Worth It

One of the worst things that could happen to a new parent is when a baby is crying and the pacifier is missing. Gomez knew this as a fact first hand.

The day that had proven this to him was when Pugsley was around 4 months old. Dealing with the crying and taking care of him all day took quite a toll on him and Morticia. It of course went on for months afterwards. They were stuck with the insane sleep deprivation, they were visibly exhausted, and all they wanted to do was sleep. The thing about having a two month old baby was that they didn't get very much of those intimate nights anymore. Sure they could squeeze in a few here and there, but otherwise they were exhausted. And having him crying for a half an hour wasn't helping the situation at all.

"Where the hell is it?!" Morticia exclaimed as she paced around the nursery rocking Pugsley.

"I don't know!" Gomez exclaimed in frustration as he walked around looking for it. "If I knew, do you think I'd be searching?"

Fester came into the room.

"Fester, have you seen his pacifier?" Gomez asked desperately.

Fester's eyes got wide and he looked away.

Gomez grabbed his shoulders. "Damn it Fester, where is it?!"

"I…Look don't be mad but, I think it got caught in my last explosion…."

Morticia handed Pugsley to Gomez and there was a death look on her face. "DAMN YOU UNCLE FESTER!" She ran towards him and jumped him knocking him down on his back and started attacking him.

"Gomez! Help!" Fester shouted trying to pry Morticia and her sharp red nails off him.

"You deserve this," Gomez said as he rocked Pugsley still trying in vain to get him to sleep.

Mama came into the room. "Alright, everyone calm down. Mortcia, stop attacking Fester."

"He blew up the freaking pacifier!" she said angrily.

"No he didn't, it's right here."

Gomez took it from her feeling like he'd been blessed with good fortune. He put it in Pugsley's mouth and sure enough he stopped crying and slowly went to sleep. He put him down in his crib and took a deep breath of relief.

Morticia got off of Uncle Fester. "Sorry about that Uncle Fester," she said smoothing her dress.

He stood up as well. "It's alright Morticia."

"Everybody out. Now," Gomez said and they all left knowing that if they woke up the baby Morticia and Gomez would kill them.

The two of them went to their room and collapsed on their bed.

Gomez sighed. "No one ever said it would be this hard."

Morticia nodded in agreement. "I know." She laced her fingers in his. "But he's worth it."

"Nearly blew my eardrums out with all that crying," Gomez said. Despite it all, being a parent made him feel like worthwhile. "But he is worth it."

Don't mess with that pacifier or you'll get Morticia's wrath! That's not something anyone wants.