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Good, Deaged Tom Riddle:


Konan walked into a park dressed in Civilian clothing, she sighed as her vacation in the outer world beyond the borders of the elemental countries was almost ending. She then heard crying from inside a grove of trees and noticed the other adults that were there, were ignoring the crying child. Konan quickly hurried over to the child and was shocked at the state that the very small two year old was in, she gently reached for the child as the child tried scooting backwards but couldn't do to her condition. Konan gently picked the child up and hurried to get her to a hospital for treatment...

Two days later...

Konan grinned as the Dursleys were hauled away for child abuse then looked at her two year old adopted daughter as the child slept in her arms, she knew Pein would be surprised but Konan knew she couldn't leave the child behind. She then hurried to catch her plane to Japan so they could catch the boat to the elemental countries. She and her daughter had just boarded the plane when an Old Man in brilliant mismatching colors appeared and was taken out by Airport security as the plane took off. Konan held her daughter tight as the child slept and softly stroked her raven black hair as she also drifted to sleep; they both woke up when the Plane landed and disembarked.

Konan grinned as they made it to the boat and were now on their way home...

Five days later...

Konan sighed happily as they passed through the shield that surrounded the Elemental Countries; her little girl was clinging to her side as they pulled into the docks in Mist country where Sasori was waiting to pick her up. Konan waved to him as she gently carried her daughter in one arm while the Puppet master raised an eyebrow and said "Why do you have a child with you?"

Konan sighed and quickly explained what happened for her to adopt the child, Sasori actually looked pissed at the story and looked at the slightly cowering child as he asked "What's her name?"

Konan sighed and said "Hope...Hope Potter."

They then noticed Hope yawning as she laid her head down on Konan shoulder, Konan smiled and gently cuddled the little girl as they turned to leave for their base. They soon made it out of the city and were on their way to Rain country, Hope blinked as the scenery passed by quickly and giggled happily, Konan smiled as they sped up and Hope squealed happily as she gave her new mommy the puppy eyes while saying "Faster...Pwease?"

Konan laughed as Sasori smirked and they then sped up causing the child to squeal happily as she clung to her mother, about five hours later, they soon made it to the border of Rain country where it wasn't raining for once and headed for the base. Konan smiled as her daughter yawned and cuddled into her arms to sleep, they entered the base as Sasori left with the promise of keeping quiet about Hope. Konan softly thanked him then headed to the office where Pein was; she knocked on the door and entered as Pein looked up with a relieved look that quickly morphed into one of shocked surprise. Konan had to giggle at the look on his face then sat down in her usual chair as she explained about Hope and how she adopted the child, Pein sighed and smiled as he stood to walk over then said "So we have a little girl now?"

Konan nodded with a smile as Hope chose to wake at that moment; the child jumped in shock at seeing him and buried her head into Konan shoulder. Pein smiled and gently went to take the child as he softly said "No hello for your new daddy?"

Hope's head popped up at that and a shy smile appeared on her face as Pein picked her up, Hope then said in a soft voice that he could barely hear "H-H-Hi Daddy..."

Pein smiled and then gently kissed the child's forehead when Madara came in and stopped in surprise at seeing the child that was burying her head into Pein shoulder. Madara looked at the two for an answer as Konan sighed and told him the story behind Hope, Madara was furious at hearing the child had been abused but kept a tight grip on his anger. Hope was watching the immortal with wide eyes as he took deep breaths to calm himself down, Madara then smiled at the child who returned the smile shyly then buried her head into Pein's shoulder. Madara chuckled at that and then asked "When will you introduce her to the others?"

Konan smiled and said "We'll give her a few days to become comfortable first..."

Four days later...

Hope giggled as Konan entertained her with a paper fortune teller while they waited for the rest of the Akatsuki members to show up, Sasori and Orochimaru were the first Partners in the room and Sasori chuckled at seeing Orochimaru do a double take at seeing the small child. Everyone else soon arrived as they looked at the child in confusion; Pein just smirked as he conducted Business quickly before Kakuzu asked "What's with the kid?"

Konan laughed at Pein muttering something before handing over a dollar bill to her, the others hid smiles at the obvious bet their leader had lost then they were told about Hope and her past. Kisame growled loudly as he said "I wouldn't even raise my fist to a child! Those people are nothing but scum!"

Hope blinked as she looked at him and said "Fishy?"

Kisame jaw-dropped as the others started laughing at the look on his face, Kisame then asked "So how old is she again?"


Kisame really couldn't blame her after hearing that so he just joked "That's Uncle Fishy to you, Kiddo"

Konan and Pein looked at him in pleasant surprise as Hope beamed at him. Needless to say, the others over the next few days quickly became her loving and doting Uncles and in Kakuzu and Orochimaru's case they become her devoted grandpas...

5 years later...

Hope giggled as she hid in a cupboard from pranking her grandpas with her unusual secondary energy, she had given Kakuzu and Orochimaru neon pink hair then ran for it before they noticed. She then heard shocked yelps and laughter in the living room before she heard "HOPE!"

Hope giggled at Kakuzu's yell and scooted back a bit as she heard Orochimaru searching the cupboards; he then opened the one she was hiding in and grinned as she tried to crawl away. He then grabbed her ankle and gently pulled her out as he said "Nice try, little hatchling."

Hope then saw Kakuzu come in and squeaked in laughter as her mother came in, shaking her head in amusement. Konan gently took her daughter with a chuckle and said "Hope...what did I say about pranking?"

Hope gave her biggest, most innocent smile and said "Save it for people who deserve it?"

Orochimaru just laughed and said "As much as the prank was funny, could you please change mine and Kakuzu's hair back to normal?"

Hope nodded and quickly used her secondary energy to reverse the prank, she then yawned as Tobi came in and she held her arms out to the masked ninja. Tobi gently took her from Konan and said "Tobi will lay Hope-chan down for bedtime if that's ok!"

Konan nodded and passed her to Tobi as Hope snuggled up to the immortal with a happy smile, He gently carried Hope to her room and closed the door as he laid her in her bed, She yawned and said "Ni Ni, Grandpa..."

Madara nodded and smiled as he patted her head then slipped a coin under her pillow when she was fast asleep; he quickly slipped out of the room and headed to Pein's office so that he could talk to him and Konan...

Three years later...

Hope laughed as Kisame tried catching her after she took him by surprise and knocked him into a mud puddle; she raced down the hall with a brown Kisame chasing her and squealed as he managed to catch her. She then laughed as Kisame then hugged her and got mud all over her, Konan came in to the hall that second and had to laugh at Kisame being covered head to toe with mud. She noticed her daughter squirming to get free from her uncle while laughing and Konan poked his side playfully causing him to let go, Hope dropped to the ground and quickly went to hug her mother when Konan stopped her and said "Go wash and change first, Hope."

"Ok, Mama!"

Hope then ran off to get clean while Kisame sighed and said "I better do the same..."

20 minutes later...

Hope knocked on the door to her dad's office and smiled as she heard "Come in!"

She poked her head in to see her Grandpa Madara leaning against the wall while her father wrestled the greatest demon known to man, Paperwork. She smiled and entered as she closed the door behind her, she was hugging her grandfather and her parents when they suddenly heard a loud crack from somewhere in the base. Pein stood up and told Konan to come with him and asked Madara to stay with Hope just in case, Hope looked worried as her parents left until Madara said "Relax Hope...If I'm right about your secondary power, then Ninjas like your parents are almost completely immune to getting their memories altered for long periods of time."

Hope nodded as he hugged her and they played a game of poker with a bag of chips from Pein's stash of junk food he had hidden from Konan, Madara softly cursed about ten minutes later as Hope cleaned him out of Potato chips with yet another Royal Flush when Pein came in with Konan and an older man in brilliant mismatched colors. Hope noticed the look in her father's eyes and was soon worried as he said "Hope, Please stay while Tobi goes to gather the others for a meeting after we are done here..."

Hope nodded and hurried over to her mother's side as the old man looked at her with a slightly greedy gleam in his eyes, Hope fidgeted nervously under the old man's gaze before she asked her father "Daddy, what's going on? Who is this man?"

Pein then said "This man says that he is the headmaster of the school your birth parents went to so they could train their powers like you have. He also told me that your name has been down for the school since you were born..."

"Where is the school, Daddy?"

"Scotland, I'm afraid..."

Hope stiffened slightly at the fact that the school was so close to England but she turned to the headmaster and said "What is the secondary power I have besides Chakra?"

Dumbledore gave a grandfatherly smile that didn't fool them as he said "It's magic, my dear girl. Both your parents had it and were trained at Hogwarts."

Hope blinked then sighed as she tried to deal with her conflicting emotions; she then turned to her parents and said "What do you two think?"

Konan and Pein sighed angrily as Dumbledore said with a sly tone "I'm afraid that you don't have a choice, Miss Potter until your fifth year as your tuition is paid up until then..."

Hope looked at her parents as she then turned and nodded, she then asked "Will a teacher be here within the week to take me for my supplies?"

Dumbledore nodded and said "Yes, his name is Severus Snape and he will be here in two days if that's alright..."

Pein nodded as Dumbledore smiled then disappeared with a loud crack, Hope then sighed as she said "I have a really bad feeling about that man..."

Pein and Konan hugged their daughter then headed to the meeting room to tell the others what was going on; the three of them came in to worried members as they all looked towards their leaders. Pein called for their attention and explained what happened with the old man and what he wanted, the others were shocked and they all raised a fuss about Hope being on her own in a foreign country. Pein quickly regained control and said "As much as it pains me to say this...we have no choice in the matter."

Two days later...

Severus Snape appeared a few feet away from the entrance and waited for his escort to get the Potter brat and take her for her supplies, he didn't wait long as a man with what looked to be a Venus Fly trap attached to him appeared and took him into the base. He found Konan and Pein waiting for him as he bowed to them and said "I have come to take Miss Potter to Diagon alley for her school supplies..."

Konan gave him a small smile and said "Hope is with her uncle in the Outdoor training grounds. I'll take you there myself."

Snape thanked her and followed the woman to the training grounds where he saw a young Black haired with blue streaks girl fighting a shark like man with a large sword. Snape watched in shock as the girl ducked under the sword with ease and then drove her foot upwards, she grinned as Kisame went sliding back about half a foot then flipped away from the large man. Konan chuckled softly and called out to the girl who turned and smiled brightly as she raced over to them, she stopped in front of them and bowed to Snape as she said "Thank you for taking me for my school supplies, Snape-sensei..."

Snape was taken back at her polite and honest tone and then gruffly said "It's nothing, Miss Potter. Now is there anyone else who will be coming with us?"

Suddenly he heard a familiar, smooth, cultured voice from behind him say "I'll be coming with my Granddaughter, Snape-san."

Snape turned and had to smile at seeing the man who had taught him more about potions and poisons back when he was just a journeyman Potion maker, he bowed low to Orochimaru and said "It is good to see you again, Orochimaru-san."

The snake like man laughed softly and said "I hear you claimed the Title of Master Experimental Potion maker..."

Snape gave a small smile and said "I have but unfortunately due to my decisions during the war, I'm stuck teaching a bunch of Dunderhead children who don't listen to the instructions..."

Snape then heard an interested tone from the Potter girl as she said "You teach potions, Snape-sensei? I love to work on those with Grandpa Orochimaru and Uncle Sasori; they are very interesting to study..."

Snape was impressed slightly as they then got ready to go via portkey to Diagon alley; Hope blinked at the newspaper but did as told to touch it with her grandfather. Snape then said a phrase in English and they disappeared in a soft pop as Konan prayed her baby girl would be safe, Konan then walked into the base unaware just how much her child going to this school would change their world...