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Oh God. Why did he have to have a psychotic sister. Why did he have to be so soft. Why did he accept the blame? It wasn't even a little thing, like breaking a vase. No that was when they were children. Now they were adults, and she was utterly insane.

The blonde male flinched as the door closed behind him. It was final. He was in prison. For five years. Better him than his sister. He sneaked a look at the guard escorting him. Her face was blank and staring ahead, so he looked away. They were coming up on another door, and they stood in silence for a few seconds before it opened.

He gulped. They had arrived at the cells. The place quieted down as the two stepped in. His blue eyes quickly scanned the room, and immediately looked at the ground when he realized that almost all of them were much bigger than him.

"Hey Meiko, who's the new meat?" A white haired male jeered, leaning up against the bars of his cell. His red eyes bored into the blonde. "She looks rather pretty." He chuckled, before he began coughing hoarsely as if he smoked a pack a day.

The brunette woman, who the male referred to as Meiko, rolled her eyes. "You run out of cigarettes again, Dell?"

The white haired male snorted, and the two continued to walk.

"Meiko! My cell is getting pretty lonely. I wouldn't mind if you spent the night in here with me." Another male called from his cell, this one with dark blue hair. "Oh, I didn't even see the chick next to you. She can come too, if you want."

"Maybe another day."

Len was in awe at how easily Meiko deflected their advances, and slightly annoyed that he kept getting called a girl. So what if his hair was longer than the average male? He had seen males with long hair that didn't look like girls. Curse his feminine frame.

They stopped in front of a cell. "Oi. Kamui. You got a room mate." Meiko said.

A sigh came from within the darkened cell. "I was trying to sleep Meiko."

The cell was pretty small with a bunk bed. It had a toilet in the corner which made Len shudder. The blanket in the bottom bed of the bunk moved, and a man stretched before standing up. He was pretty tall with a lean yet muscular frame. The orange jumpsuit clashed horribly with his waist length purple hair.

The door opened, and Meiko nodded her head towards the entrance. "In, Kagamine."

Hesitantly, Len stepped in, and the door closed behind him. He stiffened as the Kamui guy touched his hair. "Don't touch me." The younger said with a scowl.

"Mmm. You're pretty feisty for one so small. You seem like you're twelve. I'm Gakupo Kamui, but you can call me master."

Len's face flushed in anger. "I'm twenty, Gakupo." He said, emphasizing the use of the man's first name. When he was younger, he was often mistaken for a girl, and it gave him a complex. Everybody would always coo about how cute he was, and his twin would poke fun at him for that.

Gakupo's face lit up. "How cute. You'll make a perfect little girlfriend."

The younger's eye twitched with annoyance. This was just what he needed. He wanted to be mad at his sister, but he just couldn't. There was something wrong with her. Something terribly wrong. Even though it was all his sisters fault that he was in prison, he couldn't blame her. It was his fault anyways for saying he did it.

"You're so cute. I can't wait to show you off tomorrow at lunch." Gakupo practically sang,lying back down on his bunk. "Don't worry, I won't jump you. Tonight at least." He yawned. "I'm too sleepy."

There was that eye twitch again. "I-" He was cut off by the snoring coming from the lilac haired man. Maybe he should get a doctor to check out his eye. He shook his head. There would be no sleep that night. He glanced out through the bars to see a pink haired male in the cell across from him, and his expression was blank, and he stared at Len.

What was up with all of the unnatural hair colors? He ran a hand through his own golden blond hair, and crawled up to the top bunk. The blanket was pretty thin, and the pillow a bit flat, but here ignored it, and faced towards the wall opposite the one his back was against.

Len had survived the first ten or so minutes in prison, but tomorrow he would have to come into contact with the rest of the inmates, and deal with that creeper Gakupo. He wasn't relishing the thought of being owned by another male.

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