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That's the first thing I remember.

It was dark.

And it was cold.

And I was scared.

In the dark water was a figure of a young teenage boy. He started to float upwards toward the surface. He wore a simple white shirt, brown vest, brown cloak, and tight tan pants that were torn near his calves. What was odd about him was that his hair was snow white. He started to open his eyes, which were icy blue.

But then, then I saw the moon.

It was so big and so bright.

It seemed to chase the darkness away.

The surface was covered with a thick layer of ice, but it cracked when the boy had reached it. Once he was clear of the water, he started to breathe heavily. Never had air felt better to go into his lungs. He panted for a moment as he continued to float in the air. He took a moment to take in gulps of air before he stared up at the moon. As he did, he could feel his fear going away.

And when it did, I wasn't scared anymore.

Slowly, the boy was lowered back to the ice covered lake. Once his bare feet made in contact, the hole that he had come up through disappeared.

Why I was there and what I was meant to do, that I would never know.

The teenage boy took a moment to look at himself. He examined his fingers and glanced down at his clothes. He could see he was unaffected by the coldness of the ice. This kind of surprised him.

And a part of me wonders if I ever will.

He then glanced up at the moon as the light seemed to dim. He merely smiled before he placed his foot forward. He nearly slipped but managed to catch his balance in time. A small chuckle escaped his lips while he shifted his eyes about. He walked forward when he felt something hard underneath one of his foot. Quickly looking down, he saw it was gnarled wooden staff with a strange G shape at one end. Curious, he poked the staff with one his toes and saw to his amazement that it began to glow blue upon contact.

He kneeled down beside the staff before picking it up. He started to examine it when one end hit the lake and he felt a burst of energy go off. He gasped before he looked down to see floral like patterns spread out upon the ice.

The boy stared in wonder and glanced down at the staff. He decided to see if the staff did that. Quickly he walked over to a few trees and tapped the hooked end to one of the oaks. More floral ice patterns began to spread. Enchanted, he placed his free hand on the pattern and saw that it did not feel cold. Smiling, he turned to another tree and tapped that one as well. More frost was made and he was starting to get excited. Chuckling, he turned and placing the hooked end of the staff down on the lake, he began to run about.

He was having a lot of fun as he watched the ice patterns spread throughout the iced lake. When he got to one end, he gasped as he felt a force of the wind pick him up and fly him through the air. He gave a cry of both surprise and fear. He hovered at least eighty feet in the air and could see the lake below. For a moment he floated there when the wind suddenly died down. He gasped again and started to fall.

He could feel pain go through him as he bounced down and through branches of trees. He finally managed to catch himself on one branch. Despite feeling a little achy from that fall, he managed to laugh. He took this moment to look ahead and saw from his current perch that there was village nearby. He hopped into a crouch position upon the branch and decided to head to that village. Maybe he can ask someone of where he was.

Realizing that he can use the wind to fly, he took off to the village. Since he still had yet to control on flying, he had trouble getting his destination. He managed to make it and tried to land smoothly. Only he merely tumbled to the ground. He chuckled while wiping the snow off his clothes. He rushed up to a woman who was walking nearby. He tried to wave at her, but she didn't seem to see him. He shrugged and tried someone else.

"Excuse me? Ma'am?" He questioned and he heard someone approaching. The boy turned and saw a little kid running toward him, "Oh hi, can you tell me where I am?" He began to question as he kneeled down to talk to the kid.

What happened next sent a jolt shock through him. The kid ran right through him as if he wasn't there. The white-haired boy gave a cry of horror at this while he straightened up. What just happened? Before he can ponder, he felt someone else go through him. He was shocked and scared to see this. Was he dead or something? He placed his free hand to his chest and could feel his heart beating really fast within his chest. He felt alive but how come these people are going through him like he was not even there?

"Hello?" He cried out and hoped that someone would hear him.

But no one turned in his direction. He backed up as the shock began to go away. Dread took its place and he was not sure of what to do.

My name is Jack Frost.

How do I know that?

The moon told me so.

Jack began to back away from the village and a remorseful look crossed his face.

But that was all he ever told me.

He then turned and began to walk back into the forest. He could feel a twinge of loneliness build up inside his heart.

And this happened some years ago. But before I get into my part of the story, I better tell you another story that links with my own.

The scene changes to the sun beaming down upon a country side.

You see, before I was awakened that night at the lake, many centuries ago, it started with the sun. From the sun, a single drop fell from it and from that drop was a beautiful golden flower.

A gold drop fell to a cliff and a flower blossomed. Nearby, an old woman saw the flower and her eyes were wide. She started to walk toward it.

You see that woman? You better pay attention to her because she plays an important role. In the land called Corona, and on an island far from the main shore was a kingdom that grew. It was ruled over by a king and queen.

Over the years, the kingdom grew and flourished upon the island with only a bridge to connect it to the main land. A bearded man, the king, was at the moment holding his lovely wife's hand. She was clearly pregnant but something was wrong.

The queen was going to have a baby. But she got sick; really sick.

The king turned to his guards and ordered them to find the legendary golden flower. He knew it was not long before his queen would past away and the baby within her could die as well.

The king had his subjects look for the golden flower that was supposed to heal anyone.

As the guards searched throughout Corona, up on the same cliff where the flower was, the same woman pulled away a fake bush.

See? I told she was important. This woman named Gothel had used the flower's magic for years and did not share it with anyone. She uses a special song to use the flower's magic.

Gothel pushed back her cloak's hood and began to sing,

Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

Once she was done singing, all the wrinkles faded away from her pale skin and her hair turned back to coal black. Her voice even changed. She smiled and felt really good to feel young once again.

So she sings and she turns young again. I know, I think it's really creepy.

Gothel could hear voices coming in her direction. She quickly covered the flower with the fake bush, grabbed her lantern and started to rush away. In her haste to hide, her lantern had pushed the fake bush away to show the flower. Once the woman had hid, the guards came around the corner and the one in front gasped when he saw the flower.

"We found it!" he announced and he and his fellow guards dug up the flower.

Gothel watched from her hiding place. She had a bad feeling something like this was going to happen. She followed the guards back to the kingdom. Back at the castle, the doctors put the golden flower into some broth.

Using the healing magic of the flower, the queen was healed. It was not long before she was going to have the baby. And that's where I come in.

The queen was saved and she soon gave birth to a baby. News spread across the kingdom and up above was a familiar figure. Despite it being summer, Jack Frost had decided to pay Corona a visit. He had heard the celebration and he wondered on what was going on.

It had been twelve years since he woke up from that lake. Jack directed the wind to take him down and he flew carefully throughout the town. Normally he never paid attention to this place but seeing all the uproar piqued his curiosity.

"I heard the queen had a baby girl! And she has beautiful golden hair!" Jack heard one of the townswomen speak to her friend.

"A baby girl with gold hair, huh? I take it she is in the castle right?" Jack questioned despite that he knew he could not be heard.

"It is rather unusual. I wonder where the baby got it?" The other woman asked her friend before Jack smirked,

"Okay now I am really curious. See you ladies later." Jack saluted and he started to fly to the castle.

He laughed a little before he made it to palace. It was his first time being here so he decided to scope out the place. Knowing none of the guards can see him, he strolled right into the palace. At first he was not sure of where to go but he did not have to look far for he saw the king and queen make their way down the hall across from where he stood.

He followed after them quickly and walked behind the royal couple. It was times like this where it amused him that he can be walking with high class people and no one can see him to tell him he was not allowed. He followed into a room and he knew right away it was the baby's room. He glanced about before glancing over as the queen and king went up to a crib.

Being curious, Jack walked close and he saw that he was looking at the most beautiful baby girl he had ever seen. She certainly had gold hair that was too long for a newborn like her for the most part. And she had sparkling green eyes. She laughed when her mother picked her up and gently hugged her.

The king chuckled when his daughter began to coo. Jack slowly had to smile for it certainly brought some joy to him to see such a baby bring joy to her parents. He watched as the king placed a beautiful crown upon the baby girl's head. She giggled and when Jack leaned forward, she seemed to laugh even more. He blinked and wondered if he was just second guessing himself. That hope of being seen always lingered around his heart. Her parents glanced at each other while the princess reached out toward Jack.

Could this baby really see him? He slowly reached over with his free hand toward her outstretched hand. Before their fingers could touch, the queen turned and started toward the door. The king was right behind her. Jack shook his head for a moment and wondered if he was imagining things. He heard the baby cry a little from the hallway, and he realized he was alone in the baby's room. He quickly joined the royal family and once he did he took notice that the baby had stopped crying. She was giggling again and her parents were a little confused at their daughter's mood swings.

Jack in the meantime could feel his hope rise even more. Maybe it was possible that this baby can see him after all. He then realized that the king and queen had walked out onto a balcony. The winter spirit had taken notice that near the edge was a single lantern. He blinked as the royal family walked up to the lantern.

As I watched the king and queen lit the lantern and set off into the sky. It was to celebrate the birth of their princess. As for myself, I had to admit it was indeed a great thing to witness.

Jack smiled as he stood next to the queen who held the little girl. The princess laughed and seemed to point at the lantern with her tiny hand. She then glanced toward Jack and she giggled again before she started to hold out her hand. The winter youth glanced over and with a small smile reached toward her. He gasped when his finger was grasped by the girl's tiny little hand.

At that moment, I had no idea of what to feel. I realized that this baby can indeed see me and she was holding onto my finger. For twelve years I was never seen or heard or touched. But this baby was different.

Jack once again smiled. He then turned his gaze back up to the sky to watch the lantern fly off. The baby followed his gaze. The king and queen then turned and started to go back inside. Jack frowned as the baby's hand slowly let go of his finger. He wanted to follow but he could feel the wind pull at him. He knew he had places to go that needed his cold.

The queen had placed the baby upon her chest to which the princess can look over her shoulder. Jack felt a tug of guilt pull at him when he saw the baby girl's green eyes water. He managed to give her a smile and ignoring the wind for the moment, he flew after the princess and her parents. He wanted to make one last goodbye before he flew off.

Once the king and queen kissed their daughter good night and left to get ready for bed themselves, Jack stayed behind. The baby tried to reach up for him and in turn, he put his hand down toward her. She giggled as she grasped at his finger again.

"Don't worry, Princess, I will be back tomorrow," he whispered as the princess laughed. Without thinking, the winter spirit put his staff to the side and picked up the baby. It had been awhile since he held a human. He hugged her close and he could feel her shiver, "Sorry, all I can do is keep you cold," he apologized and leaned back while the baby started tugging at his cloak, "I have to go or the wind will probably knock me for a loop. I have no idea of how you can see me, but I am forever grateful that you can. So believe me, I will be back."

I was not sure of how she could see me but at that moment, I didn't care. I never felt happier to be able to be seen. Even though she was just a little baby, it was better than nothing.

Jack slowly laid the girl back into her crib. She yawned and the winter spirit smiled before he turned and made his way to the door that led to the tiny balcony. He could feel the wind tugging at him. He took one last look at the sleeping princess before he finally allowed the wind to take him away.

At that moment, everything was perfect.

Late that same night, the door that Jack had left open was pushed aside. A figure made its way to the crib where the little princess laid. A bony hand reached out to take a lock of gold hair while a voice started to sing,

Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

It was Gothel and she smiled as she saw the hair on the baby began to glow. Taking a pair of scissors from her other hand, she made way to cut one of the locks.

Make the clock reverse

However when she cut the hair, she gasped when it stopped glowing and turned brown. Gothel was even more shocked to see the youth upon her faded and she watched as the remaining strands of the hair on the baby turn brown as well. She then knew she had to take the baby.

The king and queen were awakened by their daughter's cry and they rushed to the room. They gasped when they saw the figure turn toward them before she vanished.

The next morning, Jack returned to the Solar kingdom. He had managed to keep a few places cold like he was supposed to even though it was summer time. But during the time, he could not stop thinking about the little baby princess who was able to see him. He wondered of what this meant. He asked the moon that night but all he got was silence. Not that the winter spirit was expecting an answer anyway. Although Jack thought moon seemed a bit brighter than usual.

Once Jack was within the town, he noticed a change in atmosphere. The townspeople that usually were cheerful were now looking grim. The youth frowned and wondered of why the sudden change in heart. He walked to a couple of people talking,

"Can you believe it? The princess was kidnapped."

Jack gasped to hear this. The princess was gone? He shook his head before he had the wind carry him straight to the palace. Once he was there, he could see quite a few guards bustling about. He flew to the throne room and he saw the king holding a crying queen. The young spirit watched them for a moment before he flew to the baby's room. Once there, he went to the crib. He saw only some scissors and a lock of brown hair. Wait, brown hair? He blinked before he closed his eyes.

The first person to see him was gone. He felt that familiar dread in the pit of his stomach return. He wanted to go find the baby himself, but was there really a point? Besides where would he look anyway?

I had no idea of what happened to baby. The only thing I know is that she was gone. I knew that there was no place for me here. So I decided to continue what I was supposed to do.

Jack went to the open door that led to the small balcony. He wanted very much to help the king and queen to find their daughter. But he felt the wind tug at him. He knew that he could not stay here during the summer and without that the little princess who was able to see him; he did not feel the need to stay. Finally, he sighed before he jumped up and flew off away from Corona.

I had no idea of where the baby was at least not at that time. Gothel had found her new magic flower and she was determined to keep it hidden.

A few years had passed since Gothel had taken the baby girl. The old woman had hidden her in a tall tower that no one was able to find. One night, the little girl was singing the song,

Heal what has been hurt

Change the fate's design

Save what has been lost

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

Gothel breathed easily as she was young again and continued to comb the even longer hair,

"Why can't I go outside?" the little girl asked.

"The world is dangerous place filled with selfish people. You must stay here where it's safe, do you understand, flower?" Gothel answered patiently and the girl answered,

"Yes mommy."

Later that night, with Gothel asleep, the little girl snuck up to the window and opened it to show the floating lanterns above the sky. The girl smiled as she continued to watch the lanterns.

Nothing in that tower can keep the mind of a little girl away. And so that's how it all beginsā€¦