Author's Note

Hey Just a few final words. Thank you to everyone who read this story. I hope it was as fun for you to read as it was for me to write. This is the first full length story I have written to completion so…Yay me I guess. I may write a sequel in the future but right now I have way too many stories on the go. I hope to finish Dealing With Dragons and Love Bites plus there are a few other stories that are due for an update. After DWD is done I have a new idea for a Fairy Tail fic. I'm still working out the kinks so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks so much to everyone who reviewed. They totally made my day and I read each and every one to remind myself why I keep writing. Reading your guesses about what Natsu would do next was the best.

So all in all thanks for watching and keep try some of my other stuff. You might just like it.