Fate/Kaleido : Jewel Card

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Chapter 6 : Dark Magical Girl

Chapter 6, Act 1: The After match

"Shirou, you said you want to save everything, right?" Papa's voice suddenly appeared in my mind.

I don't' know why, but that scene appeared in my dream. We sat in our old house's terrace with watermelon in each of our hand. I forgot how old I am that time, but somehow, this forgotten conversation back as a dream.

"And why is that hard?" Onii-chan asked his face look curious while I sit beside her.

"Saving one person means not being able to save everyone," Papa answered, "So the best I can do now is to protect you, my family."

"Even so, I want to save everyone," Shirou said, determined.

"Illya is not Hero," I chimed, "Illya is still a kid, so Illya can't save everyone in need. But Illya is not alone. So, Instead save everyone, Illya will save Onii-chan," I said it with the same determination as Onii-chan.

Onii-chan smiled and then pats my head. Somehow, I can also hear Mama shouting 'Cute!' behind my back and then hug us. And slowly, the scene is faded.

I opened my eyes. My mind is a bit blurry, but I can remember well how…

"Onii-chan!" I gasped.

Looking around, I found Sakura-chan, Nanoha-chan and Tomoyo-chan still asleep.

"Your brother is okay," from the table, Kero answered, "I still don't know how. But he survives. He doesn't even need hospital."

On that, I relieved. As long as Onii-chan is okay, that's fine.

"Then, where is he?" I asked again.

"Oh, Illya-chan, you are awake?" Tomoyo wipe his eyes and then looking at me, "Shirou-san said you should be here until you back to normal. So, after he leaves you here, Shirou-san went home.

"Back to normal?" I asked curiously.

Then, I caught my reflection in the mirror beside the door.

I look at my reflection in the mirror. A white-haired girl with red eyes only wearing loose pajama. We look at each other for a few Second. She is not that tall, in fact, she is so small.

Why does this girl become my reflection?

Then, it struck me.

I have reverted back to seven years old girl.

What happen?

Tohsaka Rin is a hard worker with high sense self-esteem. Although what happen last night make her couldn't sleep, she still comes to Emiya's house in the morning, all to get the answer for the boy.

Get stabbed by a noble phantasm will make any normal human fatally injured. Clearly Emiya is not human if he still stands after such attack.

"Oh, Miss Honorary Student is also here?"

A voice make Rin surprised, looking back he found Kinomoto Touya with his usual aloof expression accompanied by Yukito. Both boys are the same class as her but somehow they are barely getting along.

"Good morning, Tohsaka-san," Yukito greeted.

Of course, for Yukito, everyone is a friend.

"Oh, Tohsaka, Good morning," Then Emiya come out from his house, "Good morning too, Touya, Yuki."

"Good morning, Shirou-kun," Yuki greeted while Touya only nodded in acknowledgement.

"So, is there anything I can help, Tohsaka?" Emiya asked.

"Ah…well, ar…are you okay?" Rin asked, "After get stabbed last night, I co…I couldn't believe that you are one hundred percent fine."

NO! Rin cursed in her mind, that's not what Rin want to ask! She internally screamed.

"I am fine, don't worry about me," Emiya give a smile that instantly make Rin freeze.

A heartbeat later, she said, "I…I am not worry about you!"

Yukito chuckled while Touya only snorted.

"Anyway, let's go," Touya said while began to walking ahead.

"Where?" Rin asked.

"We will go to Daidoji-san's house," Emiya answered, "We leave our sister there, remember? They barely awake after last night battle."

"Sorry," suddenly Rin felt regret.

"It's nothing to worry about," Emiya said, "so, you come?"

Rin shake her head. After what happen last night, with Emiya get stabbed and Illya lost control of her power, she didn't think she can meet Illya yet. She needs to calm herself first. Asking how is Shirou still alive after such injury and how Illya posses such incredible power is for someday to ask.

Von Einzbern-Emiya is not normal family, after all. And she doubt Magus Killer would be happy when he knows Rin asking around about them.

The image of terrifying Magus Killer floating in her mind.

"Anyway, Good bye," and with that, Rin leave the boys.

Rin walking along the street. Thinking about things that happen so far. Class Card hunting has become dangerous, she need to report to Clock Tower what happen here and maybe force Ruby to severe her contract with Illya.

Running away is not Tohsaka's style, but to get innocent people involved is not what she would do, even her father didn't care.

But her plan is utterly ruined by a little bird that landed in her shoulders. What is it? Rin wondered. She can faintly feel magic in the bird. The bird is clearly not normal. When Rin touch the bird, the bird transformed into an envelope with Li Clan's insignia.

Oh, she will have a great day! Rin thought sarcastically.

"So, somehow, I got turned from twelve years old little girl into seven years old even more little girl," I said while looking at myself who now dressed in long sleeved white shirt and a knee-length blue skirt.

It's a bit loose, but otherwise looks perfect. And I am cute! I want to take her home and hug her all day. But…that's me! How am I supposed to hug myself?

No, that's not the point.

"But, You are so cute, Illya-chan!" Said Tomoyo-chan while flashing her camera to me.

Now, this is embarrassing.

Four of us sitting around a table with a tea and a cake. Somehow, this little tea party makes me calmed down. I am furiously wanted to go home when I realize that I have been lolified. That and I want to see Onii-chan with my own eyes. But Tomoyo-chan forces me to stay.

"I will make a scrap book of you three like what I do to Sakura-chan when we elementary school!" Tomoyo said while Sakura-chan face darkened in red shade.

I make a sigh. I need to ask Onii-chan what happen to me. Tomoyo-chan has told me what happen last night and when my mind finally cleared from the confusion and maybe concussion, I remember Onii-chan.

That bloody scene…

"How long I will be even more little girl?" I asked. Change the topic to forget that bloody scene as soon as possible.

"12 hours, he said," Nanoha-chan answered, "So, 6 hours remain," she check the clock in the wall, "Thanks God it's Sunday," she added with smile.

"I have many questions about what happen to you and Shirou," Yuuno said, "But I don't know if I will get the answer."

"I don't recall anything about magic before this," I admitted, "or what happen before I turn seven."

"Memories defect?" Kero murmured, "No, No. That's impossible," he then dismissed.

"But Illya-san," Ruby who floating around, added, "I will forbid you use magic for the time being," She said, "I don't know what happen to you, but I am worried you knoooow!" she said with exaggerated tone.

"Thanks' Ruby," I said, "you too, Tomoyo-chan, Sakura-chan, Nanoha-chan."

"It's no problem," Nanoha answered, "It also thanks' to you we get two more Jewel Seed, Illya-chan."

"We are friends," Tomoyo declared, "And a Mahou Shoujo Team, so we help each others. Right, Sakura-chan?"

And another picture taken.

"Now, let's eat the cake!" Sakura-chan, smiling widely, as she takes another plate, "And maybe it will help you to be big again."

"If you want to make Illya-chan Big again, Sakura-chan," Tomoyo also take a place in front of Sakura-chan, pouring a tea to her cup, "you can use The Big."

"I reserve The Big to crush Onii-chan," Sakura-said with determined expression.

"Why? You don't like your brother?" I asked.

"Touya-san is a bit mean," Tomoyo-chan answered, followed by Sakura-chan nod, "But he mean well."

"What, really?" Sakura shocked.

"Oblivious as usual," Nanoha chuckled, "Can you eat by yourself, Illya-chan?"

"I am okay, I am grown girl after all," I answered confidently.

But apparently, it's not convincing when I said it in seven years old even more little girl body. I make a sigh.

"Why does all chair and table here so high?" I protested while began to eat my own cake.

"It's just you who smaller," Tomoyo giggled.

Sakura-chan nodded, "Suddenly become small always do that," Sakura-chan agreed, "It's like when I caught The Small. With too big Sealing Wand, I must catch The Small spirit. I am almost drowning!"

We laughed together when Sakura-chan told us the story in detail. Everything is when well and fun. Although my body is shrink, I am glad didn't endure what Sakura-chan endure.

When suddenly…

"Jewel Seed signature magic detected!" Ruby chimed.

"Yuuno-kun!" Nanoha-chan shouted in panic, "Is it around here?"

"It's from outside!" Kero confirmed, "Also…"

"Something…I don't know what…is coming…!" Sakura added.

With that, we rushed out.

Chapter 6, act 2: A rival spotted

Tomoyo's house is a big house comes straight out from the anime. With a very wide garden surrounding the house complete with a forest-like terrain. There are many open spaces in Tomoyo's garden, a nice place to picnic.

But when Sakura and her friends running through the forest, it suddenly look scary than nice. Nanoha lead the team towards the trouble while Illya is behind them running with small step until Kero and Ruby get annoyed and take her back collar and fly together.

Meanwhile, Kero jumped from Nanoha's head and activating some magic Sakura don't know followed by a Mid-childan magical circle under his feet. Suddenly the forest turns black and white with only them who remain with color.

"What are you just doing, Yuuno-kun?" Nanoha asked.

"Since there is a good chance someone seeing us using magic," Yuuno explained, "I put up this barrier."

"A barrier?" Illya –still floating beside Sakura- asked, "Is it like Mirror world?"

"Mirror World is special construct that happen only when Class Card materialized," Ruby explained, "There is no way…

"I can't make something that elaborate now, but give me time, I probably can make it," Yuuno answered.

"What?" Ruby look at the ferret surprised, "Seriously?"

Ignoring Ruby question, they continue to run towards the source of trouble. Finally, when they reach an open space with many broken tree, they freeze. A big kitten…or rather…a giant kitten…walking in front of them obliviously, playing with some broken log happily.

"It's a cat!" Illya is the first one to react.

"Yes, A cat," Sakura agreed.

"That's the host of Jewel Seed?" Nanoha asked.

"Yes," Yuuno answered, "That kittens feeling of wanting to become big…were literally granted," he confirmed.

"Iyaaaaa….I guess not all Jewel Seed is trouble, right?" said Ruby while putting Illya down with Kero.

"It doesn't look like it will come after us," Nanoha said, "So, if we just seal it now, nice and quickly," Nanoha pull raising Heart from her neck.

"That should do," Sakura agreed, pulling out her star key.

But before them chanting their activation code, a yellow beam hit the cat. Looking back, Nanoha found the blonde girl with twin tail standing in the one of the tree. Her expression is blank and she wears a white miniskirt and black sleeveless shirt added by a black cape in her shoulder.

"Bardice. Photon Lancer!" the blonde girl said.

The black staff in her hand then chimed, {Photon lance. Full Auto Fire.}

And then several beams were launched. Hit the cat and make him fall with 'boom!'

"That device! That style of magic!" Yuuno surprised, "Nanoha, She is my world mage!" he said while climbing into Nanoha's head.

"One of your kin, I see," Kero said in amusement while transforming into his true form.

Nanoha quickly back to her sense and then began to spelled, "I, the one who accepted this mission, by the ancient contract, order you to release your power! A resolute heart beats within my chest, this magic in my hand…Raising heart! Set Up!"

{Stand By. Ready. Set Up!} Raising Heard chimed.

Raising Heart then change its form to a white-and-pink staff capped by a red jewel suspended within a partial gold ring with two exhaust valves. Another light enveloped Nanoha and change her normal clothes to her barrier jacket.

Sakura followed "Key that hides the power of the stars shows your true form before me. I, Sakura, command you under our contract. Release!" and then it grows from a key to a wand with star ornament on its tip.

"Sakura-chan! Put up your own costume!" Tomoyo ordered.

"The Create!" Sakura pull out her card, "Equip me with protection!"

The card acknowledge, enveloping Sakura in the golden light and slowly change it form to a pink dress with fuchsia traits on the chest, shoulders, neck, gloves and the second skirt. It then divided into two parts when reaching Sakura's waist. The first forming a long tail coats trailing down behind sakura's legs while the second following her skirt. A pair of wing badge embedded in her back.

"Nice one, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo praised.

"Kero-chan, Take Tomoyo-chan and Illya-chan away!" Sakura ordered with Ker obligingly followed.

"No, I will help!" Illya protested, but before she can protest any further, Ruby forcefully pull Illya up and make her sit in the Kero's back with Tomoyo. Kero quickly do his job and fly away from the battle area.

{Flier Fin!} Raising Heart chimed.

"The Fly!" Sakura called.

Both girls then fly towards sky after get their respective wing. By the time the second burst of attack launched. Nanoha landed in the giant cat's back and aimed Raising Heart into the blonde girl.

{Wide Area Protection!} Raising Heart chimed.

The attack successfully deflected. Sakura then take out The Arrow and called her name. The car turn her Key Wand into a bow followed by several beam arrow behind Sakura's back and one in her hand. When Sakura pull the arrow and then release it, the beam arrow behind her back also launched towards the blonde girl.

The blonde girl dodges Sakura's attack swiftly while creating several yellow ball of light. Some of them blow Sakura's arrow while another launched towards Nanoha and Sakura. One of the attack also blow up in one of the Giant cat's feet, make the cat went limp and throws Nanoha into ground. But a magical circle by Yuuno make Nanoha's fall harmless.

"Nanoha-chan, you okay?" Sakura asked.

"I'm fine," Nanoha answered.

Nanoha then looking at the blonde girl with determined expression. There is no way she will let her hurt the cat. But when carefully looking at the blonde girl expression, she found something different, something she also found in Miyu's face.

At that time, Takamachi Nanoha swears to befriend them.

Chapter 6, Act 3: Miyu's Big Damn Heroes

Fate Testarossa looking at the girls before her. There are four girl, two who ordinary people, one who mage like herself and one mysterious magic user. She use card instead a device.

Analyzing her chance, Fate murmured.

"Another mage searching for the Lost Logia like myself."

Hearing that, the girl with white barrier jacket seems taken aback.

"There is no doubt about it now," A ferret who standing in the mage's head said loudly, "She is comes from my world."

"Another device, I see," Another voice said.

Looking up, Fate found a winged lion with two passengers and a star thing with a wing floating around the white haired girl civilian. Who are they? Or rather, what are them?

"Seems like what Raising Heart-san said is true, after all," apparently, the voice is come from the star thing with a wing. Is she also Device? If so, why she is expressive? And why is she not assuming its combat mode with her owner?

"The Lost Logia…or rather, Jewel Seed," Fate then announced, "I will be the one to claim it."

{Scythe Form; Set Up} Bardiche chimed, change it forms to the scythe form.

"It changes!" The mysterious magic user said.

Both the white mage and the mysterious magic user seem surprised. Guess they are amateur after all, Fate thought. Holding Bardiche with two hands, Fate began to aimed

"I am sorry," Fate added and then lunged towards the white mage.

"Nanoha-chan," the mysterious magic user called, "The Shield! Protect us!"

A card then changed it form to a big shield that protecting both the white mage –now identified as Nanoha- and the mysterious magic user. The scythe reaches his target, but it's deflected by the big shield.

"Thanks, Sakura-chan!" Nanoha called, "Raising heart!" after calling her device name, her device chimed.

{Fier Flien} two pair of wing appeared in her feet and then Nanoha took off. The mysterious magic user –now identified as Sakura- pull another card.

"The Wood, Hold her down!" Sakura called.

The card then transformed into a woman with plant-like dress. Its lunging towards Fate and then surrounding her, followed by a plant that grow quickly, covering half of Fate's body. Fate struggle tried to release her.

{Arc Saber!} Bardiche chimed.

Its laser blade cut through the plant and then fled towards both girls.

{Protection!} Nanoha's device –identified as Raising Heart- chimed, make a shield before the girl. But a loud boom covering the girl with a smoke.

"Nanoha-chan!" The white haired girl in the winged lion called, "No, Ruby! I can't sit here while my friends are in danger!"

Friends? Fate wondering.

She then took off and lunged. Turn out Nanoha's protection is enough to receive damage given by arc saber. But that's will not long. Fate slashing bardiche towards the white mage, but a sword deflected the beam scythe.

Beside Nanoha, Sakura holding sword (Since when?) and then pull Fate back.

"Class Card Caster!" The white haired girl in the winged lion's back declared.

"Illya-chan, No!" the other one with violet hair try to prevent the girl to…whatever she will do.

The white haired girl –identified as Illya- ignoring her friends and then jumped down.


A mysterious magical circle appeared under her feet and when her body trough that circles, Illya landed in ground gracefully without impact, now wearing a hooded bluish-purple robe.

"Why are you attacking us?" Illya asked while preparing several ball of light around here, "I don't want to attack another magical girl, but if you hurt my friends…"

"Even if I answer it will probably mean nothing to you," Fate cut while landing before Illya.

This card…its give her bruise and hurt all over her body, but it worth using. Thanks to arf's research, she knows how to use its power and to what extent she can control it. It seems this card is not the only one, after all. Maybe if she can get all of them, her mother will be pleased.

"That's what Miyu-san said!" Illya shout, "I don't understand! Maybe I won't understand if you tell me, But I…no, we want to help! We don't want to fight like this, hurting each other like this!"

"Then, you should give up your Jewel Seed and forgot about it," Fate raise her card.

"That's card…" Illya paled, and hurriedly launch the light that gathered around her towards Fate.

"Class Card Berserker: Compile!" Fate chimed.

A strange magical circle appeared before Fate and then a big, the biggest man everyone there ever seen, covered with black mist and a power that terrifyingly high, jumped out from the magical circle, landed with a light earthquake.

"Rain of Light!" Illya chimed.

The ball of light behind her attacked, but the giant easily bruise it off. He raises his blade and then smash trough where Illya just stand if she is not teleported away to Nanoha's side.

"Nanoha-chan, Let me and Illya distract that…man," Sakura said, "Seal the Jewel Seed!"

"I won't let you!" Fate said, "Berserker!"

The man called Berserker roared, make all of her enemies trembled in fear. All of them is not move, looking at the giant, afraid of its power and didn't exactly know what to do. That what Fate's wants.

{Device Mode} Bardiche said {Photon Lancer, Get Set!}

"Illya!" another voice called, a girl with purple swimsuit-like costume landed in front of Illya, "Class Card Lancer : Include!" and then turning her wand into a blood red lance, "I will not allow anyone to hurt her!"

Again, Berserker roared. Both Illya and Nanoha landed on her butt, scared of the giant. But Sakura who landed beside Miyu smiled to them and then faced the giant.

"I am glad that you are helping, Miyu-chan," Sakura said, "But now, we must protect our friends."

Chapter 6, Act 4: What its mean to be 'friend'

Several Minutes before the blonde mage attack in Daidoji Mansion.

"I don't know what your issue with Illya-chan, but when people around her endangered, do you think she will back on and let you do the rest?"

"She can't do anything alone, either. So, Miyu-san. Can you help her?"

That sentence keeps resounding in Miyu's mind. Still cleaning the hall of Edelfelt Mansion that hurriedly build by her master, Miyu couldn't get her mind out from what Nanoha and Shirou-san said to him.

Like her brother, Miyu like to bear all alone. She can't believe anyone in her entire live. Her relationship with Luvia-san is a pact to keep her alive in this world so he can't believe anyone. Miyu can't believe all people to share her weigh alone, it will endanger them

But the last world of her brother before she departs into this world reminds Miyu that she can't do anything alone, either. She needs a friend.

What is friend?

So, Miyu-san. Can you help her?

Can she ask Illyasviel's help?

"Miyu, why are you spacing out?"

A sudden voice of Luvia's voice startled Miyu. Miyu keep her mouth shut, not bother to tell the older girl. But Luvia instead give her smile.

"I don't know what you are worried about, Miyu," She said, "But even though you can't look at me as family, can you at least speak as a friend?"

"Miyu-san," Luvia then look at the older girl, "What is friend?"

Miyu sudden question make Luvia froze, but she quickly regain her calmness and then pat Miyu's head.

"You already look at Illya and her friends, right?" Luvia asked.

Miyu nodded in response.

"What do you think?"

The question make Luvia ponder a bit. The different style of magic certainly good for their battle. But in term of strategies…

"They are foolish to trust each other in battle while they didn't know the extent of each other power," Miyu said.

"True, But they trust their back to each other anyway," Luvia nodded, "do you know why?"

"Because they are friend?" Miyu asked.

"Because they trust that what their friend does is what the best for all of them," Luvia answered, "I won't admit it to her, but I would do anything in my power to blasting enemy from Rin's back."

Miyu let Luvia's word sink for a few second and then nodded. She doesn't understand yet, But if possible, she want to try to befriend Illya-san and her gang. Maybe, someday, she can ask their help.

"Miyu-san, Luvia-san," Sapphire appeared, floated towards both girls with hurry, "Onee-san and the others girls are in danger!"

Only with that sentence, Miyu without hesitated grabs Sapphire, Transform and then jump out from the mansion. Luvia make a sigh and then smile. Hopefully, she was helping Miyu to open up more even not for her.

"Gae…Bolg!" the blood red lance launched towards the big monster and pierces his heart. For a moment, The Giant stop moving and then Sapphire transformed back and fly towards her master.

"The Wind! Don't let that girl reach the cat!" Sakura ordered.

The Wind transformed into its spirit form and then flies towards the blonde girl, blowing a wind towards her, but the blonde girl fly higher and launched another ball of yellow light. The wind re-directed the ball towards the girl, but the girl swiftly dodges her own attack.

"Illyasviel, Are you okay?" Miyu asked in panic.

Illya make a smile and then answered, "Thank you, Miyu-san," and suddenly the little girl collapsed with her clothes de-transformed into her civilian clothes.

Miyu caught the girl and feel a mana drained out from the girl and her body shrink more.

"Is she…"

"She is all right," Ruby said, floating towards her master with Kero and Tomoyo behind her, "But we need to get her out from here."

Suddenly a roar can be heard. Behind Miyu, The Giant stood still, his wound disappeared and Miyu found herself freeze. The Giant then attacked.

"The Shield! Protect them!" Sakura's voice sounded, "The Wood, Take her down!"

Quickly, The Shield appeared before them and deflected the giant might to smash the girl into piece. Miyu recovered and then send a big amount of Mana towards the Giant. The attack failed, Miyu quickly retreated followed by Kero with Tomoyo and Illya onboard fly away from the scene.

In the sky, The Blonde girl dodge all attempt of the Wood to catch her. Sakura quickly pull another card out and ordered.

"The Freeze! The Earthy! Make a barrier between that girl and the cat!" after a combination wall of Ice and rock formed and separating the blonde girl from the big cat, she then glancing towards Nanoha and ordered, "Yuuno-kun, how is Nanoha-chan?"

"I'm okay!" Nanoha answered, holding Raising Heart and aimed it at the big cat, "Raising Heart, are you ready!?"

{Sealing Mode. Set Up!} Raising Heart chimed and transforming into her Sealing Form.

"Berserker!" the blonde girl called.

The giant suddenly jump high and destroying the combination wall of ice and rock, the blonde girl rushed towards Nanoha.

"I'm sorry," she whispered and then exclaimed, "Bardiche!"

{Arc Saber!} Bardiche chimed.

A slash-shaped beam launched towards Nanoha. Its hit Nanoha and throw her away. The Blonde girl landed and then aimed bardiche towards the big cat.

"Nanoha-chan!", "Nanoha!", "Nanoha-chan!" Several voice called.

{Sealing Form. Set up.} Bardiche chimed.

Bardiche's axe head flips up 180 degrees and extends away from the handle, releasing three wings of energy from below the base, looking like a spear.

The blonde girl then ordered, "Capture!" a ball of light and four wing formed in Bardiche's head and then crashing the head of Bardiche to the ground. The ball of light launched towards the cat and gives the cat a shock.

A Jewel Seed appeared from the cat's back.

"Lost Logia…Jewel Seed Serial XIV," The girl said, "Seal!"

{Yes Sir!} Bardiche replied, and with quick move, a thunder appeared from the sky and struck the cat down, surrounding the cat with a yellow circle of thunder and then makes him shrink quickly.

The Jewel Seed fled towards Bardiche and disappeared into his yellow jewel. The blonde girl walk away, but Miyu rushed with Sapphire in hand. The blonde girl dodges Miyu's attack and with Mid-childan magical circle, disappeared from the area.

"That girl," Miyu whispered, "She is like me."

A.N : This marked the end of Illya's Arc and entering Nanoha's Arc. so, One card is in fate's hand and another card, the most dangerous one, still in mystery. the idea of Illya get Loli-fied as I call it, just an amusement I add and no real purpose. How to cure her will be revealed next chapter.

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