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If looks could kill then Leon, as Dell had called him, would be six feet under.

Relief washed over Len. Sure, Dell wasn't his first choice for a hero, but at least he was being saved.

"Don't think that I'm doing this because I like you, kid. I'm only doing this for Gakupo. He likes you for some reason, and he would kill me if he knew I saw you getting raped by Leon."

Leon stepped away from the younger, and gave Dell a wry grin. "He said he didn't have a daddy. I thought he was free game. Gakupo's his daddy? " He held up his hands in surrender. "My bad."

"He isn't, but Gakupo has claimed him, and would probably fight you for him."

Fighting over him? Why did he feel like a high school girl?

"No doubt about it." Leon said cheerfully. "He's always hated me since I killed that security guard. Blamed me for getting us caught. Although I say it was Luki being a snitch."

"It's none of my business." Dell gruffly said.

"See you later, Dell." Leon gave Len an almost obsessive look before leaving. The look sent shivers down Len's spine, and he turned to Dell to thank him.


"Shut the fuck up, bitch. I don't like you. I told you, I'm only doing this for my own good. Now get."

Len nodded, and went back to his cell. He was caught up in a massive throng of people, no, they were prisoners, who were returning from lunch. When he got back to his cell, Gakupo wasn't there, and he climbed up to the top bunk. Leon had mentioned something about being the reason that he and Gakupo got caught. What did they do? Did Leon kill a security guard?

A sudden commotion came from right outside his cell, and he climbed down to the floor to check it out.

The pink haired man from the cell across from his was lying on the ground in the fetal position,covering his neck. Leon was kicking him in the stomach. Most of the prisoners just went around them, pointedly ignoring them.

Should he go help the pink haired man? Was that blood he was coughing up? Why was Leon hurting him?

"Bastard." Leon growled giving him one final kick, that made the blue eyed male cough up some more blood, before straightening up like nothing had happened. His expression immediately changed from scary to happy, making Len wonder if Leon was just the tiniest bit unhinged. Him and his sister would make great friends.

"Hello Len!"

When had he given the other blond his name? He didn't remember giving it, nor Dell saying it earlier.

The pink haired man stood up, and wiped the blood off of his mouth. He scowled, and sent Leon an annoyed look before going back to his cell, running a hand through his hair. He nodded at Len when he saw him looking, and he looked just a bit relieved when Leon's attention was off of him.

"Leon..." Len trailed off, uncertain as to what he should say to a man who tried seducing him into being his punk.

The man's smile seemed to grow even more at the use of his name, and Len decided that he was definitely insane.

"Excuse me, Leon. I have to get to my cell." Gakupo's cool voice sliced through the air, startling Len, and making him look up shame faced as if he had been caught cheating. Gakupo wore an emotionless face, as he slid past the blond into his cell. "Don't you have somewhere to be right now, Leon?" The only slightest hint of emotion in his sentence was when he spoke Leon's name.

"You wound me, Gakupo. It almost, take note almost, sounds like you don't want me here." Leon feigned hurt. "Which I don't get. I thought we were bestest buddies."

Gakupo shook his head. "You misunderstand. I'm just saying that they'll be closing the doors soon. It would be wise to get back to your cell."

"It probably would." Leon nodded. "Good bye, Gakupo. Bye Len." When Gakupo turned his back on the blond, Leon blew Len a kiss before disappearing into the crowd.

Gakupo stared at Len, making him fidget, and become suddenly interested in his fingernails.

"Look at me."

Reluctantly, Len raised his head, and was immediately transfixed by his unwavering look. He gulped. "Y-yeah?" Gakupo seemed too serious. It was a change from his helpful personality earlier.

Gakupo raised his hands, and put them on either side of the younger's face, so that he was cupping his face. Len expected him to lean over and kiss him, but was surprised when he slapped him.

"What the hell was that for?" Len fumed, tentatively touching his right cheek. "I didn't even do anything!"

"Be respectful to your elders. Don't you 'yeah' me."

"Whatever." Len scowled, crossing his arms, and looking away, trying to keep from crying. He was a man! Dammit! He wasn't going to sob like a hormonal teenage girl who got rejected from her crush. He wasn't upset at all that his cell mate, his very attractive cell mate at that, had slapped him. Didn't upset him one bit.

Gakupo raised a lavender eyebrow. "Whatever?"

"Jeez. Don't slap me again. I meant okay, not whatever." Len cringed, awaiting another slap, but was surprised again, this time pleasantly, that Gakupo put a hand on his head. He meekly looked up.

"Don't talk to Leon." Gakupo was staring at the cell across from theirs where the man, who the afore mentioned blond had beaten up, was laying on the bottom bunk, some unknown man on the top. "Or Luki."

"Eh? Why? Is Luki that guy?" He pointed at the pink haired man.

"Yes, and it's rude to point."

"Thanks, dad." Len sarcastically said, rolling his eyes. "I needed a lesson on manners from somebody who acted like they were going to rape me last night."

The hand on his head tightened, nails digging into his scalp.

"Sorry! Could you stop treating me like a five year old? I'm like six years younger than you!"

An amused smile played on Gakupo's face. "I can assure you that you aren't six years younger than me. You think I'm twenty six?"

"Give or take a couple of years."

Gakupo chuckled. "More like give seven years."

"Wha- You're an old person! That makes it even creepier!" He swatted away the apparent thirty three year old's hand, and backed away from him. "Weirdo! You're like thirteen years older than me! Gah! I bet you get off on having a twenty year old like you."

"You like me?"

Len paled. He did not just tell him that. "No! I'm just thankful that you've helped me!"

"You aren't scared that I might have an ulterior motive for helping you? You're very naive, aren't you?"

"Am not! Now tell me why you don't want me to talk to Leon and Luki." Len smoothly transitioned their talk to another subject. Very smoothly.

"Because I said so."

"Stop acting like a parent!"

"Would a parent do this?" Gakupo leaned over, and kissed the blond boy.

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