slap. The tables were turned, however, when the leader of the 8th Militia administered strength moves of her own. Kaitlyn seemed poised to remain in control, but AJ isn't one to easily relent. The Divas Champion returned with a series of impressive neckbreakers, each more vicious than the last. Punk knew that the end was near, however, when Kaitlyn plowed through AJ with a spear ringside. Ziggler caught Langston with a ZigZag and got the 1-2-3.

It's now or never, he thought, getting up and heading towards the curtain. He plopped onto a crate, waiting for AJ. He spotted her, storming backstage and muttering something angrily under her breath. "AJ!" She turned her head and her eyes met his. She found herself staring at her for longer than she wanted to, and Punk called her name again. "AJ?"

In response, she raced away.

It was like a high speed chase in the backstage area. Punk was right behind AJ, just fingertips away, but AJ was just a bit too fast. She found her way to her locker room and slammed the door in his face.

AJ leaned against the door, releasing a sigh. To be honest, she just wanted to leave and think things through. Her career was hitting a cross roads, and she hated having to chose between being Divas Champion and being Dolph Ziggler's ex-girlfriend. "AJ," Punk called from outside, "Please let me in."

"The door is closed for a reason," AJ said.

"Fine," Punk said, "But there's something that I need to tell you." Sighing, AJ turned and opened the door, letting Punk in. She closed the door, leaning up against it as Punk took a seat. Taking a deep breath, Punk began. "Look. I'm going through a ton of crap right now. You seem to be, no, you are the only happy thing in my life right now. I know that I've hurt you in the past, and I just want to make everything better." He buried his head in his hands as AJ tried to wrap her mind around Punk's words. "I just don't wanna lose you again."

His last words bounced around in AJ's head. I just don't wanna lose you again. I just don't wanna lose you again. Was she the only one that made Punk feel that way? She figured so, and the sincere look on Punk's face confirmed it. "You never lost me," AJ admitted in a soft whisper. It was true. When Punk hated AJ as GM, she still loved him. When she was with Cena and Dolph, she still loved Punk. Her love for him never really subsided. It was still burning deep inside her, just waiting to be released.

And released it in a kiss.

AJ perhaps may be the most impatient girl in the entire world. She just couldn't help herself-she had been waiting to do that ever since the first kiss they shared. Punk certainly didn't mind. This feeling felt so good, so impossibly good, that he wanted it to last forever. They parted, taking a moment to catch their breaths. Punk spoke up first. "You're really good at that."

"Why thank you," responded AJ, with a blush. "So...what you said...was really true?"

"Yes it was," said Punk, "I would never lie to you." He thought before adding, "Okay, I may have lied to you a few times. But that was then. This is now."

"At least you're honest about it," giggled AJ, leaning in for another kiss.

It was funny how Payback seemed so close. It was on that night when she won the Divas Championship, when Punk returned, and when AJ suggested to Punk to drop Heyman. Fast forward a few months later, and here they were, kissing in her locker room. And they both would tell you that they wouldn't have changed a thing.

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