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"Bunny is right!" North said in determination as he led the group through the workshop, "As much as it pains me to say it, Old Friend, this time Easter is more important than Christmas." The elder Guardian said to Bunny as he got out of the elevator first.

Bunny stared in shock and glanced back Jack, Rapunzel, and Tooth who all merely smiled back at him, "Did everyone hear that?" he questioned to make sure and he laughed as he hopped after North.

"We must hurry to the Warren! Everyone to the sleigh!" North commanded but Bunny smirked as he hopped in front of him,

"Oh no mate. My Warren, my rules. Buckle up." He said and he tapped the floor twice.

A hole big enough for North, Tooth, Jack, Rapunzel, an elf and two yetis opened up underneath them. North said something in Russian that no one understood before everyone fell in. Jack and Rapunzel had no problem sliding around in the tunnels and they laughed. Tooth too laughed even though she was trying to get the hang of it. North in the meantime couldn't even slide fine and eventually, they all landed on the ground.

"Buckle up! It is very funny!" North said with a hearty chuckle for he had landed on his back.

"That was fun!" Rapunzel cheered while Pascal chirped in disagreement.

"I'll say." Jack said laughing while he pushed away Rapunzel's hair from her face.

"Welcome to the Warren!" Bunny said as he raised his paw up and two stone columns shaped like eggs turned toward them. But before anyone could move, Bunny heard something from behind. Twitching his ears, he turned and sniffed the air, "Something's up."

A sound was heard from the distance; it sounded like screeching. Bunny drew his boomerang, North extracted his twin blades, Tooth's wings flapped harder, Jack held his staff at ready, and Rapunzel gripped her glowing hair. Eggs were scampering from the entrance. Everyone let out a war cry and charged toward the supposable threat. Out came Sophie holding some unpainted eggs. This caused the Guardians to screech to a halt in front of the tiny girl. She looked up at the group with surprise in her eyes.

"Sophie?" Jack questioned before he and the other quickly disarmed and they all chuckled rather nervously. They nearly harmed an innocent girl. How embarrassing.

Luckily, Sophie had turned her attention to the elf that had accompanied the Guardians and she giggled while she put the eggs down and chased after him, "Elf! Elf! Elf!"

Finally getting over his shock, Bunny cried out, "What is she doing here?" He was dumbfounded to know that Sophie had somehow made her way into his Warren.

North frowned as he patted his jacket and found that his snow globe was missing. Realization hit him as he confessed, "Ah, snow globe." Bunny let out a groan before adding,

"Crickey! Somebody do something!"

"Hey don't look at us!" Jack said waving his hands while he and Rapunzel backed up, "We're invisible remember?"

Sophie managed to catch the elf and was now dragging it around by its' hat, which it wasn't enjoying it at all. She only giggled.

"Don't worry, Bunny," Tooth said, flying around Sophie, catching her attention, "I bet she's a fairy fan." She struck a pose and Sophie let go of the elf, "It's okay, little one."

"Pretty." Sophie commented with awe in her eyes.

"Oooh, you know what? I got something for you," Tooth cupped her hand together then unraveled them while Sophie looked, "Here it is." It was teeth but Tooth continued to smile, "Look at all the pretty teeth! With little blood and gum on them."

Sophie looked at her for a moment before she screamed and started to cry while running away. Rapunzel let out a laugh at this exchange while Jack walked by Tooth, "Blood and gums?" he asked, chuckling. He flew and sat on top of an egg column while Sophie was now chasing the eggs again, "When was the last time you guys actually hung out with kids?"

"Peek-a-boo!" Sophie said to the eggs and they once again scattered with her behind them.

"We are very busy bringing joy to children!" North retorted with a frown, "We don't have time…" Sophie laughed cutely as she ran by the three guardians, chasing some butterflies and catching North's attention for a second, "…for children..." Knowing that sounded odd, he looked at Bunny and Tooth. They merely shrugged.

"If one little kid can ruin Easter," Jack said, twirling a snowflake he created around his hand, "We're in worse shape than I thought."

The snowflake floated from Jack's hand and glided over to Bunny, hitting him on the nose. Bunny blinked a few times before a smile appeared on his face. He led Sophie to a flower that was closed and just about to open. When it did, a plain white egg hopped off it with two little legs.

"Wanna paint some eggs? Yeah?" Bunny asked Sophie in a way that a father would speak to his daughter when they played.

"Okay!" Sophie said with a cheer.

"Then come on." Bunny urged and the flowers continued to blossom into more eggs. In no time, there was a huge army of eggs walking around the Warren, getting ready to be painted. North, Jack, and Rapunzel were watching the whole thing. North whispered something in Russian while Rapunzel blinked in awe.

"Holy Corona Sun, that's a lot of eggs," she whispered while Pascal nodded.

"Uh, how much time do we have?" Jack asked, perched on his staff.

His question went unanswered. The eggs began to march through the fields of flowers and the bulbs began to spray all kinds of spring colors on the eggs. Bunny had Sophie on his back to show her around and he began to speak, "All right troops! Time to push back! That means eggs everywhere!" Sophie was now riding the eggs and she laughed while North waved at her, "Trailers, parks, and tennis shoes! Ah there will be buckets filled my little googlies."

Baby Tooth and Pascal watched as the elf pushed an egg into a colorful lake. But the elf didn't celebrate for long since more eggs came marching up and pushed the elf straight into the lake. North picked one egg and he stared, "Okay, that's a little strange."

"No mate, that's adorable." Bunny said with a smile while he held his eggs. North shrugged and placed the egg back down just as the elf got out of the lake. He wasn't happy at first but smiled at seeing how colorful he was. "There will be spring time on every continent! And I'm bringing hope with me!" The eggs jumped down from the trees and made patterns from the vines.

One yeti was watching in fascination and he stared as the elf too went through the vines. The other yeti was busy helping out by painting the eggs. However, Bunny hopped by and said, "Too Christmasy, mate, paint 'em blue."

The yeti grunted and let out a sigh of outrage since he had painted a million of eggs red already. Sophie came skipping up and Bunny nodded his head toward the ground to one egg, "Oh what's that over there?" Sophie turned and laughed as she rushed over to pick up the egg, "Oh that's a beauty. Now all we have to do is get him and his little mates through the tunnels, and we'll have ourselves an Easter." He took Sophie's hand and led her through a small tunnel. Jack and Rapunzel had followed them to a circular place that had trees and flowers blooming everywhere. The rock walls had more tunnels and shapes above the openings. They showed the continents of the world.

Bunny, Jack, and Rapunzel all kneeled down and watched silently with Sophie as the now painted eggs walked down the paths toward the tunnels. After a moment, Rapunzel spoke softly, "Wow. So pretty."

"Yeah, not bad." Jack nodded in agreement.

Sophie had yawned and crawled into Bunny's arms, "Not bad yerself." The large rabbit said with a genuine smile. Jack smiled back while Rapunzel was glad to see the two not arguing for once.

"Look, I'm sorry about the whole 'kangaroo' thing." Jack said apologetic and Bunny merely shrugged,

"It's the accent, isn't it?" This made Jack and Rapunzel chuckle. Sophie yawned again and snuggled against Bunny. Seeing this, Bunny glanced down and smiled, "Awe, look at her, poor little ankle biter. All tuckered out." Tooth and North had come up to join the others and gathered close while Jack and Rapunzel stood by.

"I love her. I think it's time we got her back home." Tooth said and picked up Sophie from Bunny gently.

"How about if I take her home?" Jack asked as he stood up.

"No, Jack, Pitch is…" Tooth began but Jack merely shrugged while holding out his staff and said,

"No match for this."

"Which is why we need you here." Bunny said with a frown.

"Trust me. I'll be quick as a bunny." Jack insisted and even made a gesture with his two fingers to indicate he will be back.

Rapunzel sighed and walked up to Jack, "Jack, are you sure? Maybe I should come with you." She said and he turned toward her.

"No. You should stay here, Punz. Besides, they could use your help. And knowing Pitch, they will need your light." Jack said and gave his wife a smile.

"But…" she began to retort, but she trailed off when the winter spirit placed a gentle hand underneath her chin and her look into his eyes.

"I promise, Punz, I will be back in time. Trust me." He whispered before he placed a sweet kiss to show he meant his word.

Rapunzel returned the kiss while holding him close. She knew she could trust him and he trusted her to help out with the Guardians. He didn't tell her to stay behind and be safe. And this made Rapunzel happy to know he wasn't trying to be overprotective. As Jack and Rapunzel pulled away, Baby Tooth and Pascal both chirped and perched themselves on Jack's shoulders,

"And don't worry. Baby Tooth and Pascal will be there with me." Jack added further with a bright smile that always got to Rapunzel.

This made her giggle and she said, "Fine. Just be careful."

"Aren't I always?" Jack questioned as he gently took Sophie into his arms and then he flew off before he could hear a retort.

Rapunzel watched him go before turning back to see North, Tooth, and Bunny all looking at her with the same smile on their faces. Seeing this, she self-consciously tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and laughed nervously. She knew they had seen the scene go on between her and Jack. "Don't worry, he will be back before you know it. And he will never break a promise." She said assuring despite she said this to change the subject.

Very soon, Jack arrived back at the Bennets house. He went in through the window and carefully placed Sophie on her bed. With Pascal perched on Jack's shoulder and Baby Tooth fluttering above them, Jack was having trouble getting Sophie to let go of him. Finally, he managed to get free of the little girl's grip and he got off the bed. But since he had her so close the edge, Sophie fell off her bed. Jack gritted his teeth and turned to put her back but he heard Mrs. Bennet call from downstairs,

"Sophie! Is that you?"

Quickly, Jack put a blanket and a toy over Sophie to make it look like she had fallen off herself. He then got out of the room and watched for a moment before turning to Baby Tooth and Pascal, "We should get back." His two companions nodded but before any of them could move further, Jack heard a girl's voice cry out in the distance,


He turned at the sound and looked out at the neighborhood, "That voice, I know that voice." He whispered as his thought of returning to the Warren slipped away.


Hearing his name being called again, he flew off to find out who was calling him. Baby Tooth chirped in concern for she knew they had to get back. Pascal knew as well and clung to Jack's hoodie since he was still on his shoulder. Jack however did not seem to care and he landed on a roof of a building. He turned his head to try to figure out where that voice was coming from.

"Jack!" This time the voice sounded louder. He turned and saw it was coming from the forest. Ignoring Pascal's chirps, he flew off to the woods. Baby Tooth was right behind them. Once the winter spirit had landed in the middle of a clearing in the forest, the voice called out again, "Jack?"

Jack took notice of a really old bed frame. What a strange place to leave that in the middle of a forest. Curious, he began to walk forward. Pascal started tugging at Jack's hood. Baby Tooth did the same thing for it was time they got back to the Warren.

"Don't worry, there's still time." Jack said brushing them off. Pascal made a grunt of disbelief while Baby Tooth rolled her eyes as well.

Once Jack was up to the bed frame, he saw a large man size hole underneath. Frowning, he took his staff and used it to punch through one of the old planks. The wood gave away easily and as the boards fell down in the hole, that voice called out again, "Jack?"

Baby Tooth and Pascal glanced at each other in worry. But Jack was determined to figure out what was in the hole and why that voice was familiar. He jumped straight down and Pascal gave a chirp of fear while Baby Tooth followed after them both. Once Jack made it to the bottom, both the little fairy and chameleon was bent on trying to get Jack out of there.

"Baby Tooth, Pascal come on!" Jack retorted as he pulled his hood away from Baby Tooth and scowled at Pascal since the little lizard had stuck his tongue into his ear, "I have to find out what that is!" He trailed off when he came to an opening of the cavern and saw a lair.

There was a globe like structure in the middle and it looked like North's own globe except this one seemed to be made out of black metal. Hanging around were black cages. Jack looked closer and was shocked to see they all contained Tooth's fairies. Quickly, Jack flew up to one of them and the fairies began to chatter in excitement upon seeing him.

"Shh! Keep it down," Jack said in a hush voice while Pascal crawled onto the cage to look for a key hole and Baby Tooth fluttered above, "I'm gonna get you outta here just as soon as I…"

"Jack?" Hearing that voice again, Jack trailed off and looked down to see piles of gold glitter below him. It looked out of place in a lair so dark and gray. Upon closer inspection, Jack saw they were all tooth cases of children, "Jack."

"As I can…" Jack finished and he let go of the cage to fall upon one of the piles of cases. Baby Tooth and Pascal had taken notice and they made squeaks of protests. But Jack ignored them and tried looking for his face on one of the cases. It wasn't long until he heard a chuckle and a voice ask,

"Looking for something?" It was coming from behind him. Gritting his teeth, Jack grabbed his staff and aimed to shoot frost at Pitch. But the Nightmare king had already disappeared and Jack rushed after him. The lair was so twisted and the stairs were too that it was hard to know where Pitch could be, "Don't be afraid, Jack, I'm not going to hurt you."

Jack turned and saw Pitch not so far from him, "Afraid?" he asked and landed behind him. He held his staff defensively and got prepared to attack when necessary, "I'm not afraid of you." He added boldly.

"Maybe not, but you are afraid of something." Pitch said as if he was carrying on a normal conversation.

"You think so huh?" Jack questioned warily.

"I know so," Pitch chuckled and he turned to face Jack, "It's one thing I always know; peoples' greatest fear. Yours is that no one will ever believe in you," Pitch laughed again and Jack gasped in fright as he felt the floor beneath his feet disappeared. He cried out as he fell and landed harshly somewhere else in the lair, "And worst of all…" Pitch's voice went on that made Jack gulp and he quickly grabbed his staff before running into one direction, "You're afraid you'll never know why. Why you? Why were you chosen to be like this?" Jack found himself at a dead end and a shadow passed over him. He quickly turned while gripping his staff tightly and saw Pitch cornering him, "Well fear not, for the answer to that, is right here." Jack saw Pitch hold out a tooth case with a familiar face on the end. It was picture of him, only he had brown hair. Could it be? "Do you want them, Jack? Your memories?" Pitch questioned with a smirk.

Jack gulped and started to hold out his hand. He wanted his memories back. But was this a trap? He hesitated and Pitch laughed before he disappeared into the shadows once again. The winter spirit gasped and flew off to find where Pitch had gone. The evil laughing seemed to come from everywhere that Jack couldn't decipher on where the Boogieman was.

"Everything you wanted to know in this little box," Pitch started up again and Jack headed for that direction. But just when he thought he had him, he disappeared. Fear was starting to build up in the white haired youth, "Why did you end up like this? Unseen, unable to reach out to anyone. You want the answers so badly. You want to grab them and fly off with them, but you're afraid. Afraid of what the guardians would think. You're afraid of disappointing them. Well, let me ease your mind on one thing: they'll never accept you. Not even your precious wife Rapunzel even accepts you."

This last line made Jack shake his head. That was not true! He had been married to Rapunzel for so long! What Pitch was saying was all a lie, "Stop it! Stop it!" Jack demanded as he held his head. He wanted to tone out what the Nightmare King was saying to him.

"After all," Pitch spoke again to make Jack look up and see him emerge from an opening across from the black globe, "You're not one of them."

"You don't know what I am!" Jack said with a glare and aimed his staff straight at him.

"Of course I do! You're Jack Frost!" Pitch replied as he was unfazed by Jack's threatening pose, "You make a mess wherever you go. Why you're doing it right now." Surprisingly, Pitch threw Jack's tooth case at him, and he caught it in shock.

Staring, Jack glanced back at him and questioned, "What did you do?"

"More to the point, Jack, what did you do?" Pitch asked before he started to disappear back into the shadows and he laughed mockingly while doing so.

Angered, Jack rushed at him with a war cry and flung his staff toward where Pitch had gone. However, his staff hit nothing and darkness fell all around him. Jack stopped in his tracks and wondered what happened. He turned to go back but he gasped to meet a door that looked like it connected to the Warren. How did he get there? Realization suddenly hit him when he completely forgot about Baby Tooth and Pascal.

"Baby Tooth? Pascal?" He called their names but there was no answer from them. He only heard Pitch say darkly,

"Happy Easter, Jack."

Jack slowly turned and saw to his horror the beautiful eggs that Bunny had worked hard on was all smashed, "No." the winter spirit whispered in disbelief and rushed off to find the Guardians. He hoped they were all right; as well as Rapunzel. The fear of losing her made him go faster.

In England, Bunny watched from the bushes as a few kids were looking all around for his eggs. But there was nothing and the children were now giving up, "Maybe he hid them well this year." A little girl said with a shrug.

Bunny rushed up, "Yes I did!" he said as he walked up to the remaining children.

"I've checked everywhere." A little boy said sighing.

"Here. They aren't my best looking googies, but they'll do in a pinch." Bunny said with a weak laugh as he held out a few eggs.

"I can't believe it." The same girl said as she got off the table.

"I know…" Bunny began but the girl wasn't talking to him,

"There's no such thing as the Easter Bunny." Hearing her say this made Bunny gasp in incredulity,

"What? No," He said but the girl and boy started to walk off, "No, I'm standing right in front of you," he rushed up to another boy who had started to follow. He tried to show he was real but the boy passed right through him. Bunny gasped in shock and felt reality hit him hard, "They don't see me. They don't…believe in me." He whispered and he fell to his knees while holding his arms.

Jack had just come up and saw the scene. He couldn't believe it. He was too late. He watched as Tooth flew up to comfort Bunny when Jack heard, "Jack!" he turned and saw North come up, "Where were you? The nightmares attacked the tunnels. Crushed every egg, every basket," the elder Guardian explained as he shook his head sorrowfully, "Nothing made it to the surface."

Jack gulped and opened his mouth but Tooth came up, "Jack!" she began but saw the tooth case in Jack's hand, "Where did you get that?" she asked while gasping.

"I…I was just…" Jack tried to think of a way to explain what had happened.

"Where's Baby Tooth and Pascal?" Tooth questioned when she noticed her little fairy and the chameleon were not with Jack. The winter spirit did not know what to say but Tooth had a feeling, "Oh Jack, what have you done?" she asked as she put her hands to her mouth.

"That is why you weren't here?" North questioned as he turned to look at Jack, "You were with Pitch?" This made Jack wince and he heard a familiar voice say behind him,

"Jack?" He turned and saw to Rapunzel looking at him that made his heart break. He realized he had made a promise that he would return and now he had broken it. He never once broke any of his promises to her and seeing her looking at him that way just made his heart wrench.

"Look, Rapunzel, I'm sorry. I can explain. I didn't mean for this to happen." Jack said as he shifted his gaze from Rapunzel to North and Tooth. But before he could even try, Bunny came up,

"He has to go." His voice was icy cold and Jack turned toward him,


"We should never have trusted you!" Bunny shouted in rage as he advanced toward Jack. This caused the winter spirit to back up. Bunny finally stopped and his eyes were on the brink of tears, "Easter is about new beginnings, new life. Easter is about hope. And now it's gone." He then turned away and started to walk off.

Jack watched him go and glanced back at North and Tooth. They only frowned before turning away from him. It was clear; they didn't want him around. Jack glanced down at the doll North had given him before he let it fall to the ground. He turned to walk off but someone grabbed his arm,

"Jack wait." It was Rapunzel.

"Let go of me." Jack said for he did not want to look at her in the eye. He did not want to see that disappointment shine in her green eyes.

"No. Not until you tell me what happened." Rapunzel replied sternly.

"Tell you what? I broke my promise to you, Rapunzel. And now I want you to just leave me alone." Jack had not intended for that to come out so coldly, but he couldn't take it back. Rapunzel gasped silently at his words.

"Leave you alone? No. I will not do that." She said and tried to get him to turn toward her.

"I already made a mess of things, Rapunzel, and I don't want to mess things up for you. Now let me go." Jack said and kept his head turned away from her.

"No! I want to know why you didn't come back! Please Jack, tell me. I'm not leaving you alone because I made a promise that I will be there for you no matter what. And when I make a promise I never ever break that promise. Don't you remember?" Rapunzel retorted and Jack couldn't take it anymore.

"Just stop it, Rapunzel!" He snapped, taking his arm away from her grasp, and turned before pushing her away from him by using some of his frost. This caused her to stagger backwards from the cold blast and she fell harshly to the ground. North, Tooth, and Bunny all glanced over when they heard this.

Rapunzel was in shock to see that Jack had attacked her. He never did that before. She stared at the ice particles clinging to her corset before she finally looked up at Jack. The winter spirit too was in disbelief to know that he had just attacked his own wife. There was a long moment of silence and tears began to form within Rapunzel's eyes. She didn't understand why he did this.

"J-Jack?" She said stuttering and Jack gulped while trying to hold back his own tears. He didn't want to do that to her. That was the last thing he wanted. He knew then and there he had to get away from her before he hurt her any further. Just seeing her green eyes full of tears was breaking his heart even more.

"Just stay away from me, Rapunzel, before I do something worse." Jack finally said and he turned before he allowed the wind to take him away.

Rapunzel watched him go before she began to sob. She didn't understand why Jack would do this. She was angry that Jack broke his promise and didn't help stop the nightmares. But she still loved him and it broke her heart that he wanted her to stay away from him. She cried into her hands for a while before she peeked through her fingers to see the doll North had shown to her and Jack. It reminded her painfully of Jack and she quickly turned away. She felt a soft hand on her shoulder and she looked up to see Tooth smiling sadly at her.

"I'm so sorry, Rapunzel." She said as she tried to comfort her.

Rapunzel sniffed and glanced back down at the grass, "I don't understand, Tooth. I've known Jack for so long. He would never betray us to Pitch. I only wanted to know why he did not come back like he promised." She said and Tooth sighed.

"I know, Rapunzel and I understand. I'm sorry," The kind fairy said sympathetically and she had grown to really like and care for Rapunzel. Seeing her so upset made her feel down as well, "Come on. Let's get back to the North Pole. I'm sure we can figure something out." She offered but Rapunzel shook her head,

"No." she said and she stood up.

"What? But Rapunzel…"

"I'm sorry, Tooth. But I need to be alone." The sun spirit said and she turned to fly off,

"But what about Pitch?" Tooth began and Rapunzel turned her head toward her,

"I can take care of myself, Tooth. Good luck to you, North, and Bunny." With a sad smile, Rapunzel flew off. Tooth watched her go and she could not help but worry for her. But there was no use in trying to make the sun spirit change her mind since she was already gone.

Back in Burgess, Jamie and his friends were still hunting for eggs. Right now they were at Jamie's house. Jamie gritted his teeth as he reached as far as he could. He was standing on the top of a ladder and he was reaching for the rain gutter on the roof. He was sure he saw an egg in it. His friends watched from below and didn't seem to care one way or another. Finally, Jamie managed to grab the rain gutter. However, his struggle made the ladder topple to one side and he fell harshly to the ground. Something pink fell toward him and he saw it was only Abby's tennis ball. Sighing but not giving up just yet, he got to his feet and headed toward the fence.

"Let's check the park again."

"Oh really? And see what? The Easter Bunny?" Claude questioned while rolling his eyes. Caleb, Monty, Pippa, and Cupcake all groaned in agreement.

"Guys I told you I saw him!" Jamie tried to urge his friends as he turned back toward them, "He's way bigger than he looks! And he's got these cool boomerangs…"

"Oh come on, man, seriously?" Claude cut off his friend and Jamie saw just how depressed his friends looked. He stared at them before questioning,

"What's happened to you guys?"

"It was just a dream," Caleb replied with a frown, "You should be happy you still get dreams like that and not…" he trailed off and looked up at Cupcake. She glanced at Jamie and finished,

"Nightmares." She then turned and started to walk away. Caleb, Claude, and Monty started to follow. Pippa had picked up the tennis ball and put it in Jamie's basket,

"Forget it, Jamie, there's just no Easter this year." She said and started to follow the others.

"He really is real!" Jamie tried to convince his friends but they ignored him. He glanced down at the basket, "I know he is." He whispered to himself.

At the North Pole, the yetis could see the lights on the globe were flickering out. The children were starting to not believe in the Guardians anymore. In Germany, hidden in a glade was a tower. It had not been lived in for so many years. The glade was overgrown with vines, flowers, weeds, and trees. The tower itself was crumbling yet still standing.

The doors creaked from age as they were opened. A bare foot stepped onto the dusty floor and Rapunzel emerged into the really dark tower. She did not know why she wanted to come back here. In fact, she had hoped to avoid to coming back but she felt this was the best place to take out her frustrations. Not to mention it might be the last place Jack would find her if he ever had the courage to try to search for her. At that moment, she did not want to face him. She felt hurt to know that Jack attacked her like that. She did not know why he would. She looked to the faded walls that once held her paintings. She remembered being here and painted to keep her minds off of her loneliness.

She closed her eyes and thought over the memories. She remembered meeting Jack the first time. Him being there during their adventures together; he had been there. She knew she had fallen in love with him because he understood her and he never once judged her. Not to mention that despite how mischievous he was, he was a gentle, kind, caring and generous soul that always knew what was best for her. Rapunzel looked at the wedding ring and felt tears form in her eyes.

It hurt her deeply to think that maybe Jack may not love her anymore. She rubbed her hair and looked back outside to see the moon shining down inside the tower. She remembered how the moon had changed her and said she was destined for great things.

"Why? Why did you even pick Jack and me to be Guardians?" She questioned and received no answer. She looked away and stared at the dusty floor. She wished she had the answers. She thought over of how she remembered of her being the lost princess. If it hadn't been for Jack, she might not have known and she would still be with Gothel.

She looked at the paintings and North's voice echoed in her head, "If Man in Moon chose you to be Guardians, you must have something special inside." She frowned at this and wondered on what North meant by center. What was her center indeed? Was she even special to begin with?

She thought over of how she was willing to sacrifice herself for Jack even if it meant staying with that evil witch forever. Her eyes widen at this, "Wait…" she whispered and remembered asking the moon to help her save Jack. That's probably why he chose her to the sun spirit. Jack did say the moon was always watching and Rapunzel had seen the moon every single night like it looking out for her. The moon had seen everything she would do for Jack. That was why he allowed her to have her magic powers back and to become a spirit.

It made sense now! And her center…it was right in front of her. Rapunzel had been creating and creating for all her mortal life to keep her spirits and hopes up. The paintings on the walls of this fallen tower were proof of that. The moon had seen how special she was and he knew she was to be a Guardian when it came from the flower the sun had given.

"I get it now. That's why you picked me," she whispered and glanced at the moon, "If that's the case, Jack must have done something really good back in his past," her eyes widen at this, "I have to find him. He has to know."

She turned and started to rush toward the door, but gasped when the door slammed shut. She heard a dark chuckle that seem to come from everywhere in the tower. The darkness seemed to get heavier and Rapunzel stood on her guard.

"Well, well, what is the beautiful Sun Spirit doing all alone in a place like this?"

"Show yourself, Pitch Black, I'm not afraid of you." Rapunzel said lowly while she gripped her hair.

Pitch chuckled as he emerged in front of her, "Maybe you are not afraid of me, but I can sense your greatest fear. It used to be this tower was it not?" he questioned and Rapunzel glared at him,

"I'm not afraid of this tower anymore."

"No. You are right. Your greatest fear is losing your dear Jack Frost and never being believed in."

Rapunzel glared even more and demanded "How did you find me?"

"One of my nightmares had told me you would be here and I thought I come over and have a little chat with you."

"Just leave me alone, Pitch. I don't have time for you."

"Not until you hear me out first. You see, I can sense the power within you."

"If you think you are going to do away with me like you did with Sandy, think again. I will fight no matter what." Rapunzel said angrily and she got ready to fling her glowing hair strands at the Nightmare king.

"Relax, Rapunzel, I'm not going to hurt you," This reply made Rapunzel give him a look, "As I said, I sense the power within you. I am rather impressed for someone as young as you can wield it. That's why I thought that instead of it go to waste by destroying you, why not join me?"

"Why would I join you? Not to mention my powers are based off the light of sun. How can that help you?" Rapunzel questioned and Pitch laughed evilly.

"Haven't you heard that the sun itself has dark spots? If that's the case, your power would make the darkness invincible. Your husband Jack Frost too can help us out. You two will be together. And furthermore, you could be believed in," Pitch walked around behind Rapunzel as she thought over this. She had wanted so much to be believed in, "The only thing you need…" Pitch suddenly leaned forward and whispered into Rapunzel's ear, "Is a touch of my darkness and the whole world would tremble at your feet."

That last comment made Rapunzel realize that if she accepted Pitch's offer, she would be feared by the world. That was something she did not want. Glaring, and without giving the Nightmare king a warning, she grabbed her frying pan that she had for so long and swung it hard across Pitch's face. He let out a cry of pain and fell to the floor.

"As if! I will never join you!" She said and made way to attack him again.

Pitch merely chuckled and rubbed his face, "Stubborn aren't you. Very well, have it your way. But if you try anything, you can say goodbye to these two." He stood up and held out his fist. Rapunzel gasped to see poor Baby Tooth and Pascal in Pitch's hand.

"Pascal! Baby Tooth!" She cried out in fear and watched in horror as Pitch tightened his grip. Pascal gave a chirp to his mistress while Baby Tooth squeaked in pain.

"Now let's try this again. Surrender, Rapunzel, and I will let these two go," Pitch said with an evil smirk. Rapunzel gulped and could see the fairy and chameleon shaking their heads. After a long moment of silence, she put away her pan and dropped her strands of hair she gripped in her other hand, "That's a good girl." Pitch snapped his fingers and black sand suddenly formed around Rapunzel and tied her up.

"Okay, I kept my promise not let Pascal and Baby Tooth go." She said with a glare.

"You are so trusting and naïve aren't you?" Pitch said mockingly and more black sand formed around Pascal and Baby Tooth, making them disappear.

"No!" Rapunzel cried and gasped as Pitch came up to her and gripped her chin,

"Now how about we pay your husband a little visit?"