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Chapter 1: Everything Is Better With Sparkles [START]

Act 1: Modified

It was one of my first memories.

Onii-chan was there, holding a pair of swords. One was pristine white, the other was black and covered in a red hexagonal pattern. Both had the symbol for yin and yang on the side nearing the grip of the weapons. He was furious, his face had an expression that I've never seen before. We were trapped in a ring of fire, Onii-chan facing that which stood before us.

He charged, and my memory faded away.

It's true, I can't remember anything else. I don't even remember how old I was then. For all I know, that scene could have just been a figment of my imagination. I've certainly never seen him angry like that.

However, I do know this much: I've loved him ever since. I thought it was just admiration at first. I mean, Onii-chan is amazing after all. He's tall, handsome, a great cook, and can't abandon anyone in need. No, that's wrong. He would never abandon anyone in need.

I've always loved him. But, ever since I entered junior high... I realized that the nature of that love was changing, maybe even growing.

And that's why I'm in a rush today (well, the fact that that the new Mahou Shoujo DVD is coming out also helps). All I want to do is walk home with him, like brother and sister (or... like lovers?), and keep him away from Sakura-chan.

After a while, I see him and shout. "Onii-chan!"

He's walking his bike up a hill. Once he turns around and sees me, he smiles. A smile that seems to electrify me. "Ah, Illya! Are you going home as well?"

In return, I give him my brightest smile. "Yup! Wanna race?"

His eyebrows furrow with concern. "Um... are you sure? I have a bike, you know."

"Don't worry about me, I have confidence in my running."

A mischievous grin crosses his face, as if he knows something I don't.

"Alright then." He gets on his bike, and starts... pedaling downhill.

Oh. We'd reached the top of the hill.

"Onii-chan!" I cried angrily, "That's cheating!" As fast as I am, even I couldn't keep up with that.

He slows to a stop, hands raised in mock apology. "Sorry, I'll try to go slower the next time we race."

I'm close to smacking him at this point, but he disarms me with a smile when I catch up. Then, we head home together, Onii-chan keeping up with my pace on his bicycle.

Everything's wonderful for the moment, but for some reason that memory keeps bugging me.

"Hey, Onii-chan..."

He looks at me. "Yeah?"

"Um... do you... would you happen to know anything about... about a pair of -"

"No." He cuts me off, gently lifts me by the waist, and sits me in front of him.

"Don't worry about it. Just sit still, and maybe we'll make it home without getting arrested again!"

Not the most comfortable position, but it's acceptable by the fact that I'm currently in Onii-chan's arms.

He starts to pedal faster.

Act 2: Rewritten

Tohsaka Rin is a hard worker with a high sense self-esteem. Despite studying under an eccentric magus, the Wizard Marshall Zelretch, she's still sane. Her teacher always does some kind of prank on her. His last prank involved insects that ate her clothing (her underwear included), but Tohsaka Rin still lasted.

It is, after all, for the sake of her studies. Since studying under the Old Man of the Jewels is not an easy task to begin with. The Magician could do anything, including having Rin grow cat ears, all "for the sake of developing their magic". She thought that she had endured the worst of his attempts to make her life miserable.

Then the Kaleidoscope decides to send her to Japan, back to her homeland. No, it's not like she hates it. In fact, she was excited upon hearing that she'd be returning home. It was her forced companion that left her in a pretty foul mood.

It's only normal if Rin wanted to...

Whatever she thought at that moment was interrupted by a blast of mana that pushed her back several meters, glad that Kaleidostick Ruby provides her with a shield. As a counter-attack, Rin sends a scattering blast to the offender, a curly-blonde girl who insulted her country openly, and in public no less. Her arch-nemesis, Luviagelita Edelfelt.

With an equally strong shield, Luvia survived the blast. Of course, with Kaleidostick Sapphire in hand, Luvia wouldn't really be an easy enemy for Rin. She knows how strong her rival is, even without the Kaleidosticks, no one wanted to enter their battlefield whenever they have a quarrel.

And here they are, both holding a powerful Mystic Code provided by the Wizard Marshall himself, in the skies of Fuyuki City, shooting at each other.

"Oi~ you two! Stop it!" Kaleidostick Ruby's cheerful voice said, surprisingly making both of them stop their battle. At least, for now.

"Shut up, Ruby!" Rin shouted, looking at Ruby, "That girl is the one that started all of this, it's her fault!"

"If a girl whose dream is to become a Mahou Shoujo was to look at this, she'd cry." Kaleidostick Sapphire replied with the always-bored tone.

Suddenly, another blast was launched by Rin, but Luvia successfully dodged it and retaliated by launching a blast of her own (with more complicated visual effects) towards Rin.

"Ruby! Barrier! Activate the Barrier!" Rin said in a panic.

But in the end, the blast hit its target, Rin was clouded by black smoke and ruining her costu- er, attire. When the smoke dissipated, Tohsaka Rin's expression was now thrice scarier than usual.

"The barrier is always up," said the red-Kaleidostick cheerfully as usual, "But it can't fully negate such a powerful mana blast."

"Jeez, you sure are stubborn little pest, aren't you?" Luvia said while glaring at her rival, who is still hovering in the sky, "Won't you please disappear for me?"

"Oh... I see," Rin returning her glaring with one of her own, mumbling about something that couldn't be heard. Pulling a card from her pocket she continued, "Then, I will end it for you here and now!"

"Y-Your Class Card?" Luvia taken aback with Rin's reveal, but suddenly grinned and then pull a card of her own from her pocket, "Okay then, I shall use mine as well!"

"Class Card Archer, INCLUDE!" Rin shout while stick the card into the star-shaped ornament with wings in Kaleidostick Ruby's head.

"Class Card Lancer, INCLUDE!" with the same gestures but with Sapphire, Luvia followed.


Nothing happened.

"Eh?" Rin was clearly taken aback with what happened. She shakes her card in Ruby's 'Face' irritatingly, "Ruby! I said INCLUDE!"

"What's wrong with you, Sapphire?" Luvia's reaction was the same as her rival's.

"Oh Root! I can't put up with you two anymore!" Ruby said in annoyed tone, like an annoyed teacher, making a face palm gesture with one of its wings. "The great father lent us, the Kaleidosticks, to you two so you would cooperate and complete this mission."

"Luvia-sama, Rin-sama." Sapphire continued, "Due to your arrogance and your show of disregard for the mission, I'm afraid I must conclude that you are unfit to be our masters."

Both girls look at the stick in their hand. There are clear signs of anger and at the same time look unconvinced by what the Kaleidosticks just said.

"And so!" Ruby leaves Rin's hand.

"Though it's truly selfish of us." Sapphire, following its sibling, leaves Luvia's hand.

"We must leave you." Both of the sticks said in unison.

"Oi, wait!" Rin's anger growing thicker in her voice, "How dare you, a worthless stick, betray us!"

"Yahaha... Rin-san is no longer my master!" Ruby said in a mocking tone.

"I will never forgive you, Sapphire!" Following Rin's example, Luvia also directs her anger and contempt towards Sapphire.

"I apologize, ex-Master." Sapphire said with a bow.

"Oho! We almost forgot!" Ruby said suddenly, "Shouldn't you more worried about how you will land?"

Both Luvia and Rin looked themselves over. They didn't have their without their Mystic Codes and were now wearing their regular clothes. Oh, yes. Without the Mystic Codes, their magical ability to fly also disappears and then...

Oh, they're already falling.

And with the disappearance of their ex-masters, both Kaleidosticks begin their adventure to find their new masters.

Act 3: And Then, Everything Went Wrong

Mahou Shoujo. Every girl in Japan must know what they are and at some point of their childhood, dream to be one. They spam beams, exterminate evil while donning a cute costume, and with a cute familiar too. Even after becoming 12 years old, I still dream to be one.

Life wouldn't be boring with magic around us, right? Although that'd be troublesome.

When the credits of Mahou Shoujo Bushidou start rolling, a sign that the current season has finished, I was overcome with happiness. A satisfied feeling that I could finish this anime in one day and still feel the lingering effect of awe. A pink haired girl with a magical sword who exterminates every evil monster in the way with a beam that is hardly forgettable.

And cute.

It's just too cute that I forgot how long I've been watching it. Leysritt even fell asleep beside me.

"Illya-san, it's late already, so take your bath." Sella said from the kitchen.


Still with every awesome scene, costume, and power up from what I just rewinded in my mind, I brought myself into the bathroom. Onii-chan must be doing something in his shed tonight, as usual. Both Onii-chan and Papa never allow me to know what's in there, but when thinking about their shared hobbies it must be something to do with machines and the like.

*Sigh* Maybe watching the entire season in one day wasn't such a good idea.

After stripping myself, I soak my body with hot water and then get into the bathtub.

"Magic, eh?" I mumble idly, "If there was such a thing as magic, I could do anything."

Fly in the sky, for example? Do my homework in instant? Make Onii-chan fall in love with me?

"No, no, no, no..." I said, splashing the water everywhere and then slumped lower into the tub, half of my face into the water. I have to throw that into the corner of my mind. Ah... But maybe, just maybe. It'd be fun?

It was then that a light caught my attention. Moving very fast and...

"Maybe if I turned off the light I could see it clearly."

I rise up from the tub to turn off the bathroom light. After making sure that the stars and moonlight are the only things to shine in the bathroom, I return to the bathtub. Is that a meteor? Or a shooting star, maybe? Or a Mahou Shoujo fighting against a tentacle monster.


Let's forget about the last one.

Ah, but that light, it's so pretty, and…

"It's headed this way!?"

And then the door suddenly opened, the light turned on and I turn around to find Onii-chan wearing only a towel around his waist.

I close my eyes, duck, cover my naked body, and before I could shout, a loud 'thunk' was heard. When I open my eyes, I see Onii-chan splayed out on the bathroom floor, a strange object hovering over his face.

"Ah, you dodged me, then?" The strange stick with winged-star ornament on its head said, "I hoped to end this quickly."

I don't know how to react to Onii-chan who was apparently knocked out, almost naked. But, eh?

"Well, whatever," The stick said, with a gesture that a stick shouldn't be able to do, "Nice to meet you! I'm the magic stick of love and justice, Magical Ruby-chan DESUUU!" Eh…What? "You there... How would you like to become a magical girl?"

Silence ensued.

'Suspicious...' I thought.

However I look at it, that stick is suspicious.

What is this anime-like situation? I don't understand a word this thing has said.

"For now, can you get off Onii-chan's face?" I asked.

"Ah... This loser-looking brat is your brother?" The stick dancing on Onii-chan's nose with a mocking tone.

"Onii-chan is not a loser!" I said angrily.

The stick stopped its dance. At first, I thought it'd comply, then it lifted the towel that my brother wore around his waist and gave me a full view of... Gah! That is...! Suddenly, I can feel blood dripping from my nose.

"What are you doing, pervert!?"

I throw a bar of soap at the stick, but it swiftly dodges and approaches me in front of my face.

"Ahahaha... That was just a joke." The stick said, "Oho... Your nose is bleeding."

Unknown to Illya, her brother isn't as unconscious as he seems... Only Shirou's hearing remains, albeit a bit faint. After getting knocked out by something, Shirou found himself restrained by magic with all his senses cut off, save for his hearing. Shirou was also unable move his limbs or any part of his body, for that matter. Someone magically paralyzed him.

Reinforcing his hearing, he tries to listen in on a conversation, if it could be called that.

"Aha... So you love your big brother, eh?" A foreign voice said as if playing along, but at the same time manipulating.

"That... that... that." This time, its Illya's voice, maybe blushing due to embarrassment. Shirou can't help but smile –If only he can move his lips to make one, after all it's a fact well known and an open secret in the von Einzbern-Emiya household.

But not now! This is not the time to be thinking about that.

"You pervert!" Again, Illya's angry voice, but it suddenly went silent.

What happened? Is this foreign voice violating Illya? Shirou tried to move every muscle in his body in panic, but nothing happened.

"First condition, blood. Second condition, a maiden's love. Third condition, contact. All conditions complete." almost robotically, the foreign voice asked, "Now, Little girl, what is your name?"

"Illyasviel von Einzbern-Emiya," Shirou's sister answered.

It was then Shirou felt massive amount of prana washing over him. Something happened, he thought, and he must free himself from whatever is restricting his movements. Kiritsugu and Irisviel would never forgive him if Illya should encounter a magical creature that would form a contract with her and draw her into despair.

Even if it's too late, Shirou would kill that creature. Consequences be damned.

Act 4 : Rin's Thoughts

Tohsaka Rin is a hard worker and has a high sense of self-esteem. She still remained, even though that stupid stick cut off their contract and, subsequently, had her plummet to the ground. But, she is still here for the sake of the mission that was given to her.

Her pride will never allow her to fail.

But when a golden light shines brightly, making a pillar towards the sky, Rin knew that whatever just happened, she failed.

But even with that major setback, she will finish the mission no matter what. With pride as her weapon, Rin runs toward the source of the light.

Act 5 : Contract Formed

"The New Kaleido Ruby, Prisma Illya, is successfully born!"

Without realizing it I've gone through an embarrassing transformation sequence that was, thankfully, written off-screen by the author because of expensive animation fee and shan't be described. I don't know what just happened, but I do know that whatever this is, it's out of my hands.

"Wait! What is this?" I look at myself, still with the stick in my hand, wearing a pink frilly dress - no, costume would be the correct term, "Have I really become a Mahou Shoujo?" I still can't believe it even though I'm experiencing it.

Waaah! Why am I outside?! Why am I not wearing panties?

"What the hell are you doing, perverted stick!" I asked furiously to the stick in my hand, "How embarrassing! This is so shameful!"

"No, no! This is normal, Illya." the Stick replied, "It's the perfect match for a loli magical girl! It's completely different from that old hag from before."

"Just who is..." A demonic voice suddenly said, "an old hag!?" Then she appeared.

A demon - ehem - a twin-tailed girl with a demonic aura wearing a red, long-sleeved top and a black mini skirt.

"Rin survived!" Ruby said in panic.

"That was a really wonderful experience, Ruby..." the girl – Now, recognized as Rin-san - said in a sarcastic manner, cracking her knuckles and is slowly approaching us, "I'll give you a lesson on who is your real master!"

"No, no, no! Illya-san is now my master, so you don't need to teach me anything." Ruby said while shaking its head(?).

"N-No! I'm not!" I said as quickly as possible before the scary girl in front of me decides release her anger upon me, "It's a scam! It tricked me into it! Before I realized it, I ended up this way!"

"Oh, well... I can imagine." Rin-san's expression softened and then she looked towards me, "Anyways, can you give that stick back? He is useless but I can't do anything without him."

Nodding, I give the stick to Rin-san. She grabs it, but it seems I can't release it from my hand. She pulls me along while trying to take the stick out of my hands, but fails multiple times. Her expression reverts back to anger.

"Hyahahahaha!" A villain-like laughter can be heard from the stick. "I've already overwritten your data with Illya-san's. Whether she likes it or not, unless I choose to permit it, it's impossible to change Masters."


Suddenly, the stick found itself crashed into wall. With Ruby still between Rin-san's hand and the cracked wall, Rin-san gives a satisfied smile. I made a mental note to not do anything that may anger this girl.

Suddenly, a bright light emanated from Ruby's ornament, knocking Rin-san to the ground and Ruby somehow pulls me away to distance myself from Rin-san.

"Waaah! What are you doing!?" I asked in anger, "You just attacked an angry lion!"

"Say that to Rin-san." Ruby said, "I'm not going back with you! Go back to your country, you old hag!"

Oh... Oh... Here she comes. Rin-san stands up, with jewel in hand and looking more dangerous than ever. She throws the jewel and in reflex, I close my eyes. There's explosion, since I can hear it, but my body's unharmed. As I open my eyes, a thick pinkish light is surrounding my body.

"Are you forgetting about my super strong barrier, you old hag?" said mockingly, Ruby makes an impossible gesture for stick, shaking its body and then giving a peace sign.

Rin-san throws a second jewel and another explosion occurs, or it should've. This time however, instead of an explosion, it was a blinding light and an ear-deafening sound. What just happened?

My vision turned white.

Someway, somehow... I just know that my brother will come to save me.

Act 6 : An Older Brother's Duty

What Emiya Shirou wants is – like his step parents - a calm life so that he could enjoy his life with his family. He is well aware of the existence of magic and that it's very dangerous. His father once said that walking down path of the magus is to walk with death. It's no wonder that Shirou wants to keep the knowledge of the existence of magic away from his sister.

He promised Kiritsugu that he'd protect Illya. Besides, it was his responsibility, after all, as an older brother.

At this point, however, Shirou knows it won't be easy.

Finally, he regains his movement. After getting the clothes he was to wear after taking a bath, which a long-sleeve white top and black pants, Shirou jumped from the bathroom window and braced himself for anything. Most likely for an offensive attack. That would be the ideal so that he could respond in kind. But, there was no attack. Instead it was...

A magical flash bang. Whoever made this must be genius.

Shirou –thankfully - was not affected. He sees the situation, an unknown female assailant and her little sister... in a costume? There'll be plenty of time after this to talk with his sister about her new-found cosplay hobby. Reinforcing his arms, Shirou goes for a decisive strike by aiming for the offender's head, or face to be precise, but she redirected the punch and it hit only air. She then distances herself from the intruder, by jumping back several meters. Seeing as this as a chance, he grabs Illya bridal style and also jumps back several meters. Before putting her down so she could stand up on her own, he sees that she is flushed a crimson red. Did she get a cold from wearing such a costume in the middle of the night? Even more reason to end this... whatever it is.

Reinforcing his eyes, he takes a closer look at the woman, no... girl. He sighs, he knows who this person is.

"Tohsaka, I thought you were smart enough not to involve civilians in your... problems" Shirou said.

The twin-tailed girl looks at the boy in disbelief. 'How does Onii-chan know her? Is he a magus too? No, that's impossible.' That was what was going through Illya's mind. But looking at the red-haired boy, she can't deny it.

"E... Emiya? W-What are you doing here?"

Like Shirou expected, the Tohsaka heir's voice was heard. Of course he knows about the "Second Owner" of Fuyuki City.

"Isn't it obvious? I will always protect my beloved little sister." Shirou answered, unbeknownst to him Illya's blushing went up a shade higher, only to revert back upon hearing what her brother said next, "And you just alarmed the von Einzbern-Emiya family by involving her."

"Don't tell me, tell that to the stupid stick!" Rin said in anger tone, "That thing's the one who tricked your sister to form a contr- Wait, your SISTER!?"

Shirou nods.

"Heh! It's that stick's fault!" Rin pointed towards weird stick in Illya's right hand.

"Hyahahaha! If you didn't want to involve a civilian, you should've done your own job right in the first place." The stick replied mockingly.

"Shu... Shut up!" Rin interjected, "For now, can we talk? I mean no harm, plus I don't want to involve your parents in this matter."

Shirou thought about it for a second and then nodded. Knowing that the Einzbern maids already left the situation for Shirou to handle and their parents won't be coming back for a few days, he has all the time in the world. Not really, human beings still have to sleep.


"Illya, it seems you're stuck in a pretty bad situation." Shirou said and in a whisper he continued, "But don't worry. From here on out, like always, I will protect you."

For some reason, Illya's face flushed once more and she hides her face... by planting it in her brother's chest. Shirou then looks at the twin-tailed girl again.

"My mission here is... no, was to not involve Illya in our world." Shirou said, "Thanks to you, it's impossible now."

"I apologize for the inconvenience, sir." The stick said, "But Illya-san's contract can't be severed and Tohsaka Rin is not the ideal person for sealing the class cards."

"Class card?"

"Seven cards that will endanger this world if we leave them alone." Rin answered, "It was originally my mission until something happened and Ruby betrayed me."

"Then I will..."

"You can't." Ruby cut off whatever he was going to say, "Only a maiden is able to use me."

"Emiya, how about you join us?" Rin asked, "You want to protect your little sister, right? I will release her when all the class cards have been sealed. I will force Ruby to do so. But for now, we can't force the Kaleidostick, it's too dangerous, both for us and the girl. And besides, as we're speaking, some of the cards have already been activated."

Shirou pondered a bit. He doesn't want Illya involved in all of this crap, but he doesn't have a choice. The class cards – based on what the stick and Rin said - are too dangerous to be left alone.

"If she chooses to do something, let her be." Irisviel's words a few years back echo in Shirou's head. In the end, it was Illya's choice.

"What do you think, Illya? Shirou asked.

"As long as Onii-chan is with me," Still hiding her face, Illya answered, "I'll do it."

"Okay, enough flirting." Rin said, "Can we sit somewhere so I can explain it in more detail?"

"Come with me," Shirou said, "Illya still has to finish her bath."

With that said, the three (four including Ruby) enter the house through the bathroom window. Whatever happens, Illya has entangled herself in a complicated situation without realizing it. And, as a brother, it's Shirou's duty to protect her.

Act 7 : Objective Set

Finishing my interrupted bath, I found Onii-chan sitting in the living room alone. Sella and Leysritt are already asleep and papa and mama are still on their lovey-dovey trip. I approach him and sit beside him.

"Illya, you sure want to do this?" Onii-chan asked.

"I don't have any choice, right?" I said, touching Ruby who's resting on top of my head, "What would you do if you were in my position, Onii-chan?"

"Finish it as soon as possible without any unnecessary deaths." Onii-chan answered, "Kiritsugu would do the same. And I'm sure Iri…" He stops his sentence to tremble a bit, then sighs. "And I'm sure mama wouldn't tell you to do nothing in this situation."

"Then, this is worth doing, right?" I give a smile, "A Mahou Shoujo, Eh?"

It seems magic really has given me a chance to shorten our distance. Maybe, just maybe, Onii-chan will fall in love with me after all of this.

Chapter 1: Everything Is Better With Sparkles [END]

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