rose was a badass by day she purtended to be a gentl feminine nitter but bai night she slayed peple with her nitting needels of doom and sumoned lovecrafts

rose also was a very secret person nobody cold ever gess her motifs even i dont no wat she was ploting

anyway one day rose called kanaya

hey hawtie wanna go to starbucks with me sometime she drawled sexilyy

sure bb kanaya responded i wuld luv to go out with u rose cold heer loud music in the backgrond it was a mashup of werid al yankovic dir en grey and pitbull with a bit of the spongebob theme song throne in

rose was getting a bit suspicius ther was only 1 perosn she new who wuld mix those tracks together... and it wasnt kanayay

so bb kanaya said i luv eating ketchup do u leik ketchup

hell ya rose said but secretly she hated it she just watned to give te impression that she watnedto impress kanaya she was scared at were this was going

ya ketchup turns me on so we shuld goo to a heinz factury insted of starbucks kk bb kanaya droned hawtly

no i thiink we can just do a comrimise and both kk said rose inwerdly dredig

ok meet u at starbucks bb replyed kanaya

rose put on her sexay outfit and drove to starbucks even tho she didnt have a drivers lisense but she had a ferarri so it was all cool wile she was in the car she lisend to the yo gabba gabba theme over and over again wile thinking meditating thouts abot boku no piko and other pervy things it was relaxing and hawt seeing her would turn anybody on

when she got there kanaya was lookin H.A.W.T. HAWT but a secret was that rose didnt actualyl feel that attracted at the moment

so bb kanayay said as they waked into starbucks for there hawt date out whyd u choose starbucks anyway u now i like timmys better

well were homestucks and it sorta rhymes with starbucks

but that wasnt her reel reason her real reason is to mysterious for ur brains to handle without exploding

just then the door slamed open and in waked a guy who everyone nows


he was accompanied by his gf katy perry and his mistreess/prostitue justin bieber and dang didnt they look seeeeeeeeeeeeexaaaaaaaaaay

rose smiled a glint in her eye she had planed for this all along she stalked pitbul and new he was coming

menwhile kanaya stared in shock she didnt now what to say

bb... is this the reeal life she asked attractedly becase kanayas childhood crush was katy perry but things happen and they grew apart

its not just fantasy rose replied suductively

caut in a landslide sand katy

no escape from reality whined jb

open your eyes dawg rapped pitbull

no sooner had he finished ehis sentense then somebody burst throw the ceiling

it was dave and he was H.A.W.T. HAWT

he wasnt wearing a shirt the only thing he was wering was a bright red tutu and his rad swaggy sunglasses

why hello pitbull i see we meet again he drawled even sexaylier then rose did previously in the story

david insufrable prick strider how did u now i was here pitbull shivered scardly

dave gave an arrogant and seductive smile...

just then a car crashed thru the window...

so i amped up the hawt for this one i hope u liked it stay tuned for more soon bai ni also next one mit have someore pretty yaoi boys love ok ok