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La Vie En Rose-When you press me to your heart

(Kaito's P.O.V)

Where the hell is Len?! He's been gone for two whole hours now! And why the f*** is Meiko still here?! I think as I force a polite smile to grace my lips. Meiko drones on, talking about her modeling career and various things. "It's a really interesting career," she says in her fake cheerful voice. "I meet all kinds of people." She smiles. I'm pretty sure that, multiple times throughout the conversation, she's crossed and re-crossed her legs, giving me a perfect view of her panties.

If I was actually looking.

Once, I had accidently looked down…

And tried not to puke.

How does it look so swollen?!

I slept with that?!


I want Len. Right now.

I coughed, forcing myself to swallow. Somehow, she took that as a sign of "I'm interested" and keeps doing it. When she did it the next time, I stood up to offer her some tea. To which she replied with a no. I got some anyways, just to be away from her. Oh god, what was going through my mind when I slept with her? Oh yeah. I was depressed, and at least sleeping with her was a better alternative than drinking.

Should've gone with the drinking, I tell myself.

I blink as I feel a weight on my lap. I look down to see Meiko sitting almost directly on my member. What?! When did that happen? I'm so surprised that I don't react when she kisses me, full on the lips. My lips, thinking it was Len, respond quickly. But my mind stops them just as fast, but not fast enough for Meiko. She gets her tongue. Her disgusting tongue in my mouth, and sucks. She lets go of my lips but her tongue stays to mesh with mine, swirling "enticingly" around. She moans disturbingly. The she reaches into my mouth, trying to deep throat me. I nip her finally. Hard. She yelps and falls of my lap.

I brush my lips, trying to get the taste of her out. Did she suck someone off before coming here? Maybe that was how she got in. I rise up, sending my most terrifying glare down at her. "What the hell, Kaito?" she's still looking down. But she looks up to meet my glare and gulps. "Why'd you bite me?" she tries to sound threatening but it's a pathetic attempt. I glare at her for a while, before saying; "why did you kiss me?"

"I-you-your body said you wanted to!" she comes up with an excuse. Ha. It's not even that funny. I smile cruelly down at her. "Well, let me tell you what this body wants, Meiko, because it's certainly not you." She looks confused. "This body, Meiko, likes men." Her eyes widen, taking in what I have just said. Her lips open to form a sentence I'll know she'll say. I beat her to it. "Oh, no. don't flatter yourself. I was gay long before I slept with you. Although, that'd be a good enough excuse; you'd turn any man gay the minute they see what you're doing with your body."

She flashes anger eyes at me. "Fine then! I'll tell the media what you just said!"

"Why? I was only telling the truth."

"No, not that! That fact that you're gay! I'll tell them that?"
"To what gain?"

"So you'll crash and burn for calling me a slut! I'll go tell them right now!"

"No you won't."

"And why not?" she asks, getting up. I smile cruelly again. I reach for a drawer near me where I've hidden…pictures of certain people in case something like this ever happened. I find the Meiko file and hold it up. "Because of this." I toss the file on the floor, making it land so all the pictures fall out. She looks in horror as she sees herself in every picture as clear as day, reaching an ecstasy with a different man in her arms. "You-you've been tracking me?!" she screeches. I smile again. "No. I haven't. I've just asked some friends of mine who are, conveniently," I say innocently. "Are the jealous men you cheated on, as well as the wives of the married men you slept with."

She stares in horror as I reach down and pick up all the pictures, waving them in the air. "And don't think these are the only ones. There are also a few other files we have on you." I put them away, turning back to a crumpling Meiko. I feel bad, but I continue on. "So, what will it be? You tell, I tell. You don't tell, and this is all forgotten."

She's silent. Then she mumbles softly. "Sorry, what was that?" I say. "ALRGIHT! I WON'T TELL!" she screams at me. I flinch, hearing her stomp over to me. She grabs my shirt, ripping a few buttons. "But you better not tell anyone, or I swear I will hunt you down!" a fire shows in her eyes. I nod. She lets go of my shirt and stomps to the door. I follow her, open the door for her and watch as she walks away. I smile happily, crossing my arms over my chest.

"What was that?" I hear. I turn around to see…Len! My lovely Len! He stood behind me, looking in the direction that Meiko took. "Nothing. Just tying up loose ends." I say with a smile. Len's eyes stare at me blankly, saying nothing. I reach over to softly stork e his cheek. "You must be tired. Sorry for making you go out so late." I say softly. But then I look down to see no bags in his hands. I frown. "Where are the bags?" I ask, pulling him softly forward. "I left them at Akaitos' house." He says passively. He walks in, takes off his shoes, and head for the stairs. Leaving me to stand, shocked, in the doorway. The door closes shut behind me.

Len looks at me, noticing I'm not right behind him. "You coming?" I stare at him, and he shrugs. He head up the stairs, heading for the room. But not before I rush forward and hug his back to me. He lets out a breathe in shock. I lift him up so I can easily kiss his head. My hand reaches up to lift him chin so I can kiss him on the mouth. My tongue roams in his mouth, claiming and relaxing in the familiar taste that I love. But he nips my mouth and I let go in shock. I cover my mouth, wondering what I did when he says; "you kiss…it tastes like someone else." His body shakes as he walks away. But I grab him once again, turning him around and lifting him up. I kiss him once again. Whether he likes it or not, I don't care. My tongue dominates the kiss. I swirl around, sucking softly until I hear a rewarding moan.

Somehow, I open the bedroom door not three feet away from us. I land us safely on the bed. Len refuses to let go of me, so I fall with him onto the bed. Our lips meet, and I quickly reach to lift his shirt off. He unbuttons mine, and I groan as his fingers find my nipples. Not to be out done, I let go of his lips to kiss his nipples. He moans. His legs come up to rub my sides, and I groan as I feel his hard member. I know this is rushed, but I can barely take this. This wasn't our first time; I don't have to go slow. So I reach for his pants and practically rip them off. He giggles when they don't, and I growl.

"Wait, Kaito." His hands pull mine off. I whine as he slowly pulls his pants and underwear off. He giggles again, and I growl. I kiss him roughly. Mine. I think. I tear my own pants off and, without further adieu, I enter him roughly and groan. He moans, and I kiss his stretched neck. The bed squeaks softly with our pattern, mixed with our combined moans and Len's screams of pleasure. Len screams as he cums, cause me to moan as I cum as well. I land, exhausted, on Len. His fingers tangle softly in my hair. I hum in pleasure, and his body nudges me in reply. I roll off him, but hug him close to me still.

I am amazed as to how easily I fall asleep with Len in my arms.

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